Amazing women’s watches: Baselworld 2014 – Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Dior…

I have seen more watches for women than ever at Vassar world’s, but here is my selection of those that I would happily take her with me. Patek philippe presented a new moon phase for women, and this watch I think, has it all.

It has the impeccable mechanics of this Swiss watch house, as well as being just beautiful with our new Empress watch was born at the same time as a jewelry collection of the same name, and I think you can see in this watch that it is made as An object to be worn as much as a watch as a jewel.

The duro wheat gram valve has one and a half meters of silk thread on its rotor. Now this silk thread was carefully woven through by a lace maker and what’s? Incredible is that not only does it look beautiful, but it’s.

Also, a functioning part of the watch details are everything at herm├Ęs and this year the cape cod comes in silver instead of stainless steel. Now this might not sound very exciting, but in fact it is quite an interesting change because it brings together the approach to jewellery and using a noble metals such as silver, instead of stainless steel.

Now this has been possible thanks to new alloy. That is less likely to oxidize, as its name suggests that dagger saga, no Allegra, is a watch that will make you smile it’s, just bursting with color it’s.

What Deborah Savino does best. It brings together really high quality to remaking skills with a whole lot of fun. The Omega deville Christine has a really pretty mother-of-pearl dial, which is acid-etched with a pattern of butterflies.

I just had to include this Jacquet dress watch because it has an automaton on the dial and it’s, also a minute repeater and on the hour, these little birds start chirping and bring the whole white style to life.