The 4 Watches Every Guy Should Own

Hey guys, so today we’re talking on the four types of watches. Every guy should own, hey, guys! Welcome back to jets lounge I’m George. This is Blake if you have not hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now and really appreciate it.

We are here every week talking about men’s. Fashion, lifestyle, cooking, whiskey, cigars, want anything. Every gentleman needs to know, but today we’re talking about watches and, specifically the four types of watches every guy needs to own.

Now this isn’t about the brands, the prime price, nothing it’s about the look of the watch. So if you want to spend 20 bucks on a watch that looks like this or you want to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on a watch that looks like this be my guest, but I’m gonna tell you right now.

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Most people do not give a about your watch now, so we’re, just gonna talk about the style and how to fit them into your wardrobe with what you are wearing now to begin, George and I broke us up into two different categories: Classy, watches and casual watches, right guys and obviously casual watches are more your everyday watches.

You’re wearing with your casual outfits and classy watches are going to be the watch as you’re wearing more dressed up and suited. So starting off. We’re, going to talk about some casual watches and what to look for in a casual type watch, and I think there’s, definitely two types of casual watches.

You should have like a rugged rugged. I don’t. Give a kind of like I’ll, go camping or you know, get this dinged up. I’ll do work and this watch kind of thing and then maybe more of having lunch with the boys kind of watch work.

You know it’s, still a nice watch and you don’t really want to mess it up, but it has more of a casual look to it. So I like to kind of compare this to like my denim okay, so I have the denim that I use when I’m on my motorcycle or I’m working on a car, then I have the denim that I use when I’m going out, maybe to like a nice bar, but it’s, not too formal.

You know just two different types. You know one that’s really rugged and one that’s kind of you know more dressy, right and okay. So for the first like rugged rugged watch, I recommend something with a NATO strap or a rubber band.

Just because, if you’re going to go camping – and you know you get something wet, you can get it wet it’s, not gonna ruin, a leather band and it’s. Gon na be able to take a beating, and you can switch it out very, very easily, because NATO straps to slide on and off.

I have this one from Timex. I think it’s, like 50 bucks. This one from Jack Mason is, I think, 200, and you know they both look great on your wrist. They’re, both gonna get the job done. They’re, both gonna tell time, which is what a watch does alright guys and for the second casual will watch the kind of nicer going out to lunch kind of watch.

Honestly, it’s really as easy as going from NATO. Strap to leather strap yeah, so I think you know you can have a more busy face. You can do the coronagraphs. You can have a little bit more fun with things, but if you add a leather band to any casual casual watch, it takes it to a next level, but it still keeps it casual.

But I do think if you are a rugged rugged guy. These should be two different watches, because one you know you don’t want to wear a watch that’s, got all these dings and nicks and scratched up face. You come on you kind of still want it to look nice.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. A lot of this is very fluid, so you know some of these watches blend in between the the casual and formal vibe. You just kind of got a feel it out for yourself, but this is just kind of some examples that we think fit in those categories, alright guys so now.

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, the classy end, we’re talking about formal watches, so these are the watches you really dress up, like you’re gonna wear with a tuxedo, yes and like very, very formal events.

So really, I think you should have a leather band. It should be a very, very thin case and the face should be very, very simple: no extra dials going on maybe the only thing extra you should place on.

There is probably maybe a date like yeah. A little date window, nothing big exactly so you want to go for a classy. Look. You want to throw out all those GMTs or though those pan arise. That is very big and very bulky.

It’s, not about that. It’s about looking the occasion being classy being sophisticated and dressed up for the occasion. Right guys, I mean I have this parmigiana watch, which I’m in love with it’s super expensive, and I really wanted to wear for my wedding and it’s, not a formal watch.

It’s. Really not, and I tried to convince myself like you can do it, you can pull it off. It’ll work and ultimately I did not. I wore this Zodiac watch, which you know has an interesting manner a case and is very, very sleek simple fit under my cuffs seamlessly cuz.

You know if you & # 39, ve got a big watch and it just gets caught on your cuff. It’s, gonna look, terrible, big and bulky and, like Blake said just because you have a Rolex, does not mean it’s. A formal watch just because it’s.

Expensive does not make it formal, honestly dude. That’s like a pet peeve of mine. I hate when I go to like, like a nice gala or to a nice presentation, and you see somebody who looks the part very dressed up.

Nice peak lapels, bow tie, but they have a G & amp. T on you know, GMT is, is a metal band guys. This is for watching Zack Lee and they’re wearing it just looks tacky it doesn’t. Even look nice. Any longer right now, on the other end, if you want to wear a GMT with a suit to a business meeting, go for it.

You know we’re. Just talking about formal formal class occasions, like bowtie white tie, black tie kind of thing up. Next would be kind of the business meeting watches, so these are gonna kind of bleed in between your casual watches and your dressy watches.

But basically, you know have a nice leather band, you can. You can have a little more fun with the face. You can do a coronagraph, but I do say you know if you can get it in gold or you know, have a nice leather band, it’s, going to look really nice with the suit you don & # 39.

T want to do like a field wana or a dive or watch really. Unless it’s less now would be a good time to have fun with the mechanism. So if you’re, a watch guy and you you get geeked out about the movement and you want the watch to show it.

Semi-Formal would be the perfect time guys because you could really really just have a ball. It could be kind of big and kind of bulky. Cuz you’re. You know you’re, not going to like a classy upin. It’s, just maybe a meeting, or are you hanging out on a date or you just do something that’s, not required for you to wear bull-type right like we have these two watches here they’re.

Both you know mesh bands, but they’re, both completely different, so this shinola has kind of little gold and silver going on. So it’s, mixing metals, which I personally like, and then we have this just so tachometer that’s.

Pretty much. You know it & # 39. S got a lot going on in the face just to put in layman’s terms, guys if your watch is either Highness watch or a diver’s watch. This typically is typically gonna, be a semi-formal type of watch or a countertenor watch.

You know it’s. It’s a like leads into that fine line. You could do both right, like if you’re. If you’re buying, you know a Rolex and you’re gonna go Submariner GMT any of those those are going to be in between both.

So you can wear them that that can be your brunch with the with the boys. Guys or it can be, a business meeting watch and honestly, if you’re spending that much money on a watch guys, you should get as much uses out of it.

As you can. Yes told you all right guys that pretty much wraps up our video on the four watches every guy should owe, and if you have not hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now. Remember guys if nothing else get one casual and one classy watch and you’re good to go, but you know, if you want to separate into four categories, these would probably be the categories we would separate them into and once again this is not About price, this is not about brand, it’s all about aesthetic and how the watches look.

There are a ton of watches at every price point that look this way, and they all tell time. So you know that’s, all that really matters. If you’re, a watch geek and you wan na you know really get into the Heritage and the movement of things be my guest that’s on you, but don’t, judge other people for the watches that they, Like to wear, buy, watches that you like and buy watches that you can afford because well one thing most people won & # 39.

T tell you about really really nice watches. Is you have to get them service? Yeah? You do so. If you’re spending, you know a couple thousand dollars on a watch. You’re spending, another five hundred to a thousand to get every two to three years to get it serviced, which people don & # 39.

T tell you about so just know that also guys and once again that wraps up our video. Thank you guys so much for subscribing. We really appreciate it. We’ll, be here every week with new video, so don’t forget to hit that subscribe.

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