Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist Smart Watch Review

Hey guys it’s Winston, and today you do a quick review of the fossil gen3 SmartWatch, the Q explorers over the course of the month or so that bone. This watch I’ve, had a pretty good idea of the stuff.

I really liked about the watch and the stuff I don’t really like, but we’ll. Get into that later. Let’s. Have a quick look at the specs: it’s, running Android 2.0 right out of the box, it features the Snapdragon 2100 and it has four gigabytes of internal storage.

I believe it also has 512 megabytes of RAM. It runs on Bluetooth, the low-power version as well, that has Wi-Fi 802 and M, and it also features one resist ip67 certified. Now all the specs may sound quite familiar with the gen 2, the second-generation fossil SmartWatch and you may be right.

The big difference is, however, with these third-generation SmartWatch. You actually lose that flat tire before they have the light sensors down here. So it gave you that flat tire look, whereas the third generation is now entirely screen there’s, no more sensor bar on the bottom and it’s, all working within a perfectly circular screen.

Now, before we begin, I want to go over what I used my SmartWatch, for so we can have a fairly good idea if your usage patterns match mine. In that case, it may give you them very similar, a more similar usage experience than say versus someone else.

What my typical day is, I actually own a coffee shop, and with that I do serve coffee like a typical barista does. However, I do have my other businesses as well, so in that I do get a lot of messages.

Emails phone calls, but because my phone is my pocket, it’s on silent. I can’t just be pulling on my pocket every time I feel like library. If I didn’t feel it library, because then concentrating on customers or running around in the coffee shop, I most the time I forget, or I I don’t, really feel it so having this having the SmartWatch every time.

I feel it buzz. I can have a quick glance down if it’s. Just a friend sending me I don’t cap, cakes or something I can easily ignore that, whereas if I email I can go, tell my other staff to watch the front and then go quickly answer the email so a typical day.

For me, I start around 9:00 a.m. I’ll finish around 6:00. You know 8 9 hours, sometimes 10, so that would be my typical usage day for a SmartWatch. So if you’re, someone that needs know about notifications or you’re, not using it to track your fitness levels, which it can do you’re generally seems really really good battery life, and this is where we’ll segue into the battery life a typical day, starting again at eight o’clock 8:30.

When I started driving towards work, I’ll, get to work and go through my daily routines so and about 6:30. By the time I get home, I’ll, see really good battery life, provided do turn off the Wi-Fi. There is Wi-Fi at the coffee shop.

I work like a lot of coffee shops, so if it does connect to Wi-Fi like to forgot to turn it off it’ll start downloading apps it’ll start syncing a whole lot of different things, and that’s. When your battery life will drop significantly more as it should, when you start using different services, so usually what I do is I turn on Bluetooth, so it’s connected to my phone, so I get the notifications and I could check them throughout the Whole day and I’ll pull the SmartWatch off the charger at 100 %.

About 8:30 morning I’ll, get home by 6:30 7 o’clock depending on traffic when it put it back on the charger I’ll, get both 65 to 70 percent battery remaining. So overall it’s. A really good battery life that includes able to glance at my phone.

Sometimes if I get messages and I can just type quickly – type, ok or like the thumbs up on the Facebook Messenger. The general usage like that stuff, like that here and there yeah oh and the day, with 65 or 70 percent battery life, so based on this pattern, I can probably see about two two and a half days of usage before I need to charge it, but because It does have a wireless charger and it’s, really simple.

The charges simply plop plop it right on the charger. I do it every night, so there’s, no guesswork and no need to worry about running out now. With this new OLED display, it is quite bright, it can get quite bright, especially outdoors, a neutral white, all viewing anything else in the bright Sun.

Obviously, today in DC it’s, not very bright, because it’s. Pc. However, rest assured, I never had any issues with stuff like burnin or a uniformity of color. Let’s. Take a closer look at the functionality of the watch, so we & # 39.

Ve got three buttons here. These two buttons here are the programmable quick button, so that’s alarm and I have this: one should be google fit there we go. This is the HOME key slash function key, so this turns it off or it also activates the Google assistant.

So any time this is my default watch face you press this button. You can scroll through your apps, you can see it’s really really smooth performance is not an issue. You can install these apps here, such as the messenger apps.

However, I feel like I didn’t really need to install them, because any time I get notifications it’s. Just push stick from my phone. I could reply directly either on the watch itself or like most use cases.

