Orient Watch SDJ00002W9 Star Seeker GMT Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watches

Hey folks, this is Mark with, or you watch usa.com with the orient GMT model. Skew for this model is sdj. 0. 0. 0. 0. 2. W, oh – and this is the flashing model on the orient star brand and, as you can see, it’s, an absolutely elegant execution from the Orion watch company or a watch company States on their website.

But the GMT is ideal for the Grove trotting executive. However, I believe this could be a great everyday watch. You’re, probably wondering what Orion star brand is well. It all started in 1951, when orange first released the Orion star brand.

It’s, basically only tired to your friend, which uses their high-caliber movements, along with upgrade appointments throughout the watch. Orange star is made in Japan at orange own facility, so you can absolutely trust the quality and reliability of these timepieces.

All orange star watches come with an international guarantee and your closest service station is in Los Angeles, the Orion star GMT, as you might expect, if you notice the smooth second hand and power reserve indicator is part of orange stars.

Mechanical collection, the caliber number used is 4-0 p50, which includes the following functionality: three hands of time; GMT function, power, reserve indicator and date a couple features. What I want to explain is the GMT, along with the power reserve.

Now, GMT basically means that you can have two time zones on your watch. So in the case that you travel a lot, this might have a lot of functionality for a year all right now, a power reserve indicator which is basically, in my opinion, the hallmark of audience.

Mechanical technology is basically a power gauge of how much power you have left of the spring, so basically what it means. Just like the fuel gauge in your car. It lets. You know how much power is stored remaining in your watch.

That becomes particularly important when you have a mechanical watch, because when you wear it or when you take it off, you don’t know exactly how much power is left in the spring. All right now let’s.

Take a good look at this dial. What I particularly love about this dog is this amazing detail and the elegant choices that Orion made with his design. Let’s, go ahead and explain to you the features of this five-layer dial structure.

Now this five layer structure is why it’s, so i catching and seemingly so detailed. I’m gonna. Let the video do most of the talking when it comes to the dial, because it’s, really difficult to describe something as refined as a style in words.

Now, just so, you guys know the inner bezel or the outer portion of the of the watch references military hours, that reference is actually for the GMT and you can use the crown at a 2 o’clock position to go ahead and toggle.

That, in the case that you want to move that folks simply put not every little detail, let it be the inner dial with the military, our references, the power reserve indicator or the red tip secondhand or the sporting luminous hands, or the anti reflection on the sapphire.

Crystal to be honest, there’s just too many details really to go through to to actually explain every little thing within five minutes. So let’s just say that’s, virtually impossible with this watch. Now that we’ve seen the front of the watch, let’s.

Talk about the casing, components! Let’s. First. Take a good look at this 100 meter case now. The diameter is 40 1.5 millimeters and the thickness of the case approximately 14 millimeters go ahead and flip over the watch, and you can take a good look at this finish movement via the exhibition case back.

This is what orient calls a modern, rotor design. Take a look: you’ll notice that all the little polishes and finishes having placed that deliberately and everything’s been done by hand. So you can appreciate your movement just a little more now.

This watch is particularly easy to read. Folks, now that’s, probably because of this sapphire crystal, but most importantly with his antique reflective coating. Please note that the perk of sapphire crystal is that it’s difficult to scratch, which means you will have a clearer view of the timepiece for a longer period of time.

The band used is solid, stainless steel and is secured using a double push button with a folding class. Now now already decided to go with a sport band, look go ahead and take a look at it and it uses that classic sporting three-piece design.

If you ask me, I think it suits really fine, alright folks, so this is Mark with orient watch usa.com with the Orion star, GMT flagship model. Sku for this model is sdj: zero, zero, zero, zero, two w/o hope to see you wearing one soon.