Apple Watch Series 5 Nike Edition – “Real Review”

Yo, what’s up? Everybody should boy floss back again with another video, and today we’re gonna take a look at the Apple watch series. 590 edition. Now you can pick this up from I’ll, throw the link up in the description, the price on this one; 430, bucks for the Wi-Fi version and 530 bucks for the cellular version.

Now before we get started. Let me answer two questions number one: what’s? The difference between the series 4 and the series – 5 2 major upgrades. First up, you get in better battery life and, secondly, you’re.

Getting an always-on display now shoutout to anybody that’s. Seen my full review for the series. 4 yeah, I know that was my biggest gripe no always-on display. So now, with series 5, you don’t got to keep flicking the wrist.

You’re gonna have an always-on display that’s. A huge upgrade next question: what’s, the difference between the series 5 and the series 590 edition. Three things number one: you’re, getting the Nike bands.

Now, in the side note you can buy these separately. They’ll work on any Apple watch. Next, you’re. Getting a Nike Run Club app. Now that’s exclusive to the Apple watch, make the addition you see the running club app, I’ll.

Show you how that works in a minute if you’re having into working out especially running you’re gonna want to check that out and number three you’re. Getting an exclusive Nike watch faces now. As far as the run Club app and the Nike watch faces, those are exclusive to the Apple watch, Nike editions other than that everything is exactly the same all right.

So let’s unbox this and see what it is now shout out to white shoes. She got the day off here. We go Apple, watch series, 5, Nike Edition nice, black box giggity. Here we go; ok, ok, so this is real sleek.

I got your Apple watch a little Nike logo, the swoosh and, of course, right on cue. Ladies and gentlemen, white shoes is back in the building white shoes calm down coming in late today. It is what it is all right.

So let’s open this up. Okay, here we go inside. This is gonna, be your Apple watch. First, let’s. Take a look at the Nike band. I think I went with the black on this one, but let’s, see okay! Here we go inside use your books and [ __ ], pluck them and follow them.

Now it’s. Gon na come with your medium and large band and your small and medium band. Okay, now I went with the all-black this time. Real nice, we’ll. Leave these on the table. That’s it for that. Now shoes scoot scoot series: 5! Here we go now let’s see this is gonna, be the space greyface.

Oh, this is sick. I can’t even do a smell test on this one. Yes, this smells just like a fresh set of nitesite fresh set of Air Jordans. Let’s, see what else we got in here. Let’s, see alright. So this is gonna be a usual books of [ __.

]. Welcome to follow here’s. Your plug here’s, your charging, your wireless charging pad now do I need that? I really needs it. I think I’ll set it up later, show you how to use it. What you seen this a million times plug it into USB drop.

Your watch right in the front charge it right up that’s, pretty much it so now. Let’s drop these bands on ok, let’s, see I’m gonna go with the large. Why not slaps right on sit that power button? Now one thing you will notice.

I went with the cellular version, so you got that red ring. Alright, now shout out to Apple, I’m glad. They got rid of the red dot and with the red ring it’s, a little less discreet, alright. So this way, remember when you add the series 3, that big red dot anybody that didn’t have the dot.

You look like a peasant now with this one, just that little that little hint of red. So if somebody’s really clocking, you like that they’ll, be able to see it. But if you don’t get to cellular version, you won’t, look like a peasant, Kayla slapped us on the wrist, and I love the Nike bands they slapped on so fast and easy I did is who this all-black is kind Of sick all right, so I’m gonna pause.

The video I’ll set everything up. Then we’ll breeze through the OS talk amongst yourselves. Alright, Jos will be back in now. I got everything all set up and I got to be honest with y’all on a scale of one to ten.

The Apple watch series. Five Nike Edition is a major major major go. I love this watch. If you had the series four and you liked it, you’re gonna love the series five now look. I know somebody’s. Gon na ask.

Is it worth upgrading from the series four to the series five and the answer is yes, and the answer is yes for one reason and one reason only always-on display what good is having a SmartWatch that doesn’t have an always-on display where you Got to constantly keep going like this.

No, I don’t like that. Always-On display that’s, a must-have for your SmartWatch. Now, look if you want to see a full in depth review watch my series, four video, all of my likes and dislikes are pretty much exactly the same, but I’m just trying to recap them real, quick here’s.

Everything that I don’t like number one, no speaker to play music. Now that’s kind of petty it’s, not the biggest deal in the world. But if you get your galaxy watch, you could play music directly from the watch out of the watch speaker with the Apple watch.

