Orient Watch FUG1R002B9 UG1R002B Capital Men’s Watches

Hey focus market orient watch usa.com with the orient capital on black dial and with a leather band. The scoop for this watch is fu G, 1, R, 0, 0, 2, b9 and is part of audience classic collection orange hallmark throughout 60 years of continuous watch making has been very well known for the traditional styling and the capital embodies those traditions in every way.

Let’s. First talk about the movement. Now. The movement used in the capital is an analogue quartz, with a calibre number HS 9-1-1, which has three hands per time along with day and date. Now all the movements that orient uses are all made in Japan, so you can absolutely expect Japanese quality.

Let’s. Now. Take a look at this matte black dial. The doll has a curved dome shape, which is a retro design, and what I really like about this doll is those tapered bar our indexes, along with those beautiful dolphine hands the day and date window is at the three o’clock position.

Now that curve doll is also complemented with a curved crystal, and, if you ask me all these combinations put together, really makes a timeless piece. Now that we’ve seen the front of the watch, let’s.

Talk about the casing! Components of this of this timepiece let’s. First. Take a good look at this forty point: five millimeter case the depth rating, for this case is thirty 30 meters, and the thickness is approximately eight millimeters, which makes this an extremely comfortable watch, an excellent choice for an everyday wear.

Now the band they use is a classic leather band and they use a buckle to secure the watch around your wrist and you’ll notice that there’s, an Orion scription on the buckle itself, alright folks, so this is Mark with Orient watch us safe comm with the Orion capital hope to see you wearing one soon.