The $12 Smart Watch – Does It Suck?

The $12 Smart Watch – Does It Suck?

So a while back, I did a video a does it suck video about an inexpensive SmartWatch 15, not 50, trying to determine if anybody should be buying these things. But of course that was two years ago. I need to revisit this subject matter and purchase some inexpensive.

Smartwatches from Amazon and see if they’re any good this one on the right. I believe I paid 1199 for and then this one over here, closer to 20, incredibly inexpensive. Let’s find out if these cheapo smartwatches are any good or do they suck.

Let’s start with the cheap one 1199. How do they make this Perla? Even if it, even if it’s terrible, it feels so lit already man it’s, got like this bronze color. There’s, a button on the front. It is a camera up on the top microUSB over here to charge it up.

That looks like a microphone beside the camera and there’s, a speaker in it too. They put that all in there for 11 bucks charge the watch pair, the Bluetooth watch to use some apps on the watch insert a SIM.

Oh my Jack, are you seeing that a sim and/or micro SD card? What is this a phone as well yeah? I see an IMEI number here. You’re. Also making phone calls with this thing. Does this thing have any juice in it? Something this cheap is gonna have to be charged.

Let’s, be honest with ourselves here, so that one’s, charging up, let’s check out the second unit. Here this one is twice as much money, but the question is: is it twice as good? Oh, this one is kind of more like the Apple watch.

I think yeah. It looks a little more like an Apple watch, different style class. Also, a camera speaker unit over here, a digital crown. I’m, not so certain that this operates the same way likely no, but the back of this one comes off also inside it looks almost identical same kind of internal setup.

Something tells me this one’s dead too [, Music ]. Alright, this guy has some juice. Now this is the cheapest of the cheap. Let’s boot it up. Let’s, have some fun. Who knows this could be the killer. Do mine yeah yeah that’s, sound like Radiohead for a second, it has a strong vibration to it.

Also, look at this touchscreen add some contacts. Yes, it has a dilute because it has a SIM card slot. So you could. This could be your whole phone right here. Messaging phone book call log remote capture here’s.

The camera was this is a little calculator in here. Remember a calculator watch. How does that guy get a bring on into the test? I know who you were, who you are you haven’t changed one bit started out with those tests and now now, what are you calculating? Huh camera there’s, the camera right there? Oh, my goodness, it points like pop, or is it point no matter what I do? Look at that angle insert a memory card, no storage at all the old premium, 8 gig there we go 8 gigs of storage.

Here we go. The elegant watch face right there. I am, I did it: it’s. The worst quality photo. I’ve ever taken in this entire. In my entire history, little spy cam on there. How is it $ 11? Your quote wow sound recorder.

We try that check check one. Two hello: there welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon population Jack. That works. You get an idea, you’re out and about you get an idea. You know a little brainstorm session.

Pedometer sleep monitor Facebook, Twitter whatsapp, please inserting so this thing, doesn’t, have Wi-Fi Bluetooth. What happens if I link up to this? Is it just show up as a Bluetooth speaker? Should we try that yeah connect? Oh my phone call from Jack hello.

I said hello naked noise, any noise. This thing is so worth 11 or 12 dollars. I mean it’s ridiculously worth it. It needs, obviously not as good as the premium stuff. I’m, not saying that not trying to compare it to some Android wear watch I mean it’s 11 or 12 bucks as a gift or for a kid or something.

Okay, let’s check out this other one. Real quick, this one’s about 20 bucks. Like I said this, one is more trying to look like an Apple watch. Why did it go so dim, though? You can also make phone calls on here.

You know it takes microSD. It has the camera for the interface you interact with this crown. Oh, but you want to have the like little apple watch kind of look to it, that’s. What your that’s, what you pay for! I guess huh! So you, oh, we look at my little bubbles.

No forget this! One get this guy right here! You’re gonna find this particular product under a bunch of different brand names on Amazon. I will link the one that I purchased. Basically, what you’re looking for is this form factor the one that has this kind of shell, that’s, a steal for twelve dollars.

It’s, not a replacement for an Android wear device or even an Apple watch. No, it’s, not on that level is 11 or 12, but it’s a bit of fun. I, like it 411, it doesn’t suck. How about that? Not at that price point doesn’t suck.

How about that you thought I was gonna say it sucked spend your 11 skip the Big Mac