Men’s Watches You Need To Know | What Watch Suits Your Style?


So if you’re looking to buy a new watch, where do you start with plenty of videos and articles already out there, which cover the theory behind what makes a good? What I wanted to do something different and I wanted to show you what watch might suit you with thousands of watches already out there.

It can be quite daunting. What what do you choose? Do you go for a dress watch. Do you go for black leather or brown leather? Do you go for a casual watch? If so, what fabric should you choose? What face? There are so many unanswered questions, and hopefully, in this video I’m, going to make it easier.

Now there is so much that you can learn when it comes to watches how they work, how they’re constructed how long they’re going to last a history behind each brand. I’m, not going to be talking about that in today’s video, I am literally going to show you some of the most popular and some of the most stylish styles for you to consider so the first one is the dress.

Watch and personally, this is my favorite. The reason why it’s, my favorite, is because I personally believe that a watch can dress up any outfit. It can make an outfit look more elegant and look more formal with the dress watch.

Typically, it’s going to be made from leather. You’re. Typically, you’re, going to have a brown leather or you’re, going to have a black level watch. It comes down to personal preference. If you tend to wear more black leather shoes tend to wear black leather belt, then I would go for a black level watch because it’s important to match your leathers, but I personally prefer a brown level.

What this one is very, very affordable, like I said I’m, not going to be recommending certain brands and certs and watches to you. I will go into a little bit more information in an article below, but here’s.

A few things that you need to consider if you’re, buying a dress watch as I’ve mentioned dress, watches will typically come with a leather strap, and you want to think about what color, but also you want to pay attention To the lever, if you buy a dress watch and it’s, made from very very cheap leather, it’s, not only going to look cheap, it’s, the same with a leather jacket or look cheap, but at the Same time it’s, going to wear very easily.

You’re, going to probably have to replace the strap if it starts to wear. So if you’re buying a good dress watch – and this is going to be worn with formal occasions – you want to make sure that you’re, focusing on the leather strap.

The other thing to consider with a dress watch is the casing: normally, with a dress watch the Aysen isn’t as big as you may see, on an oversized casual watch or more of a filled watch, for example, so with a dress watch.

Normally it’s, a lot spinner, and the reason why that is is because normally it’s going to fit underneath your shirt cuff and it’s also going to fit underneath your jacket. There are some guys that do prefer an oversize dress watch because it creates more of a statement.

But personally I would go for something that’s, a little bit thinner in terms of the casing, because that’s, going to fit nicely under your shirt cuff and under your jacket. The other thing with a dress watch is less is more.

If there’s too much going on on the watch face and on the leather strap, it really can take away from the elegance of a good dress. Was you want to make sure that the detailing on the watch face is very subtle? So, for example, it may not have numbers, it may just have lines for each number, and the logo is very understated.

The casing is very minimal. This will really add to the elegance and really make the dress watch extremely effortless to wear. The second watch is a vintage watch. You can probably think of a few prestigious watch brands that you’ve, always wanted to own, for example, Rolex and with a vintage watch.

You’re, buying a watch that has history, but at the same time you may be able to gain the watch that you & # 39. Ve, always wanted for a smaller price. A vintage watch really is a collector’s item. So, although in some cases you may save a bit of money at the same time, it may rise in value, so you may have to pay a little bit more.

If it really is a collector’s item, there are various websites and resources online. Where you can buy pre-owned and luxury vintage watches, so I’ll link out to a few of them in the article below. But this really is a good thing to consider, because a good watch is very much like a good pair of shoes or a good suit.

It’s going to last. You sort a long time. So if you spend a little bit more on on a watch on the prime piece, it can last you 10 years 20 years 30 years, and it may be something that you may even pass down to family members.

And talking about that, my granddad, who’s 92, has a really amazing watch that you probably bought 4050 years ago. It still works and it’s still something that I’ve got my eye on so with a vintage watch.

They really are a collector’s item and they can last you for a while. The third one is a casual wat, and this is something that you’re, probably going to be wearing at the weekend, always casual attire with a casual watch.

You’re, typically going to have more of a fabric strap and at the same time, once again it’s, going to be very understated with the detailing in the watch face with a casual watch like I said, I personally recommend a Fabric strap, you can get a leather strap, but with a fabric strap it really does dress it down.

The other thing to look forward for casual watch is being able to remove the strap. If you wanted to take these straps off and replace them, you could, and you can see that, obviously you could replace it with a different fabric.

Strap you could replace it with a leather strap. If you wanted to, it really does allow you to change up one particular watch. Now the forefront is a technical watch, something that serves a purpose. Now let’s say that you play a lot of sport or let & # 39.

S say that you dive, for example, you’re, a diver. You want to be able to get a good watch that serves the purpose of being able to play the sport or be able to dive, but you still want to look good in it.

A lot of the times we find it hard to get the balance right between wearing a what that looks good, but wearing a watch that’s. Very technical, so in the article in the description below, are going through a little bit more information about what makes a good technical watch, and I’ll link up to some resources in that article, but that’s.

The fourth one, a technical watch, something that serves a purpose at the same time, looks stylish and then, last but not least, is the digital watch or the tech watch. Now with a digital watch. It is a very, very casual alternative.

Think about the Casio. A Casio watch is a real classic. A real retro watch that a lot of men’s still wear and it’s, something that served a purpose in time, but with tech watches now is becoming more and more prominent for a man to be wearing a what that serves.

Some kind of purpose in terms of technology take the Apple watch. For example, when the Apple watch first launched a lot of consumers. Weren’t interested in it, but, as the Apple watch started, to be worn by more people and a lot more benefits about wearing one started to come out.

More and more people started to invest and where the Apple watch now with tech watches as technology advances so other watches and think about this. If you can order your food, if you can bring your friends if you can arrange meetings, if you can pay for things on your watch, if you can track your heart rate and track the calories that you’re eating all on one watch, it’s, going to be something that a lot more men are going to want to wear.

So, although digital watches have been around for decades and tech watches are starting to make their mark it’s. Something to really consider if you can do a lot of your daily tasks, that your phone does and other things do already all on a watch.

Why would you not be invested in it? So there we go. What style are you going to be investing in? Personally, as I just said, a tech watch is something that I’ve got my eye on, but personally I cannot really see myself or justify the purchase right now I don’t own.

An Apple watch I don’t own, a tech watch I own. A lot of dress watch is a more casual watches, but it’s, something that I have got my eye on, because if it saves me time, if it’s, a very efficient tool – and it still looks good – maybe a tech watch Is something that I will invest in in the future? But for now, as I’ve mentioned, my favorite is a dress.

Watch I’ve got a few, some more budget ranges and I & # 39. Ve got some higher-end watches a vintage watch as well with something that I want to get. I want to get that watch than my granddad & # 39. S got so have a little thing.

What dress watch do you want to go for in the description? Is an article that goes into a little bit more information? I’ll, also link to an article that I did, which recommends the 5 watch brands that you should look out for in 2017.

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