The Best Watches For Women

The Best Watches For Women

Hello enthusiasts. Now this video has been prompted by the fact that I’ve received various emails recently from ladies and heed from gentlemen who, who rather fancy buying watch for a lady who’s particularly important in their life, and the questions have surrounded The idea of elegant automatic or mechanical dress, watches, and the reason is that I’ve, spoken about smaller sports watches and tulle watches.

But I’ve. Rarely spoken about a selection of smaller direct dress, watches for women to enjoy, and so, as a result, I’d like to write that wrong today and speak about this particular segment with with mechanical watches, verging on on on really very high luxury, and Some care some cases, but also moving into far more accessible price ranges which remain relatively expensive, but for the amount of features they offer and the longevity of watch you buy in this segment.

They really won’t disappoint and before I begin the video, I would of course like to encourage you all to join the watch, guys, which is my group on snupps, which is a social media platform where you can share pitch with your collections and Interests and discuss matters, ISM of watches and her old you and myself and other enthusiasts and and really join in with the community, and if you would like to join that, then do full of the link down below.

But for today’s featured picture. We have this tremendous picture of a Seiko sub-zero 33 by Jonas, and this is a timepiece which I would have included in this video, but Seiko are as are as far as I’m aware.

Phasing this watch out, which is, is a real shame. I think, because it’s, become a real cornerstone of the the value options that Seiko offers, but certainly a wonderful piece to get hold of, while it stayed still around now.

The first one I’d, like to talk about today, is a timepiece from ball and baller, a brand who I have an increasing amount of respectful as a manufacturer that really takes pride in producing watches of very, very high quality at a very reasonable Price with a very nice amalgamation of a traditional dress watch with all the features you would expect from sports watch, and this timepiece in question is the ball firemen classic.

Ladies and it’s, a 31 millimeter by ten point, four millimeter dress watch with a fantastic array of functionality, which means that it’s very wearable for for the vast majority of people with smaller wrists and and as a result, makes A brilliant hybrid between every day watch and a formal timepiece with the stainless steel case, this watch is finished impeccably with bevels down the edges of those brushed lugs and a very nicely polished and leveled bezel, which means you get a fantastic combination of these different finishes.

To combine together to produce a genuinely interesting look to watch, which isn’t derivative or or influenced by other brands. But rather is a very unique style. And I must say the case of this watch exudes a certain quality and charm, which is is rare at this price range of around 850 pounds 920 pounds and the pricing of this, which does seem quite steep as the first watch in this video.

But I do think that the the quality and the features of this watch certainly speak for themselves. I mean this is a timepiece which will last someone a lifetime, the crown juts out from the case very nicely and without being being a problem in terms of being too large, but is in proportion and allows a significantly large crown, which means that winding watch.

If you do choose to wind up the movement as opposed to letting the automatic rotor wind it, this will be possible internally. The watch is powered by an ETA 671, which is become an industry standard in terms of providing smaller movements for smaller dress, watches and sports watches for women, and this movement incorporates a 38 hour power reserve with with 25 joules.

In this case, though, other brands offer 17 and 21 joules will have opted for the either full 25 joules to reduce wear over time. Likewise, it is tested in the way that bull do test their movements to be very accurate as per their history and provides you really with a very reliable and an effective timekeeping instrument.

Now the dial is an area where this watch really does shine, because it features a tritium, illumination setup, which is typical of Baal really and whilst the dials come in in a style in either black or silver, both of which are very appealing – and I think both Have their place, the other dial is, is illuminated at night by multi-coloured tritium, which is here hydrogen 3, which is a radioactive isotope which shed is say it’s completely harmless in terms of being cased in small glass capsules, and so there’s, no, can no health concern there whatsoever, but what this does mean is that it’ll.

It will glow permanently for about 25 years before these need to be replaced, and, as a result, these means that you, don’t have to leave the watch in the light for it to then glow at night, but rather will glow perpetually, and this Means that in ER in a world where actually, we use a lot of dress, watches for formal occasions in the evenings, it can be excellent to have this tritium because it doesn’t mean you can check your watch quickly and easily without any sort Of a concern for neither the luminescence having died out and, along with the very nicely finished leather bracelet, which offers a very dressy form of demonstration of this watch.