You got a speakerphone, you’re gonna get audible alerts, but you can’t play music. I don’t like that. Next, you can’t change. The notification sounds right. Every time you get a text message. You’re gonna hear that ping you can’t change to a whistle a bell.

A cash register sound everybody’s. Apple watch is gonna sound the same. So if you’re sitting at a table with a bunch of people and all y & # 39, all wearing Apple watches, every time so might get a checks.

It’s, always gonna sound the same. I don’t like that next Apple watches are not compatible with Android phones. Now I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all. You might want to have a dope Apple watch, but you happen to have a Galaxy Note: 10: the best phone on the market, not cross-compatible, not the biggest deal in the world, because chances are.

If you have you into the Apple ecosystem, then you can have an iPhone anyway, but it would have been just. It would have been nice to be able to use my Apple watch with my galaxy phone or with any phone that I wanted, and the last thing I don’t like this is pretty petty, which I know they call me petty, Roosevelt, the Nike Banned colors now they did step their game up.

They got a few more colors, but if you’re going to after market scene, you’re gonna see red blue green yellow. They need to have more color choices for the Apple watch bands other than that no complaints.

I they fixed my biggest gripe, which was the always-on display everything else I can live with now. As far as the look from series 3 a series for two series: 5 – they actually look exactly the same same, build quality, same weight, same look same feel, but that biggest difference is the always-on display that’s, a game.

Changer now. Look if you had an Android phone, I know what you’re, saying: oh, we had always on display for years. I know I know. Apple is always playing catch-up, give them time to catch up alright always-on display.

Now that comes in handy. For me, a lot of times I’m sitting in these little boring [ __ ] meetings, and somebody selling me a pitch that I don & # 39. T really want to hear you don’t want to look like a douchebag and keep going like this to check the time.

So now I could just be sitting like this glance over and see the time. I love that ISO always-on display that’s, the biggest upgrade for this watch now, as far as battery life, according to Apple ID, according to Apple, you’re gonna get better battery life.

I’ll. Put it to the test, I’ll, give you a little update later on, but you should be getting better battery life and it’s, not gonna drain as bad with the always-on display, because they did drop the refresh rate from 60 to one so basically what that means in English, the always-on display is not gonna kill you back now.

As far as the look and the feel like I said, everything is the same one of the best things I love about Apple watches 2. Is the band’s? How easy it is to change these bands? I love being able to just press that button and just swipe off the band just like that and slap on something new.

So I’m, constantly changing my bands all day. Every day the display is beautiful, big and bright, nice and vibrant that speakers crazy loud go to settings real, quick, look at this now personally, I like square watches better than the circle ones.

If I’m using it as a SmartWatch, now circle watch like a Rolex or something yeah, that’s cool. But if there’s, a SmartWatch, you want your stuff to look square, so you can see everything all your words.

Nothing gets cut off by the side of the screen. I’m healing it like that. Definitely feeling it processor, nice and smooth very fast. You still got your full detection now. Let me tell y & # 39. All a quick story.

I forgot that I have full detection on this watch right. So I’m down here at my basement. Shooting the videos my basement is pretty much flooded. It’s like a warehouse down here I got boxes all up and down the stairs.

I’m. Coming down the stairs I’m wearing my Apple watch. I’m coming down the stairs. I’m carrying all these packages. I slipped and I fell. I’m gonna keep around slipped. I fell. I fell. Oh, maybe like the third step from the bottom bomb, fell right on my ass mad hard.

Now I forgot to have full detection all of a sudden. I heard this sound going off for my watch and I looked at the watch and they said according to my watch, it looks like I fell now. If you have miss gonna make it look, making a little alert and it’s, saying that if I don & # 39, t stop the alert in a certain amount of time it’s.

Gon na automatically call the police and send them to my address that is so sick. My fault detection really worked, and then I did when I fell. I was kind of mad that I fell, but after playing with the Apple watch problems on the ground.

That kind of made me laugh because what? If I was in a situation that I’m outside and I’m walking to my car and somebody go upside, my head with a bat and robbed me, and I’m, laying on the side of my car left For dead at least my Apple watch could save my ass.

I I’m feeling that full detection that’s pretty sick. You also got your ECGs now. I’m gonna test that out later too and see if that actually works, but this might be able to save your life. You might be sitting somewhere, you get ready to have a heart attack and your Apple watch will give you alert telling you take your ass to the hospital.

