8 Stylish Seiko gps Watches For Men In 2019 | 8 luxury Seiko Watches

You fine, mechanical watchmaking from Japan, praise Allah, Seiko, Saeko Astron, the world’s; first, GPS, solar watch using just the power Of light, a stronger communication etwork and adjusts to the local time in every time zone on earth.

Now the world’s. First, GPS, solar watch advances to a new level of high performance, the new astron 5 x-series, the most advanced ever high-speed time zone adjustment, time transfer, function, automatic synchronization to the exact time extremely compact size, high-speed timezone adjustment.

Every component in the GPS module has been re-engineered to enhance the speed and quality from the GPS connection when it has identified the timezone caliber 5x changes instantly to the correct local time, thanks to three independent motors that move the hour minute and second hands separately.

A completely new calibre with high-speed timezone adjustment time transfer function, just press the two buttons simultaneously and the time transfer function allows you to switch simply and instantly the display of home and destination times between the main dial and the sub dial.

The perfect timepiece for the Global Traveler automatic synchronization to the exact time to maintain its high accuracy caliber 5x, even connects to the satellite network automatically once a day when the watch senses sunlight.

It connects to the GPS Network and adjusts to the exact time. If the watch does not detect sufficient light, it uses the time of the last successful connection to start the time. Adjustment atomic clock, precision automatically extremely compact size.

The new Astron 5x series is the world’s, smallest and thinnest GPS, solar watch. It’s, just forty two point: nine millimeters in diameter and twelve point two millimeters in depth: slim compact and easy to wear a new chapter in the history of Astron GPS, solar technology opens the new Astron 5x series, the most advanced ever Seiko you.

Wherever you are on this planet, Applause it indicates your precise location and time world on your wrist astron GPS, solar from Seiko