Apple Watch Series 5 UNBOXING 48 Hour Review!

Apple Watch Series 5 UNBOXING 48 Hour Review!

Hi guides is a sporty, and this is the Apple watch Series 5. It was launched alongside the brand new iPhone 11 range and I’ve, been using on and off for around 48 hours. So in this video I’m gonna show you what happened in my quick unboxing and then I’m gonna talk you through some of the features and my overall first impressions review.

So without further ado. Let’s, get straight to it right so pretty much. Now. Every year we get alongside the brand new iPhones we get. The new Apple watch and the Apple watch series for last year was incredibly popular.

There was lots of great new features, so obviously a lot of people were pumped for the brand new series 5. So let’s, see whether it & # 39. S lived up to the expectations right, so we are greeted with the very minimalistic classic kind of Apple packaging.

The Apple watch face on the front and then a few bits of text etc elsewhere, and we’re greeted with. Firstly, these straps and there are two different size options so, depending on whether you & # 39, ve got large or small wrists you can choose here.

I’ve, actually gone with a smaller one, and I’m exactly half way through the holes on the strap, so it’s a good fit. Also inside the box. You have the classic Apple stickers, the manuals, and you also have the watch face, which was set to one side in touch on the final thing inside the box, which is, of course, the charger.

And if you wanted to charge your watch, you simply plunk the watch on to the magnetic circle and obviously plug it in and it will charge now all smartwatches tend to have this kind of charger and it’s a little bit of a shame For me, I would love to see a SmartWatch that charges with type C, for example, and the fact that the other end of the charger is a USB type.

A is again a little bit disappointing because, of course, if you do have the iPhone 11 Pro, for example, which charges via USB type-c to lightning, of course, the plug has a type C port. If this charging cable had a type c end as well, it will be much easier.

You could just use the same plug now you’ve got to carry two plugs around now. I personally work with the 44 millimeter size. There is also a 40 millimeter size as well, but without liking, gigantis or watches.

I do prefer slightly and even on my fairly small wrists, it doesn’t, look too big, so I think the four-team might be a little bit small for me personally. If you just want a really dainty one, then obviously go with that option.

I also went with the aluminium as opposed to the stainless steel or titanium, because for around three four hundred pounds, I think that’s more than enough for a SmartWatch. Personally, seven eight hundred pounds is a little bit ridiculous.

Knowing that I was already shelling out shed loads of cash for the three new iPhones. I thought I’d, probably chill, and when it came to the Apple watch again, you may differ. You may have the cash to flash you may want to go with that.

I also went with the standard sports band again for the same reasons, but I went with black because I think that goes really well. With Space Gray and in terms of assembling the bands to the watch face, you simply slide them across.

Until you hear a click and if you want to release them there’s, a little button underneath the watch face and you press that in and then slide them out again. So a matte finish pretty much across the board other than the actual display.

So talking of that display, as I stated, we have two different sizes, and that is the same as the series four from last year and we also have the exact same resolution. So only forty millimeter model.

We have three hundred and twenty four by three hundred and ninety four and on the forty four millimeter model we have three hundred and sixty eight by four hundred and forty eight. We also have the same OLED Retina display with force touch, but a huge addition.

This year from last year is the fact that now we have an always-on display – and this is something that has plagued many smartwatches over the last few years – something that the consumer has been craving now we have it with series 5.

All it means is that you have your standard turn to wake and it will of course brighten, but then, when it dies down, you can still see the watch face. It’s, just a bit dimmer, which i think is fantastic for this one reason alone, I’m sure there’ll, be a lot of people that are wanting to upgrade also in terms of that tilt to wake.

It works flawlessly. I’ve used sort of many Android smartwatches in the past, and that has been a feature that has let down a lot of different models. Now you’ll notice. This always-on display function more.

If you & # 39, ve got your normal watch face, set to a colored one or a white one, because obviously, when it changes it will go to the black always-on display. If you have a black one install, then it will be far less noticeable, and actually I prefer that, because it just makes it look like the screen is dimming a little bit.

You can turn this always-on display function off. If you want to conserve battery, for example, but I would personally always leave it on always leave it on always on display know, but the function is there if you want to, and also in terms of looking aesthetically pleasing, if you & # 39, ve got an App loaded or a notification loaded and then the display goes to sleep.

It’ll sort of fade into the background and blur out and looks really nice and you’ll. Just get sort of the digital clock pop up as well finishing the specs before we do a quick walkthrough of the watch, the features and how I’ve got on with it.

We’ve, got 32 gigabytes of storage. Up from the 16, we saw on series 4 Bluetooth, a 5.0 ambient light sensor, heart rate sensor, GPS compass, it’s, water resistant up to 50 meters and, according to Apple, the battery life is around 18 hours.

And while I can’t say I & # 39. Ve quite got that much. It certainly gets me through the day when I’m out and then overnight I will then put it on charge and considering it has that always-on display again, I’m, pretty impressed with that and the charge time is around 2 hours To fully charge which isn’t amazing, but it’s, certainly competitive it’s.

