How do I connect my Apple Watch to WhatsApp?

How’s, it going everybody! You’re watching then about tech. So how about using whatsapp on your Apple watch? Well, it’s actually much easier than you think. Let’s, go ahead and begin, and I’m gonna show you how you can do it right now.

So, first of all, we need to download an app and we’re gonna download this app straight from our iPhone. So let’s start with it. So, first of all open your app store right here on your iPhone in the app I’m gonna use use whatsapp on your Apple watch is called watch chat.

I’m gonna have the name of it in the screen. I’m gonna have a link in the description and all of that. Okay, so we’re gonna be covered, so there you have it that’s, the that’s, the face of the app so watch chat to for what’s that just ignore those bad reviews.

A lot of people don’t know how to use it. A lot of people have problems, but it doesn’t mean it’s, a bad app that’s, the only app that does it it does. It very well, it always works for me. So since I already have it, I’m gonna download it again.

I just only stole just show it to you guys just make sure to hit download. Another very important thing is check the pricing. It is very important to check the pricing when you go ahead and download this app generally.

It is paid, but don’t worry about it because it’s, a very, very good happen. It is not very expensive at all. So keep that mind so there you have watch chat now. All you have to do is make sure to go to the watch app right here on your iPhone and then make sure that it is installed on your Apple watch as well.

So, as you guys can see, it shows here available, apps watch at is right here, and it is still downloading so make sure that it also downloads on your Apple watch. So then we can go ahead and start okay, so after a few seconds is gonna install and then go to this top section right here so just step on it and make sure it says, show on Apple watch.

So if it says show whenever watch it means that the app is already installed on the Apple watch as well. So right now let’s. Put our iPhone to the side. We will need it in a few seconds, but not right now.

So then, as we have it, so we have the Apple watch right here and so let’s, go ahead and open the app. So let’s. Just go ahead, go to your home screen. So then just look for it. I know it’s here right at the top, so there you have, it watch chat so open it up and, of course, we need to set it up.

Okay, the way it works is actually Jeanne’s. It is very, very smart. The way it works is pretty cool. It uses your Apple watch as, if is web whatsapp web. So as if it’s a computer, so it’s. Gon na show up right here, QR code, and then we’re gonna need to read from our iPhone the QR code and then allow it to use whatsapp web owner on our Apple watch.

Since we don & # 39, t have an official whatsapp app that’s. The way to do it so, as you guys can see it just opened the QR code, you’re, just seeing the QR code right here on the screen. So it takes a few seconds like 10 seconds, as I was showing with no cuts or anything like that.

So now that we have the QR code right here on the screen, all you have to do is go ahead and read from our iPhone. So it’s, pretty obvious. So just get our iPhone right here, open the Watts up AB app go to settings and then let me go back so go to settings and then you’re gonna go to Watts up web slash desktop as you guys can see right there.

So what’s up web slash, desktop and then scan QR code, so then scan the code and then just put on top of it, and then it’s scanned and, as you guys can see, it now shows right here on my Iphone that I have two devices I just had one before so then I have two devices it has successfully scanned and after this just wait a few seconds and as you guys can see there, you have it.

You have whatsapp on your Apple watch right like so easy conversations are the same. It’s, just a mirror of your phone, like a zypher, just using whatsapp app as web, as I mentioned, so it is just mirror of your phone.

So same notifications, same group, same messages, same story and of course it is not only choose view. So, of course you can view your feed. You can view all your conversations and everything like that.

You can open group messages, so you can see all your group messages and everything like that, and you can also, of course, as well reply to them not only see, but it can reply. So if I get this message, for example, it’s.

Also interesting to show you that you can see images, so you can just tap on any image and then it’s, gonna load, a higher resolution and then it loads as a high resolution image. To look at that perfect.

It just works perfectly. So it works for video as well, but for video it takes a lot of time. So I don’t really, but for photos it works perfectly. You can listen to audio messages as well. Here you can tap to reply so then it can reply with scribble.

So, as you can see you just scribble, if you like using scribble, I particularly don’t like scribble, because it takes so much time, but you can also reply with emojis. If you want so here have emojis, you can also reply using flick type.

I have a video on flick type. This isn’t specific, a keyboard for your Apple watch. I have a full review on this app. If you want to have a look on flick, type, make sure to click on the link in the description or on the card right here, and you can see my full review on flick type.

So I’m, not gonna show again on this video, but my best way to reply here on your Apple watch on watch chat is by using this awesome keypad number pad, as if you’re using one of those old-school phones.

So if you’re not born in 2000, if you’re born in 1990s, like I am, you definitely had a phone like that, where I can just type by pressing on the keys repeatedly to form as a phrase, a sentence of Ordering like that, for example, you can just go ahead and hit T and then e s and T so then type test that’s.

How we do it back in the day so that’s, very, very cool, and then you can just hit Send of course, and send the message. So here you have all the possibilities here: just have all the options. So, as I mentioned I Sam as I mentioned, you can see your feed.

You can see your group messages. You can see individual messages, you can see photos you can reply, you can do absolutely everything on the Apple watch that you can do on your iPhone. For example, but just on your wrist – and it just works perfectly so that’s, pretty much it guys.

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Let me know what you think about it. If you –, if you’re like I’m, not sure if I should buy it because of this or that please make sure to go ahead and hit the comment box below, because I will answer all the questions and also make Sure to go ahead and have a look at this video because I’m sure gonna love, because this is awesome for your Apple watch as well, so that’s, pretty much it and I’ll, see you guys In a couple days, bye, bye,