if Apple Watch commercials were honest

Hi, my name is Rob Jobs and I’m back again to introduce one of our newest and somewhat useless product. The Apple watch, with its small, easy to break hard to use same design. The Apple watch has taken the world by storm.

We created a product so expensive at the moment you own. One of these is the moment you become a rare symbol in society that represents a high social class due to the insufficient funds that most, if not all, people have it sucks y & # 39.

All can be as rich as me. It really does. I mean what you gonna do uh-huh here at Apple. We made it so easy for you to set up your watch with your smartphone and by smartphone I mean just iPhone. You’re literally dumb if you use anything other than my phones.

So sorry for all of you who use Angela and I can’t even say that word. Oh my gosh and remove and just get the iPhone it & # 39. Ll work with iPhone, so basically all you have to do to sync. Your existing iPhone with your new Apple watch is first log into your Apple ID, and once you do that, you have to sign into your email.

Once you sign into your email, you have to wait for a confirmation code that includes a 17 digit password and then that password has to be entered into your device and then once that’s entered into your device, it allows you to then initially Set up your app and new Apple watch and it’s that simple and we made it so you can use your watch as your phone or your phone as your watch.

Personally, I don’t know why you need both but or Apple so yeah. It basically allows you to touch your phone by not touching your phone, but by touching this instead. But good luck. If you have regular-sized fingers, because it did so small, like you – can’t press what you want to press ever it’s so inaccurate.

Oh, we’re, getting the call! Let’s. Internet, hello, [, Music ]. What was that yeah one more time, yeah I can’t. I can’t, really understand what you’re, saying I’m. Just gonna call you a minor phone there’s, still a couple things we got to work on and we installed Siri on this thing and I do got ta say I never would have thought I would be looking into my watch and asking It for the time, but I guess that’s, what makes you cool right? It’s supposed to light up when I, when I flick the wrist should kind of reset, and if the regular Apple watch doesn’t meet up to your likings don’t worry, our new device might suffice.

That’s. Gon na, like that introducing the Apple watch circle addition for Pro Sport Series, 2 band loop, titanium for color style, 5, health. Also, next season we will be releasing the Apple I clock and the Apple I cuckoo clock so stay tuned for those.

Let’s. Talk about the battery life of the watch, it sucks. Now let’s. Talk about the price and people always like to say: aren’t you selling it’s, the same shit and our answer is always the same. Yes, but this time it’s a little bit more expensive.

Now it is about the cost of your rent, but if you think about it, who even needs a place to live when you have an Apple watch like you, can literally do anything with this thing, I thought we charged this.

It’s dead. No! Yes, honey, it’s, not even working and no to be quite honest with you. I don’t, really use the Apple watch. I I kind of just got it to look cool like my friends are getting it. So I was, I feel I need to fit in, but to be fair, I did use it for the first week and then I quickly realized how much easier it is to just use my phone for everything it’s, not that hard it.

It almost became an inconvenience for me like you, it was what the features and the scroll my fear is like my thumbs as big as a thing like you’ll still buy it, though not my problem and yes, you can watch your health and Track your steps and your heart rate, because, like all these people with the New Year’s, resolutions and all that stuff, but let me let you guys have known a little secret um.

Nobody cares, I say, and to all of you walking around with your little fitbit’s, track that huh don’t you. How many steps is this huh? We are everything a Fitbit ever wanted to be. Okay, get that straight.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but Apple is a huge corporation with a net worth of over 750 billion dollars and with this money we can really help fight homelessness, donate to endless charities.

We can literally end global warming, but come on. Why would we do such a thing that’s, so off-brand? For us? We’re too busy making products we’ve already made before or disappear. I’m rich, oh and speaking of products.

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