Affordable Watches for Women 2019 | Where to Start (Tissot, Junghans, Seiko, Timex & More)

Affordable Watches for Women 2019 | Where to Start (Tissot, Junghans, Seiko, Timex & More)

Now, with 96 % of the people that watch my videos being men, you probably could argue why make a video about this subject. But I’m, a believer that every single person should have a nice watch and when looking at just women’s watches there’s, a lot of trash out there.

You have to sift through a lot of garbage to eventually get to nicer pieces and figure out what it’s, good value versus what is bad value. So in this video we’re gonna be looking at are the best affordable watches for women all right.

So the whole kind of premise of this video is to look at value for money pieces. I’m going to going from under $ 100 up to $ 1,000. I know that’s, a wide gap, but I think for a lot of the just comparable watches that women are going for.

Maybe the Daniell Wellington’s of the world, the movements of the world or even brands like Gucci and coach, or whoever’s, making watches nowadays, I think, definitely are better options out there for the money.

If you’re. Okay with just know, you’re looking past the brand name and the image in addition, because I’m, probably reaching people that have never seen my videos before with this kind of different topic, I have some helpful videos down below.

Maybe you’re new to watches I’ll, be talking about a lot of different specifications and things that kind of go into a watch and really where you can find value and it might be all really overwhelming and confusing.

So if you need help and just kind of providing context here, I have links to like four or five helpful videos down below like what makes a watch valuable. How should a watch fit? You was the difference between different types of movements.

All that will be down below to kind of help, with providing more context here and reasoning behind why I chose watches that I chose okay so now for this first brand here, you probably could argue that there may be close to the same quality as some of These fashion brands that I alluded to, and I won’t necessarily disagree with that, but I think the reason why I, like this brand, a lot of time X, been around since 1854.

Also they price their watches. I think appropriately. I think you’re, actually getting close to what these watches are actually worth in comparison to the jacked up. Prices of lattes fashion brands and the first watch we have from Time X is the Timex Fairfield.

So these watches come in with a price range of $ 79 for under $ 90, we’re gonna be looking at the case size of 37 millimeters. They also have a 41 millimeter a case option. I believe, and it’s. A kind of a large watch – I actually have one right here, so it’s, a very simple design, but I definitely recommend going for the 37, because these are a little bit larger of watches here case thickness.

We’re. Looking at 8.5 millimeters lug with 18 millimeters movement as a quartz movement, water, resistance of 30 meters, it also has a mineral crystal and really important up front, or I mentioned lug with that’s the distance from here to here, and why that’s important is you can actually change out the straps on print any of the watches that I’m today, so an important factor.

I know a lot of people when they look at a watch. They just see the bracelet like. Oh I don’t like the bracelet I don’t want to buy it. You know that you can switch that out, especially for some of these more affordable watches.

You’re gonna want to do that and I actually have a store all dedicated to watch strap. So if you want to switch something out, I go ahead in my store check anything out. You can kind of give your watch a new look, and I love doing that personally.

Also another important thing next to the lug width is switching out. Straps water resistance, 30 meters, doesn’t mean that you can swim with it. I’ve, been an entire video talking about water resistance, and you want to understand what you need to jump in the water with a watch.

I’ll. Have that in the description as well, but for these time expiry you have quite a few different, just just options in terms of colors. I personally like a stainless steel option. You’ll sound, like a rose gold type of option.

Different kind of gold finished options as well: just no-nonsense type of watch really simple, clean design that I think falls in line with a lot of the fashion brands. Next up we have the Timex Marlin, so this was a reissue of a very popular 1960s timepiece from Timex.

It was first run it reintroduced about two years ago. They came out with a new collection at the end of last year, which I think I want to look at personally here for today so price. Here we’re, looking around $ 200 key signs of 34 millimeters case thickness of 10 millimeters Lugg width of 18 millimeters moving here is manually weld.

So this is a watch. You’re gonna have to be actually manually wound by the crown water resistance of 30 meters and has an acrylic crystal, but this is a watch very classic styling, with like kind of a Arabic style numerals it’s, 34 millimeters.

So this is a rather small watch, but I think it’d, be perfect for say a woman’s wrist. In addition, I did a complete review of one of these watches last year. If you are interested in it, it was at the time next blackout Edition.

So it’s, a tall black dial version. I personally probably would recommend maybe like the rose gold or the stainless steel as the options here. But if you want to get a little more information about this line, I didn’t deep dive reveal now, for this next watch is a watch that I gained a little more appreciation for this brand.

I should say I gained a little bit more appreciation for when I went to Switzerland, where I looked around in the airport, and I saw all these mundane clocks on the wall and the watch that we have here is the mundane simply elegant.

So this watch comes in with a price of $ 204 K, size of 34 M meters thickness of 6.35 millimeters lug. We’re, looking at 20 millimeters move into the course eta, 9 0 to 1, 0, 1, h, h2, water resistance of 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal so my name is a well-known Swiss watch brand producing simply styled watches they’Re actually, the official watches of the Swiss railways, but this model here you have an elevated ETA course that’s, a Swiss made movement.

