4 easy steps to put on an Apple Watch with one hand – simple tutorial

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This is paul solt from iphone dev TV. I’ve got my Apple watch here and I’m going to show you how to put it on alright. So I like to go for the third hole here and I do this with one hand. It was a little awkward when I was in the Apple store, but now I figured it out so what you’re going to do is you got to put on your wrist and then what you’re going to do? Is you’re gon na? Take your middle finger and you’re going to grab that notch, and so you can see that my fingers sort of in that holding it. You’re going to hold with your thumb and your index finger, and then you’re going to slide the the knotch side under until you get to the hole you want. So you can see I’ve got it right around the hole and now what I’m going to do is push in, and you see I got the wrong hole at that time. So let’s just pull it in a little closer and I’ll use my thumb there. So it’s a little hard to demo at the same time, but I can just pull it in there and if I want to go a little tighter, I can go to the fore that’s really snug and let’s just throw it in Here so now that’s super tight, it might pull a little bit of arm hair when you first put that in, but otherwise it’s pretty comfortable and then, when you want to remove it, I just peel out this pull apart and it’s Free to go so that is how to put the Apple watch. On with one hand, all you’re going to do is put your middle finger in it, bring it to the smallest part of your wrist, bring it under use your thumb and your index finger to get it into the spot. You want, and using your middle finger right here to really just hold it with a single hand, once you do that, you just tuck it, and you’re good to go that’s. How to put on an Apple watch, and now we can see what time it is awesome.

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