Diesel Leather Watch Review | Great Watches for under $500


hey how's it going to him here with things men my calm and just starting a lot far reviews for the website I was in need a watch I packed rather fast for a wedding I went to it was out without a watch and I feel naked found a watch I chopped that up to staying out late night before doing homework with my son and other things like that so I packed rather fast and put myself together in about 15 minutes line it up in a different foreign place and without a watch and I felt very naked so um you know not looking to spend five 10 grand on a watch I get something that's absolutely crazy I went to the mall and to my amazement I didn't even know diesel mate watches because I don't wear diesel clothing because it's made for you know more slender and skinny men in my opinion but um diesel actually make some pretty good watches they had a lot of them in the window and I happen to be wearing a gray suit with suede not suede like a suede color yellow tie and so I saw this one in the window and it just looked awesome I don't know if that glare is gonna hurt you at all but this is a watch said to me when I put that on it looked like I had you know a couple thousand dollar watching to my amazement this was only $300 um you know typically like an everyday watch you know it's pretty nice too leather strap which is looks like suede or nubuck I guess you could say it keeps fantastic time impended about a week um packaged very well you know there's the box seems like any watch you get for over three hundred dollars comes with a nice box they definitely didn't skimp on packaging there's my proof of purchase right here you can see I got I don't know why the receipt is this long cuz I only bought one thing but it is comes with an instruction manual that in my opinion it's very generic because it isn't specific to this watch but you know someone who's made products over in China I know how hard it is to put together every one of these kind of a team of people that just simply you know work all the time on creating manuals instruction you know booklets for everything and he so it probably has hundreds of watches so being that you know I'm sure there's all system attic to the point where they have the same functionality no matter what kind of model it is you know I mean how many things nearly you don't want to watch you know you wind it at the time that's about it I mean to me this instruction booklet is just you know it's over 200 pages and actually it's not it's 190 188 and uh you know that's because it's in like 17 different languages so no matter where you're watching this video again it's cool decent watch very sharp looking it's kind of a big face um I didn't get the exact diameter but I have to guess this is a 42 or 40 inch maybe even a 44 I don't know I haven't want to watch this big in a while but diesel watch $300 great value and as I run up the review on the website I'll have some links on where you can get it online perhaps you can get one on eBay and you find out the exact name of this watch because it's pretty important if you're looking forward to Google or something like that but again it's pretty sporty class you watch that for well under $500 I picked it up like I said for a wedding because without a watch and here I'm all set so a pretty cool thing to have you know if you're in a pension you need a watch and you don't want to go spend five 10 grand on something really nice and you're pinched I was pleasantly surprised by the offers that diesel had this wasn't the only nice one this one just went best with the suit that I chose to wore that weekend so again Tim what things meant by calm reviewing this pretty cool diesel watch I will find the name of it and give you some links on where you can get that so take care hope you enjoyed the review

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