Top 10 Most Stylish Men’s Watches Under $100

What’s up you, too Jesse style of G. You know today’s, video. I got my picks for the 10, most stylish watches under 100 bucks. If you’re new to the channel, we release a new video every day at 4 p.m. Eastern discussing various men’s, lifestyle topics such as style, grooming and dating.

I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like shabbat e leu. Now you’re, often hear me say it’s, the small details that can really make an outfit stand out and if you want to stand out these days an easy way to do.

It is to wear a watch a lot of guys. Don’t even bother with a watch. I know you can check your time looking at the phone, but come on. This is a style channel. A nice flag, good-looking watch makes you stand out above the crowd.

Now I’m, not allow you guys. Don & # 39. T necessarily want to make a sizable investment in a watch that’s. Why, in this video I’ve got 10 great-looking watches that won’t break the bank. Now these aren’t your timepieces, that you’re, going to pass down from generation to generation.

Take it easy on me: watch snobs these watches the ones that look good and complete your outfit. So how further do let’s, get into my picks for the 10 best looking watches, I’m there 100 bucks. For my first pick, I have a black little black beauty for my guys who, like a watch with a big watch case, I’m talking about this Armani Exchange black on black bracