Invicta Watches : Invicta Reserve Watches for men

Invicta Watches: Invicta Reserve Watches for males

Okay, good afternoon YouTube. Sorry, it’s been a little while set put up a video. I’ve, been extremely busy with work and getting ready for vacation to start up here pretty soon. So now I can do a lot more stuff on the web and hopefully upload some of these videos.

I’ve, been talking about doing for quite some time. I’ve way more to do a lot more comparison, videos. So if you’re new to my channel, basically I do is I review watches they’re. What I call show and tells they’re, pretty basic.

I don’t get involved in a lot of like the mechanics of watch. I tell you bout the movement a little bit or not really about the move. I tell you which movement it has. I tell you about. You know this mainly the size of the watch, how its measured and, of course, what’s most important, how it looks like on the wrist a lot of videos out there have the guy with the white gloves with the really you know, close-up macro Shot of watch and all those are very helpful to see the detail to watch you pretty much do that just by looking at a picture on the Internet.

So my whole thing is: when I show you what it looks like in the wrist, I show you what the watch looks are gonna guy my size, my height my weight, so you get an idea what its gonna look like when you get it get It home put it on your wrist.

You know, maybe you’re. You’re. Looking at a 50 millimeter watch may be looking at a 60 millimeter watch. You’re, not really sure what that’s going to look like well. I’m about 5 foot 8 inches tall about 165 pounds and I have a 7 inch wrist.

So a lot eases look really big on me and which is great. That’s. What I’m, going for a few, if you like Invicta, watches pretty much why you’re buying them now they make a lot of smaller ones too, but uh.

I love the big watches and I have 808 subscribers right now. I thought also for like 7 10 I looked and just lately people been subscribing left right, so I really got to make a better effort on putting up new watch videos.

My culpers got a watch coming pretty soon. I’ll review next week that one’s, going to be the the Android Parma and Android right. Now it’s got a lot of a lot of watches that are just on clearance and they’re.

Really selling their stock and I’ve, had a lot of different rumors about whether or not they’re going out of business or what I really hope they’re. Not they really make some cool stuff. So look for that video next week I’ll, go ahead and upload that, in addition, what I’m going to do today is something I don’t normally.

Do I don’t really show, like my whole watch collection, although I show you individual, watches and reuse when I get my hands on them, but what online do today is. I want to show you based on some of the comments I’ve gone to show you some of my favorite watches side-by-side and although I love all the Android Invicta watches, they all get risk time the ones I picked out today, because I got My hands on this eight slot watch box.

Okay, when I picked up my last Invicta watch, I will go ahead and filled it with my favorite Invicta watches the ones that I wear most of the time, the ones they get demos first time – and these are kind of my go-to watches they’Re the biggest ones they make then Invicta makes, with the exception of two that are in here and I wasn’t able.

I wish I had a bigger case. I’d like to show it all to you, but so today what I’m, going to show you a to my favorites okay, so again after this video just to throw out there. So I don’t forget if you like my channel check out the other videos, if you like it, please subscribe it’s, really helpful in boosting the views and allows me to keep you know.

You know make it a little bit more money and go ahead and buy new watches to review. So thank you very much for your support. I do appreciate it. I love the conversations we’re, having remember to check out fat cat watches, calm.

That’s, pH 80 K, 80 watches calm, where you can get a lot more information and helpful links and a link so to reputable suppliers that you can get this stuff and not have any kind of problems. Okay, so let & # 39! S begin okay; here it is the 8 slot Invicta watch box.

I don’t, keep my watches in a watch box because up a I’m, a very paranoid person, so ain’t, give any value. I keep on. Lock and key its secured, and so but this is actually her head – that I don’t know transport him, but it came with it.

So I’m, not complained. So let’s. Go in. I’m gonna try to do is the best way I can here, because I’m, not used to doing it like this, but I’m, going to go ahead and put this down the table here, trying to Knock everything over and we’re, going to kind of do it like this alright, so I’m on an iPod here, so our eye patch is a little difficult to kind of show this to you without reversing the camera or words Got to do it like that’ll, be my coffee mug out of the way.

