Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Review Part 2


welcome to part two of my review of the Rolex Daytona this is reference number one one six five two three in part one we gave you a general overview of the watch and in part two we're going to talk about the operation of the watch about the movement and a few things here and there okay let's talk about the most basic thing first how do we wind the watch and how do we set the time it's done via Dacron for shaft out and screw it so we'll do that okay you see how that popped out now in this position you can wind the watch jump in right now now finally if you want to set the time you have to pull it all the way out like so now you can set the time okay now when you're done just push it back in and screw it back down now how do we operate the chronograph as I mentioned it in part one you have to unscrew these pushers otherwise it you can't work the coronagraph you see I press this button nothing happens let's unscrew it and now we can start it if you actuate the button at to the chronograph hand start what we'll do now let's let it run a minute so you could see the hand on the 30 minutes sub dial here jump over to the 1-minute mark okay if I didn't mention I mentioned this in part 1 of the review could have forgotten to mention the crystal is a flat sapphire crystal very hard substance second harvest the diamond only here we go zoom in on that 30-minute subtile now keep your eyes on this hand on the 30-minute subtile there see it just jumped over to the one-minute mark so I would know that one minute has gone by now how do we stop the chronograph to do so you press this button at two again and then in order to reset depress the button at four okay and finally when you're not using a chronograph if you want to give to watch the maximum water resistance of 100 meters guys screw back down again okay let's talk a little bit about the bracelet now this is an oyster style bracelet now if you want to remove the bracelet instead of using a sharp instrument to poke through at a hole over here which this case doesn't have you access the spring bars here these slots over here okay now in order to adjust the length of the bracelet it's done so here I hope you can see that right in there okay now the movement inside is Rolexes in-house chronograph movement caliber four one three zero prior to this movement Rolex was using a modified version of xanthus el primero movement now among some of features of Rolex is four one three zero caliber is a 72-hour power reserve it's that the bridges are laid out in such a way that it's very easy for a watchmaker to access whatever you need to access it it's made it's designed to be easy to service I'm not sure exactly how but apparently it's laid out in the bridges are laid out in such a way that's easy to service the watch the hair spring is made out of power chrome not para chrome blue but power chrome so if I were to open up this wash the hair spring instead of being blue would be a white hair spring now as far as I understand I think this is the first time Rolex introduced this type of hair spring which has very high anti magnetic properties but they didn't blew the the hair spring yet until later on that that as far as what my understanding is okay it also features something called vertical friction coupling what that means is that when the chronograph is activated the gears mesh in such a way that there's no visible jump when you activate the chronograph hand now let me show you what that means to me unscrew crown pushers watch that chronograph hand okay did you notice any jump I would think down let's stop it start again watch that chronograph hand see smooth a lot of chronograph to use something called horizontal friction coupling and with that kind of gear interaction when you activate the chronograph there's a visible jump in the beginning I have an Omega Speedmaster which has a horizontal friction coupling the movement the limonium movement and when you activate the chronograph is definitely a little jump on the hand the cronograph hand see it's no job see alright so once again vertical friction coupling let's talk about how to use the units per hour scale on the bezel you zoom in a little bit the lumen a little bit so you guys can see that it's very simple actually uh let's assume I'm in a factory and this family this factory makes I don't know hammers I want to determine the rate at which this particular machine can crank out a hammer so what I'll do is that I guess I'll start it I'll say go the process is beginning to fabricate a hammer and then finally when a hammer is done I'll stop so let's say I stop here excuse me now this is 400 which means that it can crank this particular machine can crank out 400 hammers an hour okay I hope that wasn't too confusing once again I met the hammer factory I'm in front of a hammer making machine alright the technician is just put in a fresh block of metal and then I say okay go make the hammer nice and then we're starting now so the machine is doing doing its stuff there's all sorts of things going on and finally at the end of process thing hammer is produced so it's done it's done already and stopped at about oh I don't know the eight second mark so this indicates that at this rate this particular machine can it can make four hundred hammers or four hundred units per hour which is pretty fast okay so that's the way that's how you use this a units per hour scale so in closing I just want to talk a little bit about about this watch is just some miscellaneous thoughts the two-tone version is always played second fiddle to the stainless steel version which is the most desirable version and also to the old gold version I mean a lot of people just don't like this two-tone combination personally I think it looks pretty good it tends to match any kind of jewelry that might wear I mean actually I don't wear any jewelry except for my wedding band which happens to be gold color so the gold on my my wedding band which I'm not wearing now will match the gold on the watch now let's say I had a wedding band that was made out of like let's say platinum then that color would match the steel over here so it's pretty good no matter what you're wearing okay I know that's a little subjective but I figure I'd you know let you know how I feel since this is my review okay so Rolex gold and steel daytona reference 1 1 6 5 2 3 I hope you enjoyed this review stay tuned for upcoming reviews ok thank you so much for watching as usual all comments are appreciated bye now

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