Install Custom Apple Watch Faces!! Hermes, Casio, Rolex

How’s, it going everybody welcome to Dan about tech and how about doing this with our Apple watch? How about adding custom and unique watch faces to your Apple watch that actually work from the best watch brands on the planet best and most famous.

So, for example, I got this one from the Casio g-shock and, as you can see it’s fully working. You got the digital clock right here at the bottom. You have day of the week, although the hands of the watch they work, everything works perfectly and you can choose, as I said from the most famous and the best watch brands on the planet.

So you can go from Casio chew, like Rolex Burberry BrightLink gasps citizen T, so whatever you want, so let’s go ahead and let me show you guys: how would you do that? Okay guys? So let’s begin because the process is quite simple: we actually have to download an app from the internet so from Safari, not from the App Store.

So, in order to do that, let’s, go to Safari and then we’re gonna type Jing watch; okay, that’s, the name Jing watch. All one word I’m gonna put the link in the description and on the screen right now, so Jing watch you type on it on Google, and then you choose the first link right here, as you can see this Chinese website, but don’t worry, I’m gonna walk you through the whole process, so tap on it again and then let it load and then tap on this menu on the right top corner right here, this orange menu and then installation, and that’s, where we’re gonna actually install the application so hit the first one install Jing watch and then it’s.

Gon na ask us if you want to install it, we hit install and then as soon as we do, that the app is automatically it’s already downloading in the background. So, if you go to our home screen, it’s. Loading right there, as you guys, can see so loading okay, so the download and installation process is done.

If you want to open it up. Unfortunately, you can because it is an untrusted enterprise developed on the developer, of course, because we have downloaded from Safari not from the App Store, so we actually have to authorize it.

So let’s, go to settings and then we’re. Gon na scroll down to general and then scroll down a little bit more to device management and then tap on it again and then trust China Telecom Corporation and then hit Trust.

So then, after that we actually trusted the developer, so we can actually open the application. As against concede, the application opens now. As for notifications, I don’t want that. But before we dig in right here on the application, we got to make sure that the app has downloaded to our Apple watch as well, because this would download an app to the Apple watch as well.

And we got to make sure that’s done before we proceed with the rest of the video, so go to the watch, app. Okay, so then scroll down a little bit and then all the way down and then see if it’s done as you guys can see, it is downloading right here under available apps.

It is downloading, so let it download before you follow the rest. If it & # 39, s get stuck. Sometimes I get stuck, you can just cancel and install again and if it just gets stuck after several minutes, you have the possibility to download to actually delete the application.

So you actually have the option to go ahead and delete it and then download it again if it doesn’t download on the Apple watch. This is very important. It is mandatory that it finishes this process right here.

So, as you guys can see, Jing watch has been downloaded. It is right here, as you guys can see right there. Jing watch under installed on Apple watch. So let & # 39. S go okay, so now that it has installed on the Apple watch, we can go ahead and proceed.

So let’s, open Jing watch, as I mentioned, and then we need to create an account. Okay, that’s, how it works. We need an account for this application, so go to personal right here at the top at the bottom right corner, so go to personal and then tap type, your information – if it is the first time of course you don’t, have it so then Go to you, don’t have an user ID, so you click to sign up, and then you fill it out just very like five things right here.

Just put your email password and everything like that and you’re done. Okay, after you have signed up, you’re gonna need to sign in again. So this is the screen you’re gonna get so just put your user ID that you just created and password and then of course, hit login.

So then login and then you’re gonna. Have you’re gonna be logged into the website, which is of course the application. Have you user ID in everything else – and this is a very important thing before you actually go ahead and start downloading? The custom watch faces and everything like that, some of them are paid actually the best ones are paid, so we actually need to add some credit.

So, as you guys can see here’s, the currency they use is his icon right there right below right after recharge. So actually you have to tap on that and then you have to pay a little bit of money just a few dollars.

It’s, just six dollars, and then you have the ability to actually download a ton of different watch faces. Custom awesome watch faces with just six dollars, so it’s up to you. If you want to do that, of course, you have the options, you get cheap free ones, but they’re, not so good.