You have sapphire crystal as well, so that’ll help with not having a lot of dings on the watch. If you’re kind of jostling this thing around, so it’s, gonna be way better at resisting scratches it’s, a very kind of recognizable design with the red second hand, so a fun kind of a quirky Watch but certainly I think, a really cool option if you like these style of watches, okay, so now for our next watch, this was a watch that is probably the gateway for so many wives enthusiasts.

So it’s, actually a gateway watch. For me. I own the full 40 millimeter version, actually gifted it to my brother, and now he eventually became home wash lover as well as a result of giving him that watch and as the Orient Bambino.

So they just this year at least eight thirty. Six point four millimeter option which, compared to the 40 millimeter option, will be much more wearable on, say a woman’s. Wrist price. Here we’re. Looking at 300, surround 350 dollars lug with of 17 millimeters movement is a caliber.

F6. 2, 2 2 water resistance of 30 meters and has a mineral crystal, so these watches are kind of like a two-tone effect. So you have kind of some nice like tinting stainless steel. Going into that rose, gold looks fantastic.

The watch comes on a bracelet as well. You can swap that out, but it could be a lot of fun if you want something, maybe a little bit kind of walking that fine line between sporty and kind of dressy here, but a great watch.

I love the Orient bambinos, fantastic gateway, watches for somebody looking for a first watch, so this next watch is they watch that my girlfriend actually owns or one of these three watches. So there’s.

Three different styles: we’re gonna be looking at here from a brand that is very beloved by washing thews eNOS and then his Seiko and the watch that we have here in the say, go srry model, so the 0 to 5, 0 to 7, zero to eight, so my girlfriend has the zero to five and has this white and rage dial really looks beautiful? Has this nice texture to it looks great in the light, so it’s got also some rose.

Gold accents looks really fantastic and you have the zero to seven and also the zero to eight. These watch was gonna, come with a price range around 300 to 350 dollars case size of 33.8 millimeters case thickness at eleven point, three millimeters lug with we’re, looking at sixteen millimeters moving as an automatic Seiko for our three five water resistance Of fifty meters and has a hard Luck’s crystal so these are automatic, watches or the beauty about automatic watch.

Well, it has a little motor inside of it. It’s. Gon na actually line the watch for you. So all you have to do to actually wind, it is wear it so that it’s really easy in that regard. These are made for the Japanese market.

A couple of these are so I can link down below to where you can buy. These watches, you still can find them online, but great watches for women. My girlfriend’s actually working on a video review of her watch and her time with.

I think she’s, had it for a little over six months now. So maybe by the time this is out that will be up, and I can have that in the description as well tell people in the description a lot, but there’s, a lot of goodies down there, so our next box sticking with Seiko.

This is the Seiko Dolce, so this watch here is a smaller quartz watch, so these are ones that you are gonna have a battery in here, but they’re, incredibly accurate, so price. Here we’re. Looking at $ 416 case signs of 33.

5 millimeters, so this is actually a men’s watch they have the ex alene line, so it’s. A twenty three point: nine millimeter options that I did. Actually, the woman’s, option and equivalent of this watch, but I think this overall watch, I think, will be a little bit better in terms of sizing case thickness.

We’re, looking at five point three millimeters, so that is very thin. So this is even thinner than I believe, Daniel Wellington watches love with 17 millimeters movement as a Seiko, quartz 8 J for one water resistance of 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal the great thing about these watches, though, really are the movement inside here.

So we’re having a quartz movement, but these are incredibly accurate, so plus or minus ten seconds a year. These are movements that were actually used in grande Seiko, so grand Seiko is the luxury brand attached to say.

Go watch. Does that sell for thousands and thousands of dollars and they’re actually using these movements in their is a little time ago, so great value for money here in a very clean dial design? Now our next watch is from a Swiss brand T so with the everytime Swiss Matic.

So this watch is a little bit larger. I just like the look of this watch. It is probably act to be suitable for most women’s, risk there’s, also a course option available as well. It has very similar styling, but this every time Swiss somatic comes with a price range of three hundred ninety dollars to four hundred and fifty dollars case.

I have 40 millimeters thickness of 11.6 to lug, with we’re. Looking at 21 millimeters move in here, we’re. Looking at an ETA c151 one that’s, an automatic movement, water resistance of 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal so have a 72 hour.

Powers are so that’s. A three day powers are so, if you wear this, it once put it on the bed stand for. You know three days: if you’re good to go, you can pick it back up and still be taken away. Great minimalist style, watches and T.

So I don’t. This watch is only just tells a little bit the story about the brand. There are a lot of great women’s, watches available. I think that would people probably wanted one of a few brands that I would recommend for a entry-level watch for a woman.

So all the watches so far have been more dress oriented so just to throw a different style of watch out there. Just for those that might be interested, something that you could really be around here. We have the Victorinox in ox V or five.

So if your price, here, we’re, looking at four hundred and ninety-five dollars to five hundred and fifty dollars case size of 37 millimeters case thickness of twelve point, seven millimeters lug width, we’re, looking at 18 millimeters move inside here.