So here we go now pop this baby open and I’ll have to put kind of put myself in here. Why show you this here? So I can see the screen it’s, gonna be a little tricky, so bear with me. So there you go folks, oh and I don’t think we can uh yeah.

So we’re just got ta. Do it, let me do it like this? Okay, so be a little bit easier and again. This is not professional. Video just bear with me here, and you have your 8 subscribers. You, like my videos, so here you go folks.

This is my all-time favorite Invicta watches the ones that I wear the most and this is going to be a little tricky and try to just a little bit. I’m sure I’ll, get comments on how ridiculous this video is, but I’m doing my best here.

Okay, so my breaks up on my leg – hopefully now – hopefully not drop anything here, all right, so from the top, as you can see, I have several grand Arsenal watches these are my all-time favorite watches right here.

I love my got this one here. I’m, not going to take the model number, so I take each one out individually, but this one here is all for these Instagram darcel, all with the bracelet bands. This one here is done in in the yellow and silver.

Then you have the rosetone and silver, then you have my all-time favorite, yellow tone, gold and rose tone, gold, combo and then the all silver model on the bottom. You have the Invicta venom too hard to get right now.

I would part with it for the right price, though beautiful watch the gnome of 5, not the biggest walk, but man I take it to one of my favorites is just such a classy looking watch. Then, of course, you have the see hunter with the mother-of-pearl and two-tone silver and rosetone, and then the all-time baddest Invicta beast of a watch.

This is I’m, referring to as he Invictus sea hunter 3. Ok now I’m cold sea hunter 3 and you can check out my other videos on why, but basically they’ve redesigned the bezel and put a crown protector on and it is unbelievable, is a tank of a watch.

So let’s, go ahead and not let me get a little bit of a close-up there. Now. These watches are huge. Ok, massive all these watcher in the 56 millimeter range. So let me go ahead and put this on the table here and I’ll go ahead and pop a few.

These out first one here will pop out is the grand arsal. This is the first grand Russell I got because I got it on special and I I probably wouldn’t have got this one, but because there’s, other ones with the yellow tone.

But I’m really glad. I did so all these grand arseholes on top here are slightly different in the hand, of course, naturally, not only the color but, of course, the movement and the face. So this one here is done within a exhibition back most of them have that none of them do this.

One here is powered by the rond that I think this does n60 movement. I think on this one here, this small number, one five, eight two eight. Normally I’ll. You know I have a video on this array, so if you want, you want to get more information, go ahead and check out the other video.

This going to be some real, quick, wrist up wrist time right here, throw it on yellow tone and stainless steel blackface, my first grand arsal and definitely wasn’t. My last there you go beautiful watch all right run, move kinda, quick here.

Okay, if you want the in-depth stuff check out the other videos subscribe and check them out, so next one another grand or so after at the first I had to get the second. This one here is Dunning the stainless steel and rosetone.

This is just a classy. Looking watch this one here also has the mother-of-pearl face that’s, a harder one to find this one here is got the exhibition back again powered by the Zen 60 movement, I believe, is n6 DeSimone over one five, eight three one wrist time throw It on the wrist – this was very modern, very futuristic when watch that rosetone silver.

I love this watch and again, like I said we’re, going to be moving pretty fast. Here. I’m, just showing you what they look like on the wrist you asked for my favorites and I’m gonna give them to you again.

I like them all but alright moving on. So I said to myself gosh, you know. I got the yellow, I got the rose, I got to go ahead and this one here I picked up. This is the only watch I picked up from Invicta outlet that I didn’t have a problem with, and I picked this up, unfortunately, were better deals around Christmas time.

I picked it up as a factory blemish model. I can’t, find any blemishes. It’s been fantastic. I’m, not sure exactly what is wrong with it, but it works perfectly. This is my favorite watch. I have to say that I own I like it.

So much I’d like to get back up just have another one just in case, and maybe I will one day this one here is done in a yellow tone and rosetone. Now the only other watch I know if that victim makes has done, that two-tone rose and yellow is the venom it’s, a full polish and I bought that from an victaulic head and sent it back because it was defective.

I’ve had three defective watches from them. So now I just gave up like I was lucky. I got this one not defective. This is my all-time favorite watch. I love the combination of two-tone, yellow and rose.