There is also a very nicely fitted solid steel, bracelet manufactured by the brand. Now this this has these H links, which means it drapes very nicely around that around the wrist and are very typical of the the quality of manufacturing the bull has, and, of course, these watches are Swiss made, which is now a testament to to their quality and Also to to their heritage and also very much to what one would expect from these watches in terms of their manufacturing quality, and this is then matched by a very useful hundred meter, water resistance and sapphire crystal meaning that you can genuinely use this watch whilst err.

Whilst doing really any of the activities you may need to do, for example, swimming or or simply going for a hike, they swatch when will will be able to survive and and deal with the situation. Just as says you will, which is great to see in a fantastic all-round, are then from ball.

Whilst the ball is designed to be a timepiece which is crisp and modern. This next watch is a piece which is designed to honor the past in terms of its its designs and systemic, and this is the twenty nine millimeter.

Ladies version of the Auris big crown point to date, and the big crown point to date is conventionally a forty millimeter or so watch which show which visas it features an ETA movement and and some of those interesting styling.

We’ve, seen on næss Udo pilots watch, and this watch continues that trend in a much smaller size of twenty nine millimeters and as a result, it’s. Eight you will fit on a much smaller. Wrist is just a fraction smaller than that ball, and this comes down to the case.

Design, which is, is brushed on the top of these. These lugs, which are stainless steel, of course, and it has polished and very softly curved sides to the case, which match the large crown as well, and the large crown, as is the case with the ball, is a very interesting and useful touch because, of course, having A larger crown allows the the operation of the watch to be much easier, and the movement inside this watch is actually very similar to the it’s, also an ETA two, six, seven one.

However, this time it features an additional complication, and that is a pointer date now. Point dates were very popular in the past and were phased out really by about the 1960s, where a lot of manufacturers simply preferred using a date window, which i think is, for the most part, the more elegant solution for most sports watches.

However, for a watch like this with its its charm, I think, having a fourth hand, which moves around with its its Crescent and over onto each of these, these dates and obviously advancing once per day.

Isn’t interesting at and I think, attractive option, which is something very different to the conventional look for a for a dress watch and what’s very interesting about this watch. Is that usually, it’s very difficult to find sub 30 millimeter timepieces with automatic movements? Usually one moves into Quartz’s around this size and with even Omega, for example, moving into courses for their smaller a smaller ranges.

So I do respect Oris for for retaining the automatic movement in this size and allowing people to still enjoy this sudden this this mechanical aspect, even if they do want a a smaller timepiece and, of course the design of this watch is, is very classic.

With that nailed and machined bezel, which can be, can be acquired in either a stainless steel and raw finish, which is to say, the version which matches the dial, which is a silver or indeed, there is the version which features a gold plated or an IP plated Style of of bezel, which, thanks to being PVD finished, is very likely to be quite durable, as opposed to conventional gold plating, which will peel off very quickly, and this version also features gilded hands and gilded indices and in some ways that you could say that this Was probably the more feminine of the two, though I think the stainless steel model is still at a crisp and an interesting option there as well, and of course, this watch is available either on an alligator style of strap with a deployment clasp or indeed a metal Bracelet, which is a fine link, polished bracelet, which is more more more dressy than the option from bull and so as a result represents a different market.

Now the dial of this watch is very, very well done, with the central section being matted with simply horas an automatic on it, with no at no abundance of text, which i think is a very good choice with a fairly ornate yoshiya sunken section around it, which Also features, sadly, the numerals which are applied in metal in either any of the configurations then around this one has the the the second or minute track, which features luminescent pips, as well as the the dates and the date set points which are put around the very Edge of the doll on further a different finish and and raised as well, and so this gives her an excellent level of detail in terms of the texture, especially since the dial is remarkably small.

Likewise, these different different runs around the dial match the hands and their lengths, which are presenting these Cathedral styles, which are also luminescent, which, which is again a nice touch.

And, of course, one great thing about the Auris is that it’s made by a brand, which is still an independent Swiss manufacturer, and this is very, very rare in this day and age, following the the quartz crisis in the 1970s and 80s.

Leaving most most manufacturers without any sort of ability to were to continue manufacturing and so, as a result were brought up by by groups such as swatch, Belarus remain independent as of 1904 being there, therefore, there are.

