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Jason Statham's Watch Collection | SwissWatchExpo [Watch Collection]

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From SwissWatchExpo… Spotlight on: Jason Statham. The watches of Hollywood’s tough guy, on the big screen, and in real life. Martial artist, actor, and film producer Jason Statham has become Hollywood’s signature anti-hero. And while he may always be in high-octane, car-chasing scenes and even doing his own stunts, The Fast and The Furious actor always looks […]

OPPO Watch VS Apple Watch 5

Hello, guys today we will make a comparison between the newly released or postmarked watch and the Apple watch 5. I will talk about the main differences between the two watches and I will answer your questions from my previous video. If you haven & # 39, t watched my previous video about reviewing the […]

Apple Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2

[, Music, ], Apple and Samsung makes some of the best smartwatches you can buy, but how do you decide which one is right for you? This is Apple watch Series: 5, vs samsung galaxy watch active 2. Now a lot of people have been asking for this comparison. So I’m, going to dive into […]