Top 10 Men’s Watches under $100

Hey guys Jim here welcome in right. Now we’re gonna take a look at our top 10 best sellers on world of watches comm for under $ 100. So if you’re shopping for the holidays on a budget, this is exactly where you want to be.

One of my current favorites from the aleni line is called the gladiator. It’s, a big 50 millimeter case. We & # 39. Ve got a really dark 2-tone here in the gunmetal and black. Of course, you’ve got the Safa Tec crystal and the amazing Swiss made.

I saw 81 72 day and date, quartz chronograph. Now, from rotary, we’ve got the 43 millimeter aqua speed chronograph on the genuine leather strap. This is one of the newest executions, and you can see why this is so popular.

You’ve got this golden kind of dial. Here I like to call it a pineapple dial. You’ve got the white outer ring here, which is actually going to be a slide-rule bezel that functions underneath the crystal elegant, diver isn’t, something that you normally hear, but that’s, exactly what you’Ve got here in this all rows.

Gold-Plated commander got a big, bold, 46 millimeter case and a 200-meter water-resistant design. That, honestly, is something that you can wear to the office. You could wear it to a wedding. You could wear to any kind of special event because it will dress up taking another slot in our top.

10 is my number one favorite red line of all time. This is called the cruiser this particular variation. While it may only be a 45 millimeter case. You’re gonna swear. You’re wearing a 47. You & # 39.

Ve, got all these great red accents that pop against that black dial and another great feature is going to be the loom. We’ve got VG w9s with super-luminova, so it’s white in the light, but it glows a rich cobalt.

Blue. The aleni commander is another great 200 meter water resistant, professional-grade divers sitting in our top 10 and it’s, also going to be the largest watch in our entire lineup wearing between 50 and 52 millimeters on the wrist.

You still got a nicely curved case and soft silicone strap to aid in its comfort. If you’re looking for a classic style chronograph, but you still want a large size in that classic. Look no further than the Lucien Piccard dang yeah.

This is a brand-spanking-new model that was just released on Black Friday and it’s already in our top ten sellers list. Back now, after selling out last holiday season, it’s been gone for 11 months. We finally got the challengers back in the coronagraph variation, that’s right.

The original Challenger with the oversize paddle style pushers, which take this 50 millimeter behemoth and make it where, like 852, our one and only ceramic in this top 10, is going to be in the throttle 46 millimeters, but it wears like a 48 thanks to that 30.

Millimeter wide ceramic bracelet, this brand new introduction to the swiss legend lineup is already in our top 10. This is the brand new classic a 45 millimeters stainless steel case, and I love this particular dial.

This is that beautiful, glacier, blue dial, that’s, been so popular and our other models. The brand new Swiss legend sergeant is right here in our top ten and this all black variation. It’s, not really a surprise that it’s.

The top seller of the model fully functioning chronograph, of course, as we always do, Swiss made chronograph eisah 81 72. You were getting into a Safa tech crystal and a really big, bold bezel on this.

You’re, going to have for the very first time on a steel bracelet, these spring tensioned dual deployment that you see on many of our ceramic bracelets. This is all 360 no steel done in black ionic plating and all the gray that you see on the dial.

Yes, that is charcoal gray, super-luminova, alright, so there you have it for those of you shopping on a budget you want to spend under $ 100. You’ve, now seen the top 10 best sellers on our entire website go get them before they’re all sold out.