Alright guys so we’re, probably back at a fence, but it’s got house big shots. Him guys definitely check out his channel guys down the description below guys so guys with little walk in a week. Man with two bags guys these things are freaking jam-packed.

I don’t, know man, I’m feeling pretty nervous man. It was pretty crazy guys. I don’t, know about Derek, but do it everytime? We always go over here man. I always tweet comment. I guess, but you know what the security guards being all crazy.

It’s, just so much more hectic trying to get this stuff yeah, and we can make inclusion that we know for a fact. We’re, not afraid. I guess they wouldn’t know for a fact, but one of our predictions, our conclusions, all the encounters that we had there we’ve.

We have actually actually did catch them. Grab you back from dumpster and hurry them and put them in the car. So we’re, pretty sure that they know that this Apple store throws away stuff and they’re just trying to hog everything.

So that makes things kind of crazier and it’s kind of intense, but I mean it’s. Dr. diving, I mean it’s. Anybody can go there. You know you don & # 39. T have to be using your authority, you know their security.

You know your notice to take the stuff like that. So it’s, pretty crazy, so yeah we’ve, also gone there. A few times bags have been open. So we don’t know if it’s them but yeah, but we pretty sure we’re positive.

After all, the incidents that happen and we’ve, seen them taking stuff putting in the in their car. Like the white bags in the security car, we’re, pretty sure I mean we didn’t recorded because there wouldn’t be much because there you put it in I mean we have a few clips, but other than So much it’s.

Just I’m saying we just saw them putting it in there, but we didn’t really grab it because, like I said they did a really quick, so yeah we just got there at the end when they really about to leave. Yes, so already man, I’m, pretty excited man which bag you and open up.

Oh, let’s start with this big boy on the right right, crack it open and see what we got to the top. I know it’s, sort of the jam freakin pack need. We got anything, hopefully yo, we got ear pods. You know it feels pretty.

Let’s, see the box that’s. The best week has been pretty dead, got your pods, not ear pods, but your pods, the other ones. You guys, like, I’m, trying to spit all content, guys believe me. It’s been better a boss like, or the trash has been the same for the past two weeks check every single box, guys cuz, you never know they could haze in the week ahead of Connor’s.

Finding brain cases for box has been destroyed with a brand new case in there, which is like brand new little things that we just like they don’t like your returns and it’s insane. How much stuff like this cost like right here this case would cost like 60 70 bucks, yeah twenties, the OtterBox kids for kids, big kids.

These are really expensive, but yeah guys those fake pieces go through a lot of money case the lifeproof cases. These are the most expensive, like you pay a hundred bucks for one of these yeah. I do there’s, a case of the phone store when I, when I got my new phone at the case, but they were pretty expensive, but I didn’t bother buying yeah, I’m mr.

Davi. It’s, not worth our money to buy kiss and you just get it for free, weird. It’s, a watch, but I’m, not sure I never wins the last time. We found one of these like four years ago like a few months ago, but holy cow dude and it’s.

The big one, hey the older one booth I’m, not sure let’s check usually has stuff right here and if you guys can see it says watched. Oh it’s. The 42 mm that’s. The base, when I believe it might be the first gen I don’t, know, comment down below guys.

If this is the first and Apple wash I’m, not I don’t, know too much underwear. What do you think to me? It looks like the first generation first generation, so Derek things: the first generation, if you guys agree with him count down below like I’m, I’m, not like a Apple product expert, oh yeah.

I’m sure somebody knows like there’s, tons of people that know the Apple products, probably yeah, but holy cow dude, a freaking Apple watch complete no damages. I’m, not sure here trying to take the part.

I don’t know. Well I tried it for a second yeah. I’m. Not here. I think it’s, which one is it. I’m, probably looking really dumb right now, so don’t, be any of us right now, like I apologize like we’re, trying our best but no power, anything yeah and the Apple watches we found before have been Completely destroyed it’s, not even hope and turning them on, so we find just like bands and stuff.

We never find a whole Apple watch like this bus, pretty crazy, not bad doing out of bed. They start already like we hit it pretty good. This month, and then it was dead for a while. Now we’re, doing good right there, oh yeah.

This is why we every iPhone the iPad. We found it son or so case all the cases that we found in stuff all right on the bag number two, but for a fresh bag I mean got some ear pods and ear pods case case, not bad guys.

Apple watch not a bad night. So far guys I’m, pretty excited or less interested. I’m, pretty excited! Well it’s cheap. I could already see an iPhone Xbox that’s, a good sign, easy money and the thing that really like obsessing me, a lot of people always bashing out.

My comment saying that why do we like this boxes, but they’re just pointless, and I’ve seen so my videos that have been posted on Facebook. He was just bashing us about these boxes, but they don’t realize that we have zero money invested in this.