We have a quartz Rhonda, seven one five – that’s; a Swiss quartz movement, water, resistance of 200 meters and has a sapphire crystal so the in ox here stands for impact. Neutralization object for the extremes.

So with that being said, this watch is built to withstand pretty much anything you throw at it, and even though these watches may look like your typical toolbox with 200 metres of water resistance, you can pro actually any water activity you possibly want to do as another Dive watch, or maybe you’re watching you can kind of beat around this a lot of men wear this watch the Seiko s, KX 0.

1. 3. It has a 38 millimeter case 200 meters of water resistance, a great carefree watch, but those are looking something for maybe a little more robust on the wrist in terms of banging around not have to worry.

Skx is a legend for watch lovers, so can certainly work on one’s wrist. Well now. Our next watch here is another Swiss brand with the Hamilton valiant. So this watch comes in with a price of six hundred and forty five dollars case size of thirty four millimeters thickness of ten point: five to eight millimeters lug width of 16 millimeters move it as an automatic ETA 2824 to great just reliable movement here, water resistance Of 50 meters and has a sapphire crystal so this is a trendy kind of yet classic watch from Hamilton very overlooked watch as well.

I don’t. Think many people even know this one exists and I was actually very surprised. They have a woman’s, option available. You have these Roman numeral style. Our markings on the watch very clean, simple, but well done design from Hamilton.

Now. Next up we have a brand that I really do. Love, I own one, their watches, the UM Hans Max bill, Chronos, cope, really stylish, minimalist style watch and this watch. What we have here, though, is the young Hans maxvill hand winding, so these watches come in with a price and retail 695.

You can’t, find them for a little bit cheaper case signs of 34 millimeters case thickness of nine millimeters. Luck with of 18 millimeters movement is a hand winding J 8:05, so that’s. An ETA based movement here, water resistance of 30 meters and has a Plexiglas crystal and one more thing that I’ll, add about the young Hans is they do have a smaller thirty two millimeter quartz option available for those that maybe don’t care about the mechanical versus quartz thing.

You just care about saving money. You’re still gonna get that awesome looking design. So this watch is not going to be, as maybe a robust in terms of the ability to take a beating. You’re gonna have, to you know, be a little more careful with this watch.

But if you just want a very stylish minimalist style watch from a brand that’s been doing it for pretty much longer than anybody connection to the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany. So brands like IKEA Apple, just have roots connected to this design style of industrial design.

This brand fantastic, great overall looking watches, and if I had a short list about a shrink this down to maybe three, this would certainly be on it for best women’s, watches under $ 1000 and now sticking to German brands.

We have another German brand here with the stove ax, with the antia back to bow so would price. Here we’re. Looking at nine hundred and twenty dollars case size, you have a couple different options. You have thirty five point: five millimeter option in a thirty-six point: five millimeter option that 35 millimeter option will be a handle on watch option and then the thirty six.

You have the ability to choose an automatic option as well case thickness. We’re. Looking at six point, nine millimeters love with of eighteen millimeters again movement can be manual or automatic water resistance of thirty meters and has a sapphire crystal.

So these watches are just routed in conventional German bajas design, language. So four color options you have some crazier ones. It’s like a light blue, a pink lime green as well as offering some more subdued colors, which I think usually will work better in terms of versatility.

We have a tan black/white for those that might not be as inventors like me, but great watches here from stove, ax and certainly ones worthy of mentioning and then to close out ur list here today we have the Hamilton khaki Navy pioneer.

So again, I was actually not aware that they had a 36 millimeter option available for this watch, so price range nine hundred forty dollars to a thousand dollars case, size 36, millimeters case thickness of ten point.

Seven five millimeters lug width of eighteen millimeters movement is an automatic h10 movement sets an ETA based movement, a little bit more on that bit water resistance of 100 meters and has a sapphire crystal.

So this is a great casual everyday watch, maybe not as dressy but kind of walks that fine line of elegance and having ability to be dressed up quite a bit. This piece has been a favorite amongst Hamilton collectors and watch enthusiasts, so don’t.

Be surprised if you see a lot of these on Instagram or if you look around for these watches, going to this h10 movement, though so this is an ETA based movement. This particular one has an 80 hour power reserves.

You’re, getting over three days of a power reserve. So if you wear this twice a week, you’re. Never gonna have to worry about winding this thing ever and as usual Hamilton is a Swiss brand have roots they’re actually in Lancaster PA until 1969, so moving to Switzerland during a little bit of harder times with the Swiss watch industry.

But I think a great watch to conclude our list here today: okay, so that is my list for affordable women’s watches. If you like this video found, it helpful be sure to give this video a thumbs up. If you’re new here, subscribe and hit that Bell icon, released, awesome watch content all the time and also a big THANK YOU to a girl and her watches on Instagram cat.

She’s, been a follower of my channel. For some time – and she was very helpful and helping kind of put together and fine-tune this list also, if you want to get a replacement, strap for any the washes that you buy here.

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Thank you again so much for watching be well, and I will see you all very soon.