Series 5 VS Series 3 – Which Apple Watch Should YOU BUY? (In-Depth Review)

Okay, so I’m making this video to save you time and money by aiding you in deciding which Apple watch is best for you, since the series 3 and the series 5 are the only two that you could actually buy in retail store brand-new.

So, which one should you really buy? The series 3 has a starting price of $ 199, that’s. 4D 32 millimeters screen size. It’s $ 30, more for the larger 42, which is the one we’ll, be using in today’s, video, it’s, the aluminum body, space gray and then moving along.

The series 5 is, of course, the latest series Apple watch and begins at $ 399 for a smaller screen size option 240 millimeter, which is also $ 30 more. If you want the larger screen option – and that is the one we’ll – be using in this video, which can also be bought and not just aluminum, but also stainless steel, the new titanium and ceramic, but those have a hefty price tag.

But as of 2019, the series 3 can only be purchased in the aluminum body in space, gray and silver. There is also still a Nike version which you could buy, but it’s only available in those 2 color options.

The series 5, however, for the standard, aluminum body it’s not just available in both silver and Space Gray, but it also has a gold option to choose from the series 3 discontinued, some of the other colors and just kept those too.

And if you do need a cellular connection for your SmartWatch, a cellular version is both available for both of these Apple watches. Both of these smartwatches that you see in front of us are the non sell their version, but they’d.

Still, however, have a built-in GPS. So when you have the two side-by-side with the display off, I mean they still somewhat resemble an Apple watch. They still look very similar. It’s when you turn onto the displays when you notice the differences between this two different generation Apple watches, but when it comes to ease abuse, both are still very functional, as even with the series 3, I’m, still able to Read messages or any other content on the display without any issues and then in direct sunlight.

Both of these Apple watches are very visible and there’s, no major glare issues. So what does the extra $ 200 get you if you do go with the series 5 over 2 Series? 3? Well, I think it would be wise to first start off by comparing the things that have in common.

So, as we discussed, both of them have built-in GPS. That is a standard they both can be owned in the cellular version. In case you need that, and those are indeed running. The latest watch OS 6, which now means the series 3 itself can also run very independently, just like the series 5, because it also has it’s very own native app store that allows you actually download applications right off the Apple watch and just Like your iPhone, it will self update itself to the list from where or future updates on its application.

The new and improved Siri that’s found on the series. 5 is also on the series 3, which means you can open up WebKit to browse the Internet. The series 3 still has the capabilities to connect to Wi-Fi and select two different wi-fi’s off the Apple watch, setting application alone.

It also got additional application cells introduced for watch with 6, like cycles, audiobooks, voice, memos and the calculator application, and let us not forget activity trance is also available for both of these Apple watches, so the series 3, although it’s, a much older Apple watch it wasn’t entirely left out from this latest watch, o 6 firmware.

They both have the exact same gesture controls by double tapping the crown and allow you to go back to your previous application. Double tapping the power button will take you to Apple pay, raise to speak to activate Siri.

Those are 100 % compatible and, let us not forget both of these Apple watches are compatible with whatever Apple watch ban is available. As long as you get the right size. Oh no, when it comes to basic use, both of these will get the job done.

They both are able to receive notifications. They can both make an incoming or outcoming call. You can reply to text messages by using dictation or Siri. You will be able to receive app notifications.

These two app watches are still the ultimate fitness companion, since it has the auto pause and play, and co use GPS to track your runs. They will both keep track of your heart rate throughout the day and will send you push notifications if it detects a health complication issue.

You connect bluetooth headphones to both of these Apple watches, which means both of them. You can download and install your playlist or music audiobooks directly to each Apple watch. Then berry life is very similar, as both of them can achieve an all-day battery life.

They still will offer the same all-day battery to make it throughout the entire day. So I’m sure. By now you get the these two are very capable the day to day use so saving $ 200 for a serious treat. Doesn’t seem like it’s a bad deal and, to be honest, yeah you’re right.

So what are you really paying for the extra 200? Well, let’s, go ahead and begin with the new always-on display. This is the first Apple watch to get this new hardware, and I personally have been really enjoying it, because I can now take a quick glance and know exactly what time it is then, before I had to be that one guy that used to do this, you Don’t want to be that guy and let’s.

Not forget. You also have 32 gigabytes of storage capacity. Now for the series 5, that’s triple the amount that’s, found on the series 3. The series 3 only has a total of 8 gigabytes of storage, and that alone is a big crucial part to consider, especially was watch with six.

These Apple watches are more independent than ever before, because if you plan on downloading a lot of songs, a lot of third-party applications are soon to come that are native and dedicated for the Apple watch.

You really want to make sure you have enough storage to future. Prove your device, other internal differences is that on the series 5, it’s using an s5 chipset which launches applications much faster compared to the series 3.

The series 3 is typically found to be 2 to 5 seconds slower compared to the series 5. The series 5 still has the ECG and default detection hardware inside it. Ecg can be a very useful tool, especially when you get a notification on your Apple watch is saying that detects like an unusual health pattern.

Heart rate pattern using the a ECG it allows you to visually, confirm to see if the Apple watch is correct and will automatically save that ECG data into a PDF. So you casually show your doctor and then, of course you have full detection which basically it’s, fall detection.

