Free Dope Gaming Apps For The Apple Watch.

Playing games on the Apple watch might not be the first thing that come to mind, but I do understand there are situations when you have nothing to do and you just want to find a fun way to pass time. So if you’re in class, a waiting room Lobby or you’re still at work and you don’t.

Have access to your phone here are a list of games that don’t suck that you might consider playing in those situation. This first one is called break doubloons and it has a flappy birds, vibe it’s, free to download and the art style and the graphics aren’t that bad the control layout is self-explanatory, simply tap the screen to pop those balloons.

Avoiding the cat, as well as the floor and the roof and the goal of game is very simple pop, as many balloons as you can, and the high score gives you more money with those new items. You unlock a new skin there’s, no microtransactions or anything like that, and so for a free game.

This isn’t as bad now as next one on our list. It’s called memory game and what it is is basically a match to card game where you simply flip cards to match them as quick as possible. The game becomes more difficult as you progress as it continues to add rows, but once you surpass level 2, you need to pay $ 1 to unlock the rest of the levels.

So, although this one is the only one that isn’t the free-to-play game, I still added this on our list because it plays so well on the Apple watch and from quick memory game like this. It was definitely enjoyable now this next one how to get a reskin.

I said once what’s called Sonic, but due to legal issue, they had to redo everything, and now you can find it named derrida monkey it’s, a quick runner style game almost like mario run, where you simply just tap to Jump and you just long hold for our farther jump distance and you try to pretty much survive as long as possible yeah.

You can simp the trend here that these games are gonna, be mostly survivor games, but for a free game. This isn’t bad, and then you also get forced touch controls, so it’s, a pretty cool game now moving on.

If you feel like a gunslinger after playing Red Dead Redemption, like I have, you might want to go ahead and check out guns and bottles, it’s, a game that pretty much tests out your reflex skills. It’s, a fun free, shooter game, where the bottles are constantly changing each and every time you shoot one continuing to challenge your reflexes.

But now let’s say you’re, not a huge fan of touchscreen games, especially on this small display, but you want to go ahead and try a mainstream classic then definitely go ahead and check out pong for the Apple watch.

If you ever play pong before it’s, a really straightforward game, but this one you actually utilize it’s, a crown wheel to control it and gives you a full hectic feedback that gives you a full satisfying feel when playing it.

It’s, free to download and the score layout, as well as everything else. It’s just nicely lit done. So, if you love having the classics on your wrist, definitely go ahead and check out this one. Continuing the classic game trend.

Go ahead and check out swifty XO, you’ve got ta give swifty in here. I just had to add that sorry, I put you through that, but it’s, the one without the CH it’s. Just you’re, a nice tic-tac-toe game that gives you the option to change the AI difficulty or play against between you and a friend, and you gradually force touch to reset the score or the field, and that’s, pretty much it.

For this tic-tac-toe game everything else, everybody should at least know by now. This next one is called bubblegum hero. It’s, a basic but challenging game where you tap and hold to then release once the bubblegum is between the two circles.

You just simply continue doing this to try to beat your high score. It’s, a timing based game and it’s. Easy single hand. Control definitely makes this into a fun but challenging game. But now let’s say you want more of a fall game with mission and side quests then go ahead and check out time unit.

It has a superhero theme where you fight bad guys by quickly looking at the critical hits and timing it everything correctly, so you could quickly take them out before they take you out. This game does have a grinding feel because so many levels they clear out in real-world time.

So you got to wait 10 minutes or five minutes to wait for the next level to be ready for you. But if you guys enjoyed this grind in this game, definitely might see you and continuing to cover these grinding style games go ahead and check out field day.

It’s, a companion, app game that you could run on your iPhone to do simple, quests, to help the town folks, which then they reward you with new products, and you could produce them and sell them to make money faster.

You interact with the town folks on the companion app to unlock new quests, which then they would reward you with new products to then produce. You could then continue the grind on your Apple watch, where you actually place these items and crop them to sell and make more money.

So these grand games are more of your style. Definitely go ahead and check out these games. Now this next one is called space, war defends and honestly makes absolutely no sense, but it is somehow enjoyable.

It’s, a space invader style game, but without the consequences of having a couple of lives. It’s, a time based game where you try to shoot down as many chips as possible within a time period to try to gather as much coins as possible, but that’s.

Pretty much the entire concept to this game. Sonic racers is our next one not to be confused with actual Sonic is another simple, archaic style game where the objective is just to simply dodge objects and survive as long as possible.

It’s simple, but with that very fast loading, you could simply get back right into the game and continue dodging objects. So if you enjoyed object or voiding games, definitely go ahead and check this out now.

An honorable mention that I can leave is Pokemon go if you have an Apple watch and you play pokemon go. The Apple watch is the ultimate companion for this. What’s? The app you actually continue doing what you’re doing but be notified.

Whenever there’s, a pokemon nearby or you could collect items from a pokey, stop all off your wrist without taking out your phone, and you can continue hatching your Pokemon by just having the app running in the background.

It will actually keep track of your distance that you travel and we & # 39. Ll also show this progression on the watch face that’s, a complication. It’s, a great game. If you know you & # 39, re gonna be doing a lot of walking.

So why not make it more entertaining by having this application running in the background, but there we have it folks. That was a total of 12 games that I found that actually works surprisingly, really well off the Apple watch.

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