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hello and welcome to sap, i announced it in unboxing in this video we want to take a quick look at how to use the apple watch connects to his iphone at all and then sets it up in advance the apple watch can be used with an iphone 5 iphone 5 c 5 s iphone 6 or As far as I know, the iphone 6 plus are compatible devices to be connected i think it doesn't work with all older devices but i like to improve if that's wrong before we can even start of course we have to start our iphone that he did as before and then boot up the apple watch, we simply click here the partner we can easily see is the apple logo here pretty darkroom probably not so well recognized by the cam but when it is up we can start the whole thing So now I'm going to skip that The bütt animation is not spectacular, as I said, you can only see it the apple when the app has started up is first asked which language you wanted to set here from the iphones we want here, of course, German, although that was already slightly preset because all the languages ​​could be seen in German yes we take german here now the language is set it should be also take a short time so we jump and then it goes immediately that was it, the language is set now it says to pair open the apple watch app on the iphone since ios 8.3 it should be windows song mean i is this app here with the apple watch symbol self-explanatory open yes now then says here if you have an apple watch you can use it here with the iphone pairing we sound start pairing and that's pretty cool now done you just have to take the iphone and apologize hold the apple watch in this frame that is what we want to do here I hope you can see it then the whole thing almost recognized and the clock is already paired so that was it very simple you don't have to click any buttons and so on pretty cool I could now from a backup restore because I looked at it before but I can do the whole thing Simply configure the watch as a new watch, that's what we want to do then you have to choose which wrist to wear the apple watch on so I want to wear left or right I want to wear the lengthways so I click here on the left then the whole thing is adjusted accordingly without then Here we have the terms of use on the subject of data protection and so on you should definitely read through if you are interested in it always be a bit skeptical you should always think about what to do accepted but of course you have to accept them if you want to continue us click on accept accept again and then it can be done go further up here you have seen the loading symbol now you have your apple id a church enter the password here that will do for example when that's done you just click on enter the whole thing will be done again Checked briefly, I'm curious how long it will take something like that can usually always play or we can sense it now just before and after about five seconds it wasn't worth it is that already done now you will be asked if you want the location services want to activate as with the iphones you could activate do not activate I activate now the same applies to siri me do not normally use rio doce but now here is a connection with I definitely want to look at the watch again now you want to reactivate then you can also get diagnostic information so send if the watch my crash or if you have any other problems there is it is forwarded directly to apple, i always make it whole very happy, that's why I prefer not to be them and now you can also enter a code here, it will just be like that so you can easily relax the clock when you work unlocked iphone i will quickly enter a code and that's it I have now entered the code here on the apple watch and now I can I just choose whether I want to unlock my apple watch with the iphone or individually, unfortunately I click now but no that is not what I want a bit cumbersome and now i can still use all apple watch apps install that you can finally make it of course we do it sounds on here now comes again apple watch is synchronized the whole can then take a short time you can also see a nice little circle around the here lade circles is then gradually fulfilled and that takes a few more times minutes but now i play again and then we'll see in life the whole thing is set up and that's it can be we saw a small beep that the whole thing is now finished had these circles ad that just kept filling up pretty cool art animation now the whole thing is finished we click here on ok and then we are in the actual app where we are you can actually set almost everything here, for example playout then if you are here for example you can of course also at the ruhr Adjust a lot if you want to adjust the watch bases because you hold just stuck here for a little longer, like I've just done have just and can then adjust other watch faces I have to do that See the whole thing as I said, this is also the very first time for me here with the apple watch, however, as I said, this is more or less the control center next to the actual clock where you can set various things Messages are received brightness for example here you can We want to set the display brightness right away to see if that works without it problems works I make it brighter and you should pull that display is definitely brighter next to it or not for this we have to enter the code briefly, I did that and yes then you can adjust the whole thing here very nicely, I hope you can then the display will be dark again and when we see the whole thing here The text size will be lighter again and so on you can also set thöne haptic hertz shares activated and so on so the different apps I'll tell you more about that as I said in the review show that was a short one at first furnishing video you can see it is really easy as pie actually do nothing wrong extremely easy I hope the video has you guys please thank you in the sense of how it should be and we'll see you at the next video again

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