It looks just so like I mean for lack of a better word pimp, I mean sure there’s, no way around it. It’s, an awesome watch, and this thing I were the stir bar one night and some guy was like staring my wrist and again like like no, I’m, not sure I make this sound like you wear this and people think You have money that’s.

No, this is about. This is not about buying a watch. If you want, you have to buy a watch that people look at you and say like. I must be loaded if you’re. Looking for that kind of attention, then you go ahead and get yourself some replicate, Rolexes or replica.

You know. If you don & # 39, t want to spend a lot, but you want to look get a replica Breitling. I don’t really care. How much these things cost if this thing was $ 50, I still buy it. This is about how much I like the way the watch looks and how it feels on your wrist and that’s.

Why you buying a Viktor watch, not because of who thinks you have what, but because you like it – and this is my all-time favorite – I just absolutely love the flashiness this watch. It really is beautiful of no exhibition back on that one.

This one is model number one, six, zero to seven and again the only other watch was the the venom, and that was a cool watch because it was full polished and you look at my other video right. It was called, did a horrible Invicta review or some like that.

I check it out, but you can see what it looked like. It was beautiful. Oh there it is it’s hard, not want to wear this one every day, just a beautiful watch. Alright, so after that I said you know I like this grand arsenal so much you know you got silver.

You can’t go wrong stainless. You know you really can’t go wrong with a nice flashy stainless watch. So time came. I had to get it in the all stainless. This one is model number zero. Three three six, this one has a slightly different movement than the other ones.

This one has a much movement. It is, but it has the retrograde day of the week that snaps back at Sunday, we’re, the cool movement to where my favorites through this one on the wrist I mean just beautiful, get a little bit close-up there for you, how all the Grand Arsenal’s, have polishing right down the middle links there’s, another one.

I would like to pick up. I think eventually it’s, the blue and silver it’s really unique, looks really cool jeans. You know, but all these watches look great, alright, so sorry, moving on to the next year now I’m going to go instead of go with the big bad one that just picked up.

We’re, going to go down to the’victim venom same as the venom one except they change the pushers, the crown and you have that just massive chunky. Looking bezel litter size of bezel on thing, 23 millimeters, thick 52 millimeters in diameter, go ahead and throw this one on the wrist again, not as big as the other one with damn look at that that basil just pops.

So you have that two-tone like that, and I forgot to mention the grand Arsenal’s. Those are measuring all the way to the crown about 60 millimeters. I believe 69-58 yeah a little over 60 because it’s 58, just the top of the bezel, a massive watches 152 at the top of bezel, and you can see even even a 52 that’s, a big thick chunky watch.

You can’t control it of em. You really can all right. Moving on moving on moving on, I’m, going to throw that one back in here this one’s, a smaller watch and I wasn’t sure when I first got it took it out.

The box I wasn’t too impressed, but, as I started looking at the detail, it’s. A really great watch, justin oma 5 right here, sub-aqua Noma 5 COSC exhibition back that furnace blue decorative piece. In there.

You have kind of two-tone polishing, then you have this unbelievable crown right here that the butterfly tabs they fold out and then the pushers actually extend and retract, when you term just amazing.

Now the only other watch that has that design to my knowledge right now with the Invicta watches there it is on the wrist he’s. Still, a big watch beautiful watch, thick 222 millimeters in thickness now as thick as the venom, but still pretty thick, the grand our cells are 19 millimeters in thickness.

Okay. Now they make this wat, this invicta venom hybrids. What I want to get that includes a several different: it’s like a Frankenstein watch of a victus. They’ve taken ANOVA. Five pushers had taken the venom to bezel.

They’ve, taken a reserve case and a reserve band put them all together. It is just a sick watch your skeletons face. Oh it’s, a nice watch, okay, moving on alright, it’s next one. I wanted to see hunter for a long time.

This one here was one ones I picked it from victaulic. There is damage to it. I should have waited because there was a deal online that I saw. How months later we’re like it’s, almost the same price brand new, but you know what the damage is on here.

It’s. Not it’s, not a deal breaker. I still end up keeping it this one here is the full size, see hunter mother-of-pearl face rosetone and they all have the exhibition back with the furnace blue propeller.