I love how this looks on the wrist to the black on black. This is sick, alright, so for detection ECG, definitely feeling those apps. Let me see now I’ll. Just briefly tell you: what do I use my Apple watch for the most? I use it for making phone calls matter of fact.

Let’s. Do it let’s. Do a little test. Call real, quick! All right so check this out. Let’s, call up the 24-hour diner and see what time they closed. All right. Seven, one! Eight, eight, four! Nine! Seven three: here we go directly from the watch: okay, bring it max volume; yes, hi uh.

What time you guys closed tonight, what time you close tonight! Oh 24 hours, all right! Okay, you & # 39. Re! Never closed! I cool all right thanks a lot Dick Tracy status right here, making phone calls directly from the watch all right, so I use that a lot.

I also like to send text messages, receive text messages, control your music, let’s, go to music, real quick. So I’m, not just remote. Let’s, go to uh, let’s, see where we get. Let’s go to music. Now, if I had, if I had some headphones connected, I’d, be able to control my music right from the watch now that’s, a big deal all right.

That’s. A big deal when you’re in the gym and you have two Bluetooth headphones on. Your phone is in your pocket. Your hands is all sweaty. You don’t want to keep pulling out your phone control, your music directly fun to watch real sick.

Like I said, I’m gonna try to keep this quick all this stuff. I already went over in full detail. I’ll, leave the link to my series for review. If y & # 39, all want to see everything tested out in full detail because they’re exactly the same, exactly the same, let’s, see on some of these watch faces alright, so here’s, the Nike faces You have to Nike digital.

If you want to you, can customize these change, the style change the colors, let’s. Okay, let’s. Go with that red joint. I like that one. It’s; real nice change, the bottom. Let’s, see if we got the music Pandora podcasts radio got the weather reminders that just stops stopwatch timers got everything on deck.

What, if you want to play with it? For yourself let’s. Uh see anything else, any other apps that I use a lot. We got the BMW connected. Where is that there it is connected this app is so sick. I have you, got a BMW, make sure you get BMW connect it.

You can start your car roll down. The windows set off the alarm: everything directly fun to watch now, one of the things that I love about Apple watches there’s, no shortage of apps. I had a lot of the good apps that work on your phone.

They’ll, automatically, pull it over to your watch. Shazam is another good one. Are you outside in the store, and you hear a dope song hit Suzanne right from your watch, get it like a boss, alright! So now let’s.

Go through the basic settings swipe down here’s. All your notifications, swipe up! You got your quick toggles, so I got cellular service Wi-Fi ping. Now ping is pretty sick, say you lose your phone hit ping.

The phone is start ringing. So when you’re getting the card, you drop your phone between the seats and you can’t find it before you start to panic. Pick ping now use that everyday got battery percentage.

You got silent mode, do not disturb walkie talkie. You got thinner moon, say you go to the movies you hit theater mode. The watch face will be dark and then watch it be on silent. You see that little water droplet, so your watch hits wet and you want to eject that water out of the speakers or you got to do is hit that little water droplet it’ll, make a sound and it’s.

Pushing the water out of the speaker, you got a flashlight airplane mode and you got your airplane. Now you hit your digital crown. This will bring up all your apps, you can zoom in or zoom out, or you can use your finger and select which app you want.

If you want to see your recently used, apps hit the button on the side there’s, all your apps and you can close these out one Bob one. Now, if you want to take a screenshot, get the digital crown and the button at the same time just like that, and if you want to use Apple pay press the button twice pay directly from your watch all right.

So now let’s check out the different watch faces now. If you buy the Nike version, you’re gonna have access to your Nike hybrids. I sold at ease different colors different setups got your Nike analogues bunch of different colors Nike digital same thing, bunch of different colors.

You got all your activities got astronomy, got your breathe watch faces California, capture, chronograph old school status, different colors. You got explorers fire and water that’s. Those you got gradients your infographs.

I like these two infographs and modular bunch information on deck. You got your kaleidoscopes liquid metal got Meridian. You got your classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse. More modulars, modular and compact got different motions.

Get your numerals numeral duo’s, numeral models. You can add any folder that you want. You got your pride watch faces simple Siri. You got solo time-lapse nineties are dope. These will change during the course of the day.

Got Toy Story get utilities. You got vapor extra-large and that’s, pretty much it so again. If you bought a Nike version, you’re gonna. Have access to the Nike watch faces that’s, the digital, the analogs and Nike hybrids.