I just need to know about ha, but I do have a notification. You notice that I don’t have a low installed. I couldn’t find the allo app, but I was still able to reply on this phone when, whenever people message me through Google hallo, so it’s.

I guess it’s, nice that you could get notifications when you’re on Wi-Fi, say, for example, by home I can leave my phone in my room. I could wear the watch. If the watch is connected Wi-Fi, I should be able to get notifications, even if it’s out of the Bluetooth fringe on this default screen.

We scroll upwards, you get your notifications right now. There are none cuz, I cleared them and then quick scrolling down. You have your quick settings, so you have your watch face to turn it off. Do you know disturb mode, the airplane mode, sound and yeah? It’s quickly.

This quickly goes into said. Oh yeah, to go back, you simply just swipe and back down for this way up for notifications, and this way goes to you can download more watch faces as well through the app itself now.

One thing I found with the activity tracker is: if I do start the workout on the Google workout, it does drain the battery really really fast. We’re talking about five percent five to seven percent per hour.

So if I was gonna track, my workout or my walking distance, while I’m at work typically, the battery will die about three o’clock in the afternoon. If I start at 8:00 or 9:30 in the morning now, I want to show you the loudspeaker.

I can’t really say how loud it is, but I’ll make a phone call to my phone and you get to check for yourself depending on what you consider loud or quiet there. It is there’s, a sample of both the audio quality of the loudspeaker and how loud it gets.

I actually noticed on the phone. The microphone wasn’t actually too bad. When I closed the door to leave the room, I can actually hear it over the speaker on the house phone as well, so pick that up pretty well and now onto this, where I find it was a bit annoying but stuff like this might not apply to You, for example, I have pretty small wrists, so the strap is already on its tightest setting and it’s still a bit loose.

So what end up have ends up happening. Sometimes, while I work is I’ll end up moving my hand like this, and I end up triggering the Google assistant, and that happens so the more you use your Google assistant, the more battery you’ll use.

Obviously so sometimes I might talk about telling a customer where certain stores are or the address and it’ll, actually activate Google Maps and turn on Google Maps so bit of a knowing thing and that also killed battery really fast, because all done it’s streaming like instructions, it’s.

It actually starts calling out navigation instructions while it’s working, which is a bit weird. If you have bigger risks than me, this may not be an issue. So what I end up? Having to do is, I just wear quite a bit higher up in my sleeve and just try not to push that button.

So again, this is not really. This doesn’t really apply to everyone, but it may apply to you so something I really like is the quick replies. For example, if I just got text, I can quickly scroll through these pre-programmed replies, which makes it a lot easier for me to reply, or I can actually say talk it out.

Navigate uh use my voice to text or actually type it out, and the last thing I want to talk about is the build quality. The strap is genuine leather, it’s, got really nice feel to it. The metal itself it’s.

Nice and thick, it feels really high-quality. It really stood up to the beating that I’d, put through it at the coffee shop. It bangs against shelves gets coffee machines. Stainless steel counter tops all that stuff.

I want to say. The watch is heavy per se, but it feels like just the right amount of weight for a watch, and last but not least, I want to talk about the styling. It looks great, it works really well with your outfits.

It can work with a casual wear to work with business attire you just you, can change it to a more formal watch face and I look like just the normal watch without looking too techie and that’s, the vault, the band’S are just the standard 22 millimeter watch bands, so you could change it later on for a different look or if you need to replace it due to damage it’s all standard and you can order them from fossil or any other place that You choose so overall.

I would give this SmartWatch, probably about an 8 out of 10. I wish there are some things I can disable, such as the Google assisted. So if I accidentally press it with my wrist, it wouldn’t trigger the assistant.

Of course, I wish the battery life was longer, because sometimes I want to track my walking distance at work for whatever reason, and maybe they can improve on the loudspeaker just a little bit, but in general I’m, really happy with the Smart Watch.

It does everything I needed to do. It works really. Well, it’s. Fast performance is great. Some things I wish it can include. Maybe even future models, perhaps NFC since Android pay is getting bigger.

Now it’s available Canada. I use it quite a bit on my smartphone, so if I didn’t have to take out my smartphone and just use that that would be nice. Perhaps another thing that would been great is having a GPS built in, but for the price I couldn & # 39.

T really complain it. It was pricey, but it wasn’t super pricey, like the Huawei classic watch on Amazon, was still a couple hundred dollars more. At least it is in Canada so give and take so I hope you enjoyed that review of the fossil SmartWatch.

If you like, please comment like and subscribe, and I’ll, see you in the next one: bye,