This is a tank of watch 23 millimeters, thick 58, millions at the bezel. This thing weighs um. This is much heavier than the grandeur in the grand arsenal. Okay, this one weighs over just about a pound grand arsenal.

I think when I’m a size about 13 14 ounces, they’re all heavy watches, but when you put a sea hunter on your wrist, it takes the cake just a chunk of a watch. Now I we said what I wanted them to do. What I never liked about this watch is that black deck, that black kind of grip ring around the bezel, I think it just cheapens to watch and I almost tried to peel it off one day.

Just for the hell of it, just because I don’t like it, but you know it’s, how you keep it on to do on damage anything, and I said gosh. You really need to redesign that watch which not because of me, probably other people, but they have great designers, they did, and so let me put this one away.

Oh this one is model number forgot to tell you here, one three: six, eight six. Okay, probably the nicest sea hunter, in my opinion, the flashiest sea hunter that they make of the the Nova 5 fret to tie that one that was model number one, two, nine zero.

Four and again the venom to this was model number one. Four four zero is now the biggest watch. Invicta makes right here, redesigned see hunter. As you can see, they made some beautiful changes to swatch.

It still got the same band. This was done an all stainless okay, but they’ve changed the face. They made this multi-level step and skeletonized. Okay, they’ve added on the back. A different sea hunter logo with the shark still get the exhibition back same pushers and crown.

However, they’ve added a crown protector on the side, which is really nice, because if you do drop it, you will break that crown. Hence my other sea hunter. I got that thing as a you know. Slight scratch version had a dented crown.

Somebody drop this one here you can protect there’s really no reason to drop a watch anyway, but still i like it because it makes it makes this watch measure 70 millimeters all the way to the crown protector.

Then, of course, they’ve changed the coloring of the illuminating uh kind of a. I think it’s called try night. It’s, not quite as greenish, so it’s. It’s, not doesn’t, stand out as much more of a white and then, of course, you can see this geared edge, bezel massive massive watch.

This thing weighs on size, 17 ounces. It is the biggest and heaviest watch than a victim makes. So if you are looking for the bad boy right here, it’s about 24 millimeters in height to massive 70 millimeters.

To crown folks, this is a tank and a watch. If you don & # 39, t like a big heavy watch, do not get this. You won’t, be able finding this right now. So if you are but check out that count, watch comm check out the links you might be able to find one if you, if you can get your hands on my body, ball one and he flipped it because he was having a baby and his girls.

Having a baby and he’s, a guy, you know I don’t need it right now and he flipped the easily for a couple hundred dollars more. So they’re really hard to get your hands on they’re, really hard get your head! Sorry! I’m.

Just so excited about this. This one is just such a great piece. It’s, tough to get if you can get it, get it alright. Well there they are that in this one model number forgot to tell you that model number is on this one, the one 182 for hard one to get.

They make this one. This, the black and white, face version they do make in three other colors, a blue, a red in a yellow. I like this one best, as you can see massive, just a real, quick side-by-side compared to a 50 millimeter watch.

You get an idea. Noba 5 is not a small watch; it is dwarfed by the sea hunter dwarfed 50 millimeter watch I mean look at that massive massive watch and just for a quick, side-by-side again check out my other videos, because I have these.

I have a lot of comparisons where I kind of slow down a little and show you these side by side. You put it back in the case, so there you have folks that’s, a fat cat watch collectors, favorite Invicta watches.

I have a Zeus that I didn’t throw in there too, but I just DS it’ll one to get the most risk time of all of them. There you go alright. Remember subscribe to my channel go to fat cat watches, comm, hey drop comments.

If you think I can approve the videos in any way, hey. I’m all ears that one guy said I slow down a little bit. This was a fast video. So sorry about that one guy said: hey, I prefer my original video thing am I facing them.

The couple people said personalize it more so there we go. Remember if you like. The videos subscribe to the channel, keep the conversation going. We’re on Facebook as well. I can check out our Facebook page and again fat cat watch calm, that’s, where you can get reviews and information about these watches and get the links to take you, the Rempel sellers they’re gonna give you the best Deals: okay! Alright, thanks a lot for watching you guys have a great day.