Some of these boxes go for good money. When the iPhone 11 came out, we still a few boxes for $ 50, guys that’s, insane guys, a box that we found of siding for free and we just bought pay like what five bucks I’m priority.

You know 5 to 10 bucks on first ship it out yeah it’s, like 5 bucks, yeah, fine, yeah, five bucks ship it out guys. We shipped that I was like easy money and it’s. Free money, people don’t see that they do think that we get oh it’s, empty box, well, big, but guys there’s money in these boxes.

Like I have, I have a huge Facebook group. Well, we’re, getting there pine, half dumpster, all except colleagues, and people have showcase allowed their cases finds, and they know that this stuff’s worth good money and it’s cool stuff.

To keep you know, I just I love to have these box. You know I mean, even if we don’t so like this, is it’s, a cool looking box yeah like we have really big stash guys of all the case that we found recently, we just were to add, and we added A an iPhone 11, a purple one, oh yeah, every yellow one.

Those are only two ones I mean, hopefully, what we’ll, be able to start finding more of those, because I’m, pretty sure that people are trying to buy more of the colors. But I’m surprised. I didn & # 39.

T really think that iPhone diamond came in purple and yellow yeah. I didn’t know that you until we found it yeah that was pretty cool man. Let’s, keep cracking open man so far, so even just for this older iPhone Xbox, like 10 bucks, easy money guys like said we here, money invest in this solid is easy, but to money guys like we’re, just gonna Go give you ten bucks, you know, did Walter working for $ 10, an hour 50 large batteries, you know made it with a box that we just found.

You know and a few boxes. You find a nine minutes that’s good. I guess I’m surprised people throw away their Apple product boxes like those are good quality boxes and speak in a box. We got another one, oh you were just talking about this another one, but what what a coins? You just told us.

I told them about how we felt one of these well yeah that’s in their box welp. I put it up for guys. I don’t. Let you don’t put it back well, we are do one of these. Yes, so anybody has a phone or while one of those comment down below I’ll, probably my desert.

These are rare to the iPhone. 11 wins the colored ones. I’d, say 30 40, probably about 50 cuz. That was when it just came out, but yeah, but good money for distal box awesome cools. Do I love that purple color it’s.

Not you see every day we always find these empty boxes. I’m just waiting for one day delete on one of you guys these cases, if you guys, have not been that when they go for 50 bucks, guys leather cases which isn’t money for a case.

What provide like warranty stuff, like you, scoff or anything they play cigar free, so I mean I mean it’s like take care to stop. Then what’s? The point I’m, not bad dude, a freaking Apple watch. You got a few boxes: ear pine box in that bag.

Don’t forget about the purple. I’ve, been loving box, pretty freaking cool, so many boxes another one at one. These, oh there’s, a box, the bottom to an Apple watch. Buxton we found a top recently. We found a bunch of series, five and three.

I believe cases like box guys and they were all in brand-new shape like we’ve. Never came across any Apple wisely. Dude this year has literally been like a jackpot on Apple watch is like, but we just thrown it Apple watch.

We found out freaking out watch right now guys, so literally this whole month has been literally this whole year. At the start, has been all Apple watch Apple watch boxes. This, like dude, that’s. Insane 2020 is the year 2020 is so far been probably one of the greatest years of dumpster-diving, crazy, finds and dude it’s.

Just a beginning. Man, I can’t. Wait till summer comes bro, you know what we’re, getting here guys every night guys. Well, we don’t be in their diving literally in their like right. Now we couldn’t. Do it as much because we have snow and recently when we went to go, do this, because you guys saw my fine below video, it was raining, it was snowing and guys it’s.

Just it damages a lot of stuff and it just makes it’s, just really hectic. You know we try our best. You know we don’t like seeing a lot of that stuff go to waste poor guys. It gets crazy, but you know how we feel about summer when summers are not yeah, you guys best believe you will be pretty even literally inside that dumpster guys it’s, also not as fun when it’s cold, like yeah.

It’s, not the same as yeah the summer. It’s like nice and calming it about anything. You can go in there dive through there, but then it’s winter. You got a lot of things to worry about the cold and stuff, and if you live here in the Midwest special here in Chicago guys, the weather is just insane like.

I’m telling you guys do that you! What, if you a week ago, guys it was literally snowing like crazy, then it started raining out of nowhere dude and they started ice raining or yeah the roads. Worse. Yes, what’d ya, do that day was literally crazy and then went to go.

Eat at Denny’s and it close to leave and the ends up being someone got stabbed in like the bathroom or somewhere update on that. If you told them yeah you recorded that yeah you were the one. What was the okay? So we looked it up, we couldn’t, find it for a day.

I don’t, know researching it like the next day found an article somebody got stabbed and the suspect is on the run. Yes, which is crazy, that we witness that was insane but crazy, crazy night, crazy, doctor, diving adventure, but anyways.