Okay, so you have the charge method. So these two China payments, which I don’t, know and pay Paul. Of course we all trust PayPal. So let’s. Use PayPal is super. Secure super easy, so you can just go ahead and use it as you guys can see here.

You have the user ID and everything like that, and it is explaining that you can only reach, are six dollars at a time. If you pay six dollars, you get thirty credits and with 30 credits you can get like ten watch faces, something like that.

So then you can submit and then it’s. Gon na redirect straight to your PayPal account. So there’s, not as you guys can see it’s going to PayPal. So there’s no trick here there’s, nothing like that! It is securely login you in, and everything like that.

Paypal.Com, you have the little padlock and everything so here your account here credit card. So then you can just go ahead and pay your six dollars and you’re good. I’m, not gonna pay. It of course, because it’s.

Just I already have credit. So there’s, no point paying more money. So, as you guys can see, I have 19 credits because I have I have bought 30. As I mentioned, I used a little bit now have 19. So after you have all of that done, you have your peer account.

You have your credit, you have everything else. You can go ahead and start in a stop and start getting. Your actual watch faces. So tap on this on this gift icon right there, which is a store, so is the face store, as you guys can see, and you can just look for stuff.

So, for example, if you give you can search at the top and you can search for roll. So if you want to get a little bit, fancy okay, so tap for relax and have a ton of options right there, as you guys can see.

So let’s. Get this as soon as it loads. Let’s, get this first, one, for example, Rolex Daytona silver. I think this looks very, very cool and, as you guys can see, you can have. I have a preview of the watch face right here.

You have other watch faces from the developers and everything like that, and then you have the option to buy it. In order to do that, you have to log in again and then you can go ahead and buy it. I’m, not gonna buy this one, because I have others right here.

So then, I’m. Not gonna spend more of my credits. So after done with your pain, with your shopping and everything you can go to my faces. Okay, the first icon right there and, as you guys can see here, are all the faces.

You have bought actually the first four ones right here. They’re free, so you can actually use them. They come with the application, so that’s. Cool and these are those other ones, are the ones I actually bought.

So you see they cost the Casio g-shock. I showed you in the intro and everything else and then we can actually go ahead and use it. Let me show you how to do that. Okay, so now it’s. Super easy get your Apple watch and then press on a digital crown, and then I’m gonna see all your applications and then look for Jing watch that’s.

Why? I said it was so important that Jing watch was also installed in your Apple watch. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Okay, so now press tap on Jing watch and, as you guys can see you’re gonna be presented with one of the watch faces that come for free, as I mentioned.

So then, if you want to select one of the the watch faces you have bought, all you have to do is tap with force touch, and then I’m gonna go for my face and then you’re gonna see This list, which is exactly this list right here, the exact same list from your iPhone.

You can see on the Apple watch, where the Casio g-shock, that I showed you in the intro and everything like that. But I want to select a Rolex, so I can tap on Rolex right. Here is gonna, say loading, and then that’s done now.

All you have to do is press on this little X, icon right there and, as you guys can see, I have changed this awesome Rolex watch face with this turbulent. Look at this turbulent like this is French, I believe so.

This is super cool and, of course everything works, amazingly well, of course you can also change from here too. So if you go back to the G G Shock, if you want just step there, he’s. Gon na say loading looking for this connecting and everything like that is gonna start.

Sending the information takes a couple seconds so, as you guys can see it’s. Gon na go right now, so there have the Casio g-shock as well. So we have the possibility to change from here or from here it’s.

Up to you, you choose in one of the coolest things. If you ask me is that it never forgets it never quits the app or anything like that. So every time the screen is off, you’re working or doing something like that, and then the screen turns off no problem because the next time you raise your wrist like that it’s.

Gon na be in the awesome custom watch face that you have selected it doesn’t. Forget it doesn’t quit it doesn’t, go back to the stock Apple watch faces; no, it is always in the gene. Watch. Awesome custom watch face so I just really really love this feature as well, so there’s, pretty much it guys.

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It really helps me out and that’s, pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed that and stay tuned for the next awesome tutorial on Dana ball tech, bye, bye,