You remember those odd funny commercials of that old lady says I’m falling and I can get up well instead of having to buy that weird unit and pay, probably that that monthly fee you had to pay in order to have that thing activated.

What’s, the series 5? You have all that already built into it. So in case you do following you’re left unconscious, or you’re unable to move the series 5 will actually pin you a few times to make sure you’re.

Ok, if it doesn & # 39, t get a respond from you. It’s gonna immediately automatically contact, not just your emergency contact, but also will contact emergency dispatchers to your location. The people you have selected in your emergency contacts will actually get an exact location map, so they could easily find you faster that innovation is very cool and very futuristic and has already been reported to save a couple.

People lives. That alone is another great selling point. Why you may want to consider this series five over to three other exclusive stuff that the series 5 has? Is it has a compass which just functions as a compass? It’s, a cool tool, but I mean your iPhone also has a built-in compass each day.

So I don & # 39. T really see that much of a selling point here. The Noyce application is one of the new applications that the series 3 didn’t get, but the series 5 did as well as the 4. So while the noise application might seem lame, it’s, actually really cool.

It monitors the decibel levels around you and will warn you. If you & # 39, ve been exposed to a high amount of decibels over to recommended amount and based from information I found online. The decibel reader is actually really accurate compared to an actual decibel reader, but it measures the decibel levels all automatically.

So you don’t, have to launch the application or set settings or anything like that. It does it all very similar to like the heart rate monitor. Then. The series 5 can also perform international emergency calls and that’s generally, primarily it when it comes to the hardware aspect of things, but when it comes to personalizing, the series 5 does have the most watch faces to choose from.

As the series 3 is very limited on its libraries due to the smaller screen, but if you still want the most watch complications on one display, the series 5 – I mean the infra graph, for example, it’s, still the only one that holds the Most complications in one watch faith.

The series 3 is very limited on that. But if you don’t care about looks, the series 3 is still a very capable SmartWatch to this day. I still consider it a series 3 and ultimate fitness trackers compared to other fitness trackers around the same price tag as the series 3 can do that and so much more, but I still do like this nude screen on the series 5, although they look very similar.

This gives you more real estate space to play with and also gives your device a more modern look and when scrolling was the digital crown naturally gives you a hectic feel to give you like a more mechanical feel as if it’s.

A real mechanical watch, the series 3 doesn’t have this functionality sold. So when you’re using a digital crown, there’s, no feedback whatsoever, and then in case you were curious. 2 new shines that’s, found on watch all six work on both of these devices.

So, although the series 3 doesn & # 39, t give you a haptic feedback that’s, found on series 5. It will still vibrate and notify you on the hour, just like a grandfather clock, so my final verdict would be dis.

Both these Apple watch can do daily tasks. Just fine just keep in mind in case of emergency. The series 5 is most likely to save your life, because that is what it’s intentionally engineered to do having a larger screen definitely does make viewing text or content off the display more pleasant, and both these Apple watches are not limited when it Comes to accessories from screen protectors, cases and a lot of cool, unique, looking third-party bands, and although there has been multiple reports of people claiming that they’re receiving like horrible battery life from the series 5.

For my personal experience, I think it varies on the Apple watch watch face you select was that always on display when I had my infra graph on my series 5, whenever he always on display switches, I noticed at the end of the day I was left with About 20 to 30 % battery life, but when I switched into this watch face at the end of day, I even have video footage to around like a jack lock, or so I still had about 50 % of battery life left.

So I really think it just varies on the watch face. You saw why, but no matter what watch face you select both of these can easily make it throughout the entire day, and you can charge it at the end of the day alongside your phone.

Just fine, but let’s quickly. Make one thing clear: I’m, not here, to tell you which watch to buy. That is a decision for you to decide. You got ta, keep in mind. Everybody has different backgrounds. I understand that you understand that.

So I’m. Just gonna quickly share my thoughts. If I didn’t own, neither of these two Apple watches and I was in a market. I would just really go all out and just get the series 5, because there’s. One thing I don’t, like doing I don’t like upgrade every two or three years or so before I had this YouTube channel.

That was my mono that I used to always follow going. What’s? A series? Three I mean you’re, risking that maybe the next year or so Apple could just stop supporting the Apple watch and it’s. Gon na be even more limited as soon as watch.

All that 7 is release just waiting off saving up a little bit more for a series. 5, you’ll, be better off future proofing yourself in case that happens, but now, based from everything that we talked about and covered, I’d like to know which Apple watch.

Are you gonna go ahead and get feel free to vote up here on little corner comment down below and let me know what your reasons are why you went with X, Apple watch instead of B and if you still haven’t yet picked Up your Apple watch make sure to keep an eye out in the comic section I’m gonna go ahead and pin any deals or cells that’s coming up as well as some of my favorite Apple watch accessories.

So still not entertaining, you want to check out more make sure to check out this video right here. I go full in-depth in comparing to Nike Edition against the standard Apple watch and in this video over here.

This is all the best tips and tricks to know about in watch OS 6. Now, thank you guys so much for watching enjoy your day and now catch you all in the next one see ya.