Men’s Watches Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase Watch Review

What is happening guys my carrot? Welcome back to the channel. Today we are going to be taking a look at a brand that generated 5.6 million dollars in 30 days on Kickstarter and the watches that became a part of one of the top 20 Kickstarter campaigns.

Ever I know I almost didn’t, believe it myself until I looked it up and saw it to be true. It’s, absolutely nuts, but today I have all the details on this watch and this brand for you. This is my review of filippo, already [ Music ].

So once again, today we are taking a look at foley bowl already and because they are a very classy brand and they make very classy watches. I decided to put on my nice suit here to give you guys the full effect of how I’ve, been wearing these watches.

Lately. Now I & # 39. Ve said this in the past. Whenever I get asked to review a brand, especially a watch brand, I always do my research and when I got the request for this brand – and I did some digging – I honestly couldn’t believe they were asking me to review for them.

You see, the story goes that these two brothers were in Milan, Italy looking at watches and they were completely blown away just pretty much like the rest of us and how insanely priced these luxury watches were.

I mean I think we can all relate to that. I don’t, know anybody that can just go out there and buy a luxury timepiece like that. I don’t got that kind of cash, but looking into this further, they discovered that not only were they right, they were insanely priced, but in some cases luxury watches were being marked up as high as four thousand percent four thousand percent.

So they decided to take a shot and see if they could do it better and in 2015 they launched their first campaign on Kickstarter, only looking to raise about 20 grand and after only 30 days. That goal was destroyed when they actually raised over nine hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

In 2016. They decided to do their second collection, a totally new design, and this time they destroyed their first record and raised 5.6 million into 30 days and became the 18th largest crowdfunding project in kickstarter history.

Now I don’t, know about you guys, but seeing these numbers really caught my attention and said I need to get a look at these watches. Get a closer look, get some details, see what all this hype is about, and I’m sure guys are feeling the same way.

So let’s, get a closer look at these watches. Here we go here. We have the Venice moon-faced silver mesh timepiece. This watch is seriously packed full of features including a 40 millimeter case diameter that’s, made of stainless steel with a 9 millimeter thickness and sapphire glass inside we got a Miata 6 p00 movement complete with a moon phase function on the face.

In addition to that moon phase function, we also have the day week and the month the strap is an adjustable mesh, but a leather band is also offered by the brand and can be changed out very easily. Now, besides, all the big talk of big numbers, one thing that really drew me to this brand and the watch was their attention to detail.

In addition to the really nicely designed watch face, the back of the watch actually features a 3d rendition of the Basilica de San Marco in Venice. I’m sure I’m saying that totally incorrectly, but it is a very nice rendition of the Basilica and I think it really takes the design to the next level.

The watch band too, for me, was also very unique. I have not actually yet found another watch brand that I’ve reviewed anyway. That makes a band quite this nice. It really fits me well a lot better than some other mesh bands that I’ve tried out, and I think they put a lot of detail into that as well, which is something that I appreciate so all that being said, what does this watch Cost well this one here that I have, in my hand, costs 315 dollars u.

s., which i think is a pretty good price for the quality of the watch, seeing as we’ve already determined that other watches of this caliber marked up 4,000 %. I definitely think this one could be priced a lot higher, but it’s actually in a pretty good price point, I think now, if you do want to check out Filippo already, I will have a link to their site in the description down below.

I’m, also curious to hear what you guys think about this watch too. So don’t forget to drop me a like and a comment down there. If you like this episode and if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel, make sure you do that as well, but that is it for today’s episode.

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