Never gonna be the same battery life as say. The xiaomi amaze fit gt-r, which has got like a 40-day battery. But of course, we certainly have more features on this and much more integration. If you’re, an iPhone user and the price tag to boot as well.

The watch runs on the new Apple s5 chip. It’s, a 64 bit dual-core s5 processor and it’s, apparently up to 2 times faster than series 3. It runs with watch OS 6 and, on the whole, it’s, a really really nice interface to use it’s very easy negotiating between the different menus and different apps, and you can respond to notifications either using your finger or using Your voice and I tend to use that sort of dictation mode, probably a lot more actually, especially on chat, apps, etc.

It just is really easy and hands-free nobody really likes typing or drawing using their finger on a tiny little watch face. So, of course, the ability to use your voice is a welcomed one. For me, pairing with your is an absolute dream and you do that in the way of the watch app which already comes on all new iPhones, it loads the app instantly as soon as it registers the watch has been connected, and then you finish the setup from There another really useful feature on the Apple watch.

Series 5 is something that again we saw last year, and that is the ECG app it’s, capable of generating an ECG similar to what you would see in an electrocardiogram, and that could, of course, be really important.

Sharing critical data with your doctor, for example, if you are in need, and on that idea of health and well-being there’s, also an SOS function. If you press and hold the button on the bottom right and that’s, also how you power off as well, if you press it once it goes through to your recent apps that you have been scrolling through and if you double tap it.

It goes through to your pay facility as well, so you can pay for things with Apple pay, like you would on an iPhone again. You & # 39, ve got the dial above it and if you press it once it goes through to all of your different apps, where you can go through and change settings and obviously dive into those apps, and you also can zoom in and out using the Dial as well, and if you press and hold it goes through to Siri now I found that to be a little bit irritating at times.

If you & # 39, re moving your hand around and as an example, if you do that, not sure why you would, if it’s in that position for a long time, you’re gonna enable Siri, so it’s a little bit annoying. You have to cancel every now and again it’s, not the end of the world.

If you swipe down from the top that’s, where your notifications are and then you can either leave them there or dismiss them, if you swipe up from the bottom, you’ve got things like Wi-Fi, find your phone, your battery percentage.

Do not disturb as well, which is really handy at nighttime things like torch, aeroplane mode, etc. If you swipe left and right, you can choose between different watch faces, but you can also do that on the watch app.

It’s, a really useful app and you can go through and select from multiple different watch faces and, of course, you can download more as well. You can change settings for notifications at layout, brightness text, size, accessibility, Siri, sound and haptics, pass codes, etc, and you can also sort out things like audiobooks and your activities and you & # 39.

Ve also got your app store on the bottom right as well. In the last couple of days, I found it very, very comfortable to wear I don’t kind of feel like unnecessarily wearing anything that’s in terms of the watch I’m, obviously been wearing clothes.

I’ve noticed a few times it hasn’t quite registered my touch, and I think a lot of that is down to the sort of curved infinity edges. Sometimes it doesn’t quite register. What I’m, trying to get it to do, and even sometimes when I’m in the middle of the screen.

If I’m, trying to change, watch faces, for example, sometimes I have to double swipe and don’t feel like you should have to do that for the money you’re paying for it, but again, like I said I’ve, often found that sort of problem and worse on a lot of Android smartwatches as well.

Outside of that performance has been great. I haven’t, noticed, stuttering or lagging or anything like that which again considering the money. You should expect that, but still it’s, nice to feel and see the animations are very fluid and on the whole it feels very responsive.

So, overall, in the 48 hours that I’ve had since the unboxing I & # 39, ve really enjoyed using it, especially in conjunction of course, with the iPhone 11 Pro. Is it a game changer in this sort of area in the industry? I don’t really think it is.

I think the series 4 was quite a big jump from the series 3 and the series 5 has just kind of fine-tuned a little bit. It feels like an S version if that were the case in watches. As well, if you have a series 3, would I upgrade to the series 5? If you have the money, I would say yes, I think it is quite a big jump.

If you have the series 4, I probably say unless the always-on display is a huge feature for you, then I would skip it personally in wait for next year’s series 6. If, of course, they make one, I’m sure they will.

If you’re, an iPhone user, you’re in the ecosystem. You & # 39, ve got 400 plus pounds to spend and you want a new SmartWatch fill your boots. It’s a decent product. If your money’s tight, if you have the series 4, if you’re, an Android user, I’d, skip it three.

Would I upgrade to the series 5? If you, basically all of the last paragraph, I just said – has gone into Siri, stop it and that’s. My experience in the two days that I’ve been using it. Let me know if you & # 39, ve got one.

What you think the best features are and have you enjoyed using it, and do you think it’s worth the money? If you the video and found it helpful, it would be absolutely magical if you could drop a like down below and subscribe as well.

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