There are their date of establishment and thing to make interesting Swiss made, watches with with high quality movements and and a very, very high quality of case, manufacturing and finishing, which means this watches is likely to be an extremely good timepiece to own, especially since irises service Is also very, very good and, and the use of these watches has never really found any bad bad press or criticism.

The Auris edges out slightly ahead of the ball in terms of price running from nine hundred and seventy pounds for the all stainless steel version. On a leather strap to eleven hundred and sixty for the version with the gilded elements on the steel bracelet now this sort of video, simply wouldn’t, be complete without enormous, because whilst the ball appeals to someone who wants a versatile watch, the other Aura support appeals, someone he wants an old-fashioned watch, whereas the normal appeals to someone who simply wants a crisp, clean and timeless watch, none almost or a manufacturer, which I speak about extremely often, because I think they offer something unbelievable for the price they offer it.

For the quality of their watches, having handled some is is breathtaking frankly, bearing in mind the the price range in which they operate and the tangent a is quite possibly their their their oldest and a most well known design, and this is the 33 millimeters version and Whilst it’s, not actually 33 millimeters, it’s, the 2.

8. This sizing still makes it very usable for someone with a small wrist such as a lady. Now, the design of this watch is extremely classic. It’s rooted in that Bauhaus, aesthetic with those some those angled lugs, which I think look absolutely tremendous.

I mean this watch can wear even smaller if you need it to because these lugs allow it to wrap around the wrist rather than sit flat on it. Likewise, the fact this is a manually round watching I’ll talk about the caliber in more detail in a moment, and it’s only six point: four five millimeters thick, which is remarkable and and makes a world of difference on the Wrist in terms of being genuinely slim and and will disappear under a a cuff or indeed simply in terms of being comfortable, it will remain very slim.

Likewise, its weight on strap is is around the 30 gram mug, which is again baffling when compared to, for example, a large heavy sports watch which can come in over 200 grams or not on the metallic bracelet, and the elegance of this watch is seen through its Fully polished case, which has a very large dial in relation to its body and thus makes to pay larger on the wrist despite being comfortable for a smaller one, the dial comes in various variations: everything really from a simple white doll, with blued hands through a gray Dial, which show which features silver hands for a more subdued look as well as a pinkish sort of cream color, as well as a Guild’s dial.

So this means that you really do have a range, and the pricing of this watch varies from around thirteen hundred and sixty pounds to sixteen hundred and forty pounds, though I must say for the quality and craftsmanship going into this watch that’s.

A remarkable price, in truth, the only frustrating aspect about this watch is the lug width, which is 17 millimeters, and this means it’s, not a conventional size, though, of course you can find straps.

That are this size and there are various manufacturers like her like fin watch, straps, which I reviewed just a few weeks ago, which can cater to these sizes. But generally, animals produce a wonderful array of different straps from very attractive haul, wean style of thumb of tanta.

Shell cordovan straps to their wonderful suede ones, which also offer something more, a more informal and potentially less practical, but more comfortable in terms of being extraordinarily soft. And these, however, have a fantastic range of different are different hues and tones in these subdued, browns and grays, which which suit the dial and the watch extremely well, and the quality of production throughout is excellent.

Despite the fact that it has a very simple polished finish. It’s done with the greatest finesse and care to give a real mirror finish. Likewise, the hands are firmly glued, rather than being they’re being chemically Blut, which gives them a more subtle and a more interesting color than the the more blatant blue of of chemically blue door simply painted hands, and the design is typically normos, which Is is great to see with the sub seconds at six o’clock, giving a very balanced look to this watch as far as a dress watch goes now, whilst pricing officially starts at thirteen hundred and sixty pounds, I would urge you to stretch to The sixteen hundred pound mark – because at this point you’re able to get the exhibition case back and normally this wouldn’t, be wouldn’t, be essential on the watch and one can do without being able to see The movement, however, in the case of this watch, which is already a delicate dress, watch.

I see no reason why you would deny yourself the ability to be able to see this. This gorgeous Alfa caliber from No Mas threw the case back and that sapphire window allows you to see into the the back of the watch and see this Alfa caliber, which is normal, sown movement and been designed by the brand.

