Orient Watch SDV01002B0 M-Force Beast Titanium Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watches

Orient Watch SDV01002B0 M-Force Beast Titanium Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watches

Hey focus is mark with Orion watch us a calm, and this is SDV zero, one, zero zero to be oh now. This is part of orange diving series, as you can see, but, more importantly, as part of the m4 series, the m4 is a very special watch for orion because in my opinion, it’s.

One of the best divers watches that we offer and this nude evo 1 series is a whole new designed for 2013. Let’s, go ahead and take a look at the movement functionality. First now I’m sure you’re. All very well aware: orient is a very mechanical watch company.

So, as you can imagine, Orient’s. Calibre 4:07 5a is indeed a mechanical movement. It also has an automatic winding system, along with two additional features. It is hand wine double along with hackable now, pen, wine double means that you can go ahead and why the watch using the crown and hackable means that you can go ahead and stop the timing device by going to the time setting feature or pulling the crown.

All right, let’s, go back to the front of the watch and let’s. Talk about the things that you can see from the dial and what you can clearly see are three hands per time. It also has a date indicator around the three o’clock position now.

The next part I want to talk about is the case. This case is made of titanium, which makes it a very light and comfortable piece. Now that case is what holds the internal component is what what people typically call the face of the watch right.

Well, the face is inside the case, and this specific case is very, very special. Now the size of this case first is 47 millimeters wide in diameter, and a thickness is approximately 13 and a half millimeters.

Now this case has really a special construction from this design. Boring was able to achieve three ISO certifications from this watch. The first certification was 645, which means that they true divers watch.

It received the second ISO 764 for being or having an anti-magnetic case, and the third one, which will the one that we’re gonna touch on, is a shock resistant certification, one four one three now the m4s case has three internal shock: bearing Components the first one is made of metal and sits at the bottom side of the movement you can think of these pieces or these three shock bearing devices to be like suspension now, each.

The reason why there are three of them is because there’s met multiple places with a shock and come in so the first piece take so takes care of the shock that comes from around the movements. The second piece takes a shock from the case back and the third piece absorbs the shock that comes from the dial or the face of the watch.

All this really means is that the watch has a really enhanced shock resistant system. Another very nice feature to be added to the case is the sapphire crystal now the sapphire crystal sits is the glass that sits between you and the dial.

Now sapphire crystal is possibly the most scratch resistant crystals used for watch making. So is an excellent choice. What I want you to show you now is the beautiful band. Now this band has a very austere style, look to it, which is very appropriate for a diver’s watch.

It also has a safety, along with a folding clasp, with two buttons for deployment. Alright, folks, with this mark with orient Watch USA comm with SDV zero one, zero, zero, two Bo hope you see you wearing one soon, you