All right check this out now. If y & # 39, all watch my videos from a couple of years ago, y & # 39. All remember I did the mono chess. This was a hundred bucks. It’s. Basically a case that holds all your Apple watch.

Bands. Well, it went on sale is 50 bucks. So I got another one. Let me show you what it looks like real, quick. Let’s just pop this one open, i’ma, just be smuggest when it was a hundred bucks. A lot of people thought it was too expensive, but I used it for maybe like three four years straight.

I recently just lost my other one, so I had to get a brand new one. This is so sick. Now you can buy this for a model where design I’ll leave. The link up in the description looks exactly the same, like the one I had before now check this out.

This is sick. If you want to, you can have your Apple watch right here, you can actually put your charger in here. You can put your Apple watch charger in the back run. The wire through I’ll, set that up in a second we’ll run the wire through it’ll charge, your Apple watch.

In the case I just got ta. Let me get it in there. Nice and deep giggity hold on a sec. Let me set this up right. I check this out. You put your Apple watch charge in the back run the cable through now you drop your Apple watch in charging up now, if you got a whole bunch of bands like I like to rock, I got the product red band, I’ll, throw that In there, like that, let’s, see I got up my Gucci watch band now on a side note, a lot of people been asking me about this one.

I got this from a website called the custom Depot. I’ll leave the link for that up in the discreet. This one is a little bit pricey, but have you seen the website? You’ll understand why basically Gucci doesn’t make Apple watch bands, so what he’s, doing is buying Gucci bags, cutting them up and so on them into watchbands.

They look efficient issue, though drop that in there let’s, see now. If you want the fake Gucci ones, just the green and red color get those to drop. All your bands set them up real nice. You suck out a bunch of different bands.

A bunch of different watches, alright, here’s, my old Nike watch, and then you close this up, but look how to watch just shows through the case. This is sick. Alright. So if you travel a lot and you like to have all your different bands on deck check out the mono chess, like I said – 400 bucks – that was a little bit too OD with the price, but for 50 bucks.

This is more realistic. Now I fifty bucks that’s more reasonable. Let’s, see slap that in there like that slap this one in here like that. Oh this is kind of sick. Okay, let’s, see on this side. I’ll leave the other Gucci one matter of fact: I’ll.

Do it upside down like this? Okay, like that, let’s, see we put now let’s. See. Can I fit two of them in here like that? Oh, yes, I can. Okay, let me set this up alright, so this is how it’s. Gon na look when you travel, all you got to do is plug in your cable, open up your case.

You got all your different watch bands on deck. This is pretty sick. Now let me show y & # 39. All one more thing: we got some UAG watchbands, let’s. Take a look at these real quick now. This is just a rugged, strap file that to the side.

Oh, this is dope and they got a nice brown leather band. Let me slap these on and see what they look like. Alright, so here’s, the brown UAG. This one is kind of sick. Let’s slap it on real, quick! Let’s, see okay, tuck this right under! Oh, this is hard right here.

This is sick, nice, little leather, joint, UAG Brandon, just pop that off all right. So let me slap on the velcro one. Okay, now here’s, how the velcro one is gonna look. This is real, simple, just velcro it right on you, eg Brandon, on it slides right along now check this out.

One more thing. I know I keep saying that but ma know where they also make this case. I forgot. I had this one little leather pouch right here, that’s, a model where Brandon you could just drop all your watchbands in just like this fine drop that one in drop this one in got some more fake Gucci ones who drop toes in just Like that slap it up and then just tie it, this one is um this one’s kind of cute too.

All right this one’s kind of cute too, but I suggest getting the big boy right here. Look at this bum inside it has that felt material. This is the boss case right here. Alright, so let’s wrap this up.

Alright, one more thing I this is the last thing check this out. Now you ever thought you’d, lost something, and then, when you see something that looks similar, it kind of gives you an idea of where you lost your original.

I just had a quick brain freeze and then it unfroze and I found my old mono chest open. It up, looks exactly the same. All right. Look at all these watch bands I had on deck. I got the camouflage right here, not the blue joints.

Now I had this one for so many years you see got kind of beat up, but still in excellent condition. This one I paid 100 bucks for 50 bucks on the new one. They look exactly the same. No, but at 50 bucks.

This one is more reasonable. Shout out to everybody black would be on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters. I’ll, see how older than that Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody blocking with me on Instagram yeah.

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This is what goes on behind the scenes. Shoes be a full troll mode. Let me see if I can sneak it away: real, quick, oh look at that nail in it come on, but there this deadest. Thank you.