Customizing 40 Apple Watches

, you give me an Apple watch. Are you serious? I just this has never happened to me today. We’re customizing 40 Apple watches. We’re gonna give away 20 to random strangers and 20 will be a giveaway for you guys and just to prove that these are actual Apple watches to turn these on and they’re coming on right.

That is one custom series: five Apple watch. Now, if I was to do this alone, it would take a long time. So I’m gonna call up some friends and see if they can help right. They should be here now. Applause ray here’s, one for you, Chloe here’s, one for you, Harold just one for you Sandra Bex and Zack.

Alright, let’s, start customizing; Applause, all right! So I’m. Doing a couple of drips over here with the pink and blue. Hey Chloe tell us what you’re working on donuts and the background is gonna be striped.

How are you doing? I’m good. It’s, a face with the wings it’s. Gon na fly working on water, metal goo. I see you like watermelons Yeah right. If you guys are done, you guys can start customizing more apple watches.

Here you go here’s. Another Apple watch here’s, a second one, hey you got catch. What are you gonna do for a second watch. I’m gonna do a galaxy on the Apple watch. Next, I challenge you to a marker toss right over there.

Can you get it that’s, so easy watch? This, Oh give me one. Last all right do in a row get out of here: ! I’m gonna. Do a little drawing out everybody’s Apple watch it let’s, see how they react.

Hey Michelle, I’m gonna help. Your watch lip butter. Okay, let’s, see how I can fix Chloe. What alright everyone we’re gonna. Do a quick challenge. Each one of you guys have an Apple watch. You’re gonna have one minute to customize it.

However, you want, and then you’re gonna pass. It counterclockwise and we’re gonna do this a couple times until each one of the Apple watches are finished, ready, yep, I’m gonna draw a little bit of the money.

Hopefully someone else is gonna continue. This type of design yeah, something like that: alright guys. So we’re gonna do a little show-and-tell. So everyone up, not you Chloe, you’re starting well, someone put inappropriate stuff online.

So I just made it more beautiful um the holes are filled with pity. What do you have for us? You’ve heard of the Mona Lisa. You’ve heard of the Sistine Chapel that present to you this I watch it’s, not bad.

I mean compared to Chloe. It’s, bad a little money, one second, three out of three: you have all the happy faces and well what’s that well, I didn’t have space to customize, so I just threw on the watch.

Oh that one actually turned out so nice. Are you happy with it yeah I like it? I think this is. It got. Ears got mouth that pan right. Let’s, scratch it off, so we can give that one away there’s, been a meliss t’k, design, yo Nick.

I need some content: some b-roll all right Vince. You get one Steve, you get one clump boy and I’m gonna take Church. You’re gonna. Do a scrunchie Apple watch. Next, you’re gonna.

Do a bun, bun watch all right! I’ll, do a turkey Apple watch and take good care? Well, he’s dummy all right. So now we’re gonna do a social media wash we got Instagram, we got tick-tock YouTube, we got a Twitter and we got snappy chats all right.

Chloe take one and pass it on, so you guys will have 30 minutes. The best design will win a huge prize. There will be three judges that would be taking a look at your designs and yeah best. One wins something huge 2029 kaito trip.

Another phenom such as fitzy temple weapon on beat don’t. Make babies I’m, not finished axe chicken like butter, strong cool when to cut a new bus fare bomb. When I tell a piece all right, so I think I’m, almost done with my Apple watch, so I finally added the details on my little snake over here.

All right, let’s, go check on the competition, so it’s. Pretty cool ooh. Another night sky question is whose night sky is better ray. I saw you using your finger to paint it yeah. Is that technique gonna get to the dog dirty are y’all done! Yes, they’re like little jellies.

Are they for eating time? John everyone watches again it’s supposed to be TV, and now they have like holes and cavities. I’m like pack your bags and tell me Bob, you see you and me you ain’t even got ta.

Tell my son to find somebody like me way up in the sky we taking different heights and levels when we talking about fly that’s all over this guy’s life. You know Bob watch, my bridge, all right. Judges, let’s.

Take a look at the entries, all right, so the first one here you can barely clearly see that it is back and I, like the poop touches this one right here is super nice really cute. We love the colors. We love how you use this one right here, despite not having a button that you could actually in my defense, I paid it on the wrong side.

They’re, eliminating three contestants to the first eliminate just because you know you got ta finish. Two contestants: just do you want to present the huge prize close your eyes, all right on the count of three.

You are going to open your eyes, three, two one. So now we’re, putting them all in the box. Now, before I talked about the giveaway, let me tell you about the brand that made all this possible. This free to play game on Android and iOS is called monster legends.

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Have you downloaded the monster legends? No, it’s yo-yo all right there. Just like that. I’m gonna feed, my monster ooh and you just got a little bit bigger. Oh no, I’m out and you can also take the monsters you breed to fight PvP battles in the arena.

This game provided the money for us to get the Apple watches. So please, if you want to see bigger, better videos, download monster legends link in the description it’s free to play. I highly recommended.

Thank you, monster legends for sponsoring this video. Let’s. Talk about the giveaway! So, as you know, we’re about to give 2008 a random strangers in s promised we left 20 for you guys one two, three.

14. 15. 19 20. So each one of these Apple washes. You’ll, be able to win at the end of the video after you guys how to enter. Also, if this video hits 1 million likes, it means you guys like it, and I’ll, probably do 100 apple watches next.

Try! So now we’re. All done, let’s. Go make some people happy. So without looking at your phone, can you tell me what time it is 20200? It’s. 227. Oh, I think you need one of these to help. You keep track of the time you want to take it.

It’s all for me. It’s, yours! No! No! That’s, yours! No! It’s, not no! It’s, yours yeah, it is. I’m just waiting here. Like I’m. I just this has never happened to me. I’m gonna guess, like 350. Oh, it’s 240.

Who are you what no way well, thank you that’s, crazy and you guys so much. Oh damn! Thank you so much. I hope you guys enjoy them. Thank you guys. What singing is there? Meaning of love? Apples, hello, I am no guess and bracelet.

Oh thank you today, people Alba watches for free, so in order to win it enough to beat him in a dance battle, doing an Apple watch. Are you, okay, with being on camera, really really fast in YouTube? Video sure I have an Apple watch in my hand, if you can guess which one I’m holding it in, do you get to keep it? Oh good, okay, that one left one yeah right! Well, I had it in both my hands, so you give me an Apple watch yeah.

I’m, getting a free Apple watch. Thank You. Nana phone hope you enjoy okay, bye-bye, so if you can hit the bar and get something sweet, thank you. So much let’s go so this. What my name is on em it’s, a quick poster nazo.

The winners hit Apple, watches its. He already have them, but you only have like a family member or friend who might want one yeah, yeah, hey hope you enjoy hope you enjoy it. We’re, giving something away, but you have to be one of us.

I bought this with a buck Davis. Is it go so if you guys stayed all the way to the end, I know your cure for the giveaway 20 custom Apple watches all for you guys, so, the entire month of February, I’m gonna be announcing winners for all of these February, 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th on all of you guys to have a chance to win these, so it’s really really easy to enter.

First, you’re gonna subscribe to my youtube channel with notifications on, as well as the rest of the squad. Also for updates follow everyone on instagram. You guys must follow the rules in order to win.

I will be checking. Also remember. 1 million likes 100 apple watches. Okay, go i’ll, see you guys next time bye. So thanks again to monster legends for sponsoring this video that’s, my monster and if you want a monster to download monster legend, if you want to download it link, is in the description,