Likewise, it offers a forty three hour power reserve and is manually wound, which is, is a helpful benefit in terms of given making the watch thinner, but also means that you, don’t, have a rotor in the way of being able to see the End workings, which I think a highly underrated aspect and the finishing of this watch and its movement is tremendous with all the bridges being being very, very nicely stripes and also been fitted with blued screws and and various machine patterns on on the bridges.

As well as on the wheels and and giving it a fantastic variety to the finishing of this movement, allowing you to really drink in detail, of course, all of these aspects are very, very uncommon and and rare, this sort of price range, which is why I think This is such a fantastic option for someone who likes clean, crisp design and appreciates a beautiful movement for the final two watches in this video.

I would like to explore the realms of classics of feminine her ology, and the first of these is the gutted tank and the tank is a watch which has been running for just over a hundred years now and it’s.

A real classic of design – and I must say it’s. One of those watches that I’d love to have in my collection at some point. But the problem is that for women, the vast majority of these BOTS, our courts, but still cost over two thousand pounds for a steel version, which I personally find really frankly ridiculous, and so, as a result, I think there is a way around this now.

If one looks at the men’s, options in the info as far as the tank, so logos, which is a reinterpretation of the very classic Louis katia tank, but with the date placed at six o’clock, we have a watch which Is contemporary but is slightly larger as well with a mechanical movement, and this is the solar excel and it’s.

A thirty one millimeter watch in diameter by 40 point 8 5, which means it’s by no means a large watch and and will fit on the vast majority of wrist. They will wear slightly larger than than usual for a catio tank, which i think is a slightly charming aspect of this watch and the beauty of this timepiece.

It is mechanical now the finishing of the case of this watch is truly in line with the design classic. It is with this traditional style, which was inspired by a tank back in the the early days of this timepiece with those those two runs of polished metal along the edges of this watch curved very gently into the lugs, whilst the other the frontal section of the Watch is, of course a home to that, so that squared off dial, which in this case, unlike the –, the morkul more classical versions of this watch, isn’t, a style of enamel or porcelain, but rather is brushed and and is metallic.

In its say, it’s. Silvery form this brush is continued up the edges of the case and gives this fantastic contrast between between the edges of the case and brings together the dial and the the case itself.

Furthermore, the dull features those traditional elongated and stretched styles of roman numerals, and they extend around this and this rectangle with the rectangular second and a minute track also running along that edge and, of course, as a little nod to earn to the treaty tradition.

Keshia’s. Logo is built into one of the Roman numerals, which in this case is set, is 7 o’clock. Likewise, it simply has automatic on the dull and has the date cut out and very nicely faceted at 6, o’clock with Swiss made under leap underneath it.

The hands are traditional and firmly blued, giving that so that wonderful, look which matches the commotion, which has mounted that so that traditionally, designed crown, which is typical of only either tank in its form, with its its pointed tip, like some sort of French pastry.

This watch is then mounted on either a an alligator, strap or a simple carve strap in there in black, and this offers a look which is unmistakable for this watch and matches the the dial. With with that very sober look, and, of course, this watch is one of these pieces, which is, is something which has picked up characteristics from really all eras, with the form being from 1938 1910s, with with dial in that silver metallic form having an element of 1920s And 30s and then, of course, the interesting forms also being from that very era, and this means you get a tremendous look into classic her ology, which is unmistakable and a real design classic, and likewise these are pieces which will always remain in style, and so there’s, no danger of buying one, and it then going out of fashion if you choose to sell it likewise, they do come with a deployment on the strap, which is is nicely fitted and exactly what you would want on one of these in that Typical katia format, now the movement for a watch, which is 3050 pounds, is relatively humble.

It is an ETA 2, 8 9 2, which is by no means a problematic movement as it’s. A movement which I personally respect enormous Lee and I did include in one of my my videos on some of my favorite movements, because this is a watch which show, or rather a watch movement which was able to make ultra slim mechanical and automatic movements into something Which could genuinely be mass-produced? What this movement gives you? There is peace of mind because it’s, a it’s, a reliable and a very nicely decorated and unregulated movement by ETA, which, if classified as I’ve, said been there been regulated and decorated by katia themselves to Breed up to the standards you would expect, and so for over 3000 pounds this may seem like a an expensive timepiece and it certainly is forged offers.

