Yo, what up guys welcome to your web guys welcome to two mediscare, and today I have a product for you guys that I use. I want you guys to know about it’s actually, honestly, adult product. I got it for myself after I graduated college.

I was like you know why I will reward myself from achievements and I invested in something that I want you guys just check out great menswear accessory when you go out boys whatever go out, got something to check the time.

So let’s. Get into it so today I have a men’s, Fossil watch. I had it for about six months now and it’s. Actually a dope watch um. They put it on right now. So I’ll. Show you how it looks on my wrist.

I’m. Actually gonna put this in the lookbook as well, so you guys can check that out. So here it is on my wrist. So it’s, not bad. It’s, it’s. It’s, not too big, not too small. If you guys are looking for something big frame, this might not be the watch, but they actually have different sizes of frames.

But for my wrist personally, this is actually big on my on my wrist check it out like that, so this is actually decent size for my wrist and I actually enjoy it like that. It’s, a good size. The face is pretty big.

How’s the seconds around the clock around the frame, and this part to the left on that side right here? It has that’s actually army time right there, that’s the army time and on this side. Right here this one is in that side.

Is I don’t know that is I’ll? Look it up. I’ll, just post it in a video, because, honestly, don’t, know percent honest yeah. Besides that point hazard, Roman numerals embedded all around it and that’s, actually, the main reason why pictures watch up, because I wanted something I was like – you know what I want something that’s.

You know a little more arm of a gentleman type of look. You know more of a like a older look. At the same time, I wanted to be classic because for me, I, like minimal minimalism. At the same time, I like something three classic like something to look and stand better than the rest.

I just want this certain watch. I post a link below for this watch and I’ll. Give you guys a style number two, so it’s easier to find we have fossilized. Actually adult watches you can check them out when’s.

When’s, watches women’s, watches he’s. Actually perfect for a gifts, if you’re, actually thinking of investing in someone and you know giving them a gift, this is something you should give them: um the man or woman and yeah this actually starting the test of time.

Since I had it and honestly I like it – and this is a piece I have for a long long time, so I hope you guys enjoyed the video the fossil watch link in the description below hope. You guys check out the video.

Tell me what you like. Tell me what you’d like to see I wan na help you guys and show you more products that I use and I like to try new products that you guys suggest for me to use so like the video subscribe to the channel.

Thank you for checking it out, and I’ll, see you guys later until these men scare peace,