Can you tell what series the scissors I’m? Not sure I mean I’m. Pretty sure looks to be no. No! No! Let’s, see, is it further, it could be for this watch yeah I could potentially be. I’m. Not sure looks like it.

I mean the ones we found for the first like it comes like this. Don’t. Remember, like the one it looks similar to this yeah so easy with the top. I’m, not sure if anybody has any other new Apple watches and if they know if this is one of newer ones or whatever comment down below cuz, I’m, pretty sure we’ve be found so for the First, gen and the whole watch is laying there, but this one I don’t, know pictures for one new ones, but I could be wrong though, so I’m, not sure boy example.

Let us know, then it’s. No educator, slow a gift card will be good, just check these the other day. Remember. We found these a month on 5 bucks in one of these, that’s, crazy, just toss it out here. If you want cuz, I don & # 39.

T really use it iTunes that much, but if any, you guys want to use iTunes here’s, the code for you guys pause the video screenshot or whatever, really give you guys a chance potentially getting some money.

Like Gary said, we did find how much sit five bucks. I mean for a $ 10 gift card, that’s, 50 % of the money it’s, really crazy. You guys people just you know they don’t wan na when they go to the store and they’re.

You got what they need and they got leftovers. You know people are just not gonna. You know, especially the area that we lit people don’t really sweat about a few books, but to us guys it’s free you guys literally free money like like, I said everybody guys means there.

We go to college and money can get a little tight, especially buying books, guys dude. I literally dropped probably like 4 bucks on my books. I don’t, but you do by drop $ 40 on my books. Dude yeah same with me around 500-600 yeah, and just for a few months using the books, I’m.

Some you don’t even use yeah dude, I feel like the school should be like I, don’t know my ice cooler, the whole like system of education, but do they definitely got a focus on that broke this a lot of Money that we’re spending on what’s dude and it just for like it was like for a year like I’d, be like okay, but we’re, just doing it for a few.

What and we don’t go to school every single day we go like almost a week. You know it’s like it’s insane literally. Well, let’s. Pin yourself this daddy bar digging with us. We got tonight, oh you go dude sweet.

I do. I just lost mine, so I’m, pretty happy on that. Guy’s. Then we just lost my. I believe it yeah. I I dude I didn’t realize it. I unplug just the cable. Can you believe that, and I left this, we’re gonna hurry yeah.

I was in a hurry comment down below. If you has ever unplugged your cable lets. You Cuba, I feel like sometimes like blends in with the yeah yeah cuz. They’re white yeah dude. I was just in a rush. Like I’m, an idiot dude.

I got ta go sorry. We have so many for free, like yeah don’t, even what about hurry? Oh, that’s. Why yeah, but I’m. Pretty happy like you was meant to be. Do we literally found, but guys look at all of this stuff and we found these things I’m super excited guys, like Derek, say, follow another freaking, iPhone 11 in purple box, guys great condition, no scopes or anything careful with yeah.

Well, hey turn on it. It’s. It just looks so good right now, guys it’s, nice man. I wish we could see this phone in like in person or purple iPhone 11 dude. That’d, be set for next goal. We just found an iPhone 11 recently on my channel check it out, but my next goal is the purple iPhone that’d, be crazy, and then we came across an iPhone X, just a regular box, not bad, and then we ended up finding half Of an Apple watch box window, finding ear, pod and very old ox cable, no one uses all their did.

I’m, not sure. If it’s older, did they just make it for like sixes or is it oh? No yeah? They probably still do make you feel f-16s cuz. I’m Black Friday. They were song, the iPhone 6s hold it. This is probably still in use black people nowadays.

Just have them yeah. So you know we don’t come across these two options. Yeah, I’m, not too much and you got the gift for, like, I said guys check it out. If you guys have any money screenshot it whatever.

Let you guys come? First, sir, exactly and the best fine of the freaking night guys are freaking Apple watch. Guys like this is crazy. Guys like just to find this in here guys, like you know, they may not be worth as as much when they first came out, but guys for free.

You cannot be complaining like and we don’t know the condition, so it could probably work and cannot be. But overall, like that’s, super cool. I will never find this stuff, so you guys like that’s insane guys.

This is why are we good on striving guys like that’s crazy? But I’m. Not I really big fan a wiser soul up. I give it away to one of you: look you’d, be very expensive to I mean even for like a series, one, their story, yeah couple, hundreds yeah couple, hundreds for sure, one to two hundred.

I’m, pretty sure boy. If any, you guys need one of these or anything comment down below shoot me an email I’m, probably the check the condition if it is working out, probably do another giveaway after the two iPhone eleven Promax.

So I mean I’m, pretty stoked man, but overall tonight we did a pretty good night, guys got a few boxes headphones and the best fighter night guys the Apple watch guys guys it’s, getting real late guys.

We’re gonna wrap it up guys. Did you much rock you guys, cuz, you guys off til next time,