But if you want this design classic, it certainly is, I think, the most elegant of feminine dress, watches there is on the market in terms of being a genuine design classic and a real beauty on the wrist.

Now the final watch in this video is a piece which is unique in the Rolex range and roll at the Rolex. Oyster is a true design classic and a piece which appeals to both men and women. But I feel in the smaller sizes can be a really wonderful option for a ellegua and very very elegant timepiece, for a lady – and this is a piece which is sandwiched between the Datejust 31 and a just 36 being the 36 being the smaller man’s, size and 31 being the larger women’s, and so this date 34 is a piece which at first appears a tad bizarre.

But it doesn’t fit into either camp. But I think this is quite possibly the best Rolex and simple dress watch currently in production, and the reason why I say this is that this follows the lines of these standard.

Oyster Perpetual accept ants that date function, because this isn’t a true date, just it’s, a Rolex or a special date, and as this this stands, this means the crown is smaller. The the lugs are are less less broadened, as is the case on the date chests.

Likewise, the bezel is no longer just as as thick and enormous really, as is often seen on so on things like, for example, the 28 or 30 1 millimeter date. Just’s or even 36, where the the bezel is a significant thickness, an addition to the size of the watch brass.

By contrast, this is more comparable to a 1960s Rolex, where the bezel was just a a thin fluted strip around the edge of the dial, and, as this is fundamentally a oyster petrol, it features only the oyster bracelet.

It doesn’t feature the Jubilee or the the president, as neither of these were being keeping with this watch’s. Philosophy and also the dials of this watch are very varied. With blues creams, Silver’s, whites even light roses, but in truth, this watch is a watch with a dial which really comes in two variants: the sunburst effect and versions with the luminescent indices and luminescent hands all the versions with the Arabic numerals running Around this edge, which are interspersed with diamonds and and unlooted hands.

Now personally, I don’t like diamonds on men’s or women’s. Watches are I find that they simply don’t suit the concept, but, of course, for those who do like diamonds, the the diamond dial option will be an interesting one.

However, for me, I personally prefer the more simple version, because I think it exudes a certain charm which the other one doesn’t and provides you with a bit of luminescence for for use at night. Like was it doesn’t feature the very complicated second track around the edge and as seen on all date, Just’s but rather in said, features.

These simple strikes, which means you don’t, have the additional Roman numerals placed on the second track, but simply have a more traditional and more classic design making this which possibly those underrated, date-date, dress, watch in the whole of the Rolex lineup.

Of course, the watch is also available with either a fluted white gold bezel or a simple flat polished, burb, domed bezel, and both very appealing, though I think the the fluted bezel world will always be a greater hit with the the flat bezel coming in at four Thousand six hundred and fifty the the fluted bezel five thousand five hundred and fifty and then likewise the version with the fluted bezel and the diamonds on the del being 6,200 pounds.

And this, which is only available in in those two styles, with either being either being simply steel or 2-tone, with no gold variant being available. And this is again something in keeping with the style of the date being an oyster petrol which isn’t available in the in solid gold either internally.

This, which features the caliber three one, three five, which is a real classic of Rolex and as a movement which dates back many many years and is now accurate to plus two minus two seconds a day, which is to say a very accurate rate.

And I’m very impressive for a mass-produced watch and of course, these movements are very, very reliable because they are tried and tested and are nothing incredible in terms of innovation, but offer you a very reliable, very, very classic and extremely well-made movement.

And so for someone who wants a slightly larger dress watch, this may well be a very good option, with those slim lugs, slim bezels, small crown and delicate dial, meaning this is a unique watch in the Rolex range which for any owner and who does buy.

One of these there certainly will be a nod from the enthusiasts in terms of being something something truly unique, and that’s. Worthwhile eleven are taking a look into for someone who wants something more simple, but also a classic from a respectable brand and the true purveyor of luxury goods now conclude the video here.

But do give your comments down below as to what you thought of my choices, because with everything from that tremendous ball through the the interesting Oris and and also that beautifully finished nomas through the Ducati and to this this unique model in the Rolex lineup? I really am curious to hear what you think of these, and if you’d enjoyed the video, then please do like share and subscribe to help the channel and to be able to enjoy more cons at home future.

So, thank you very much for watching there’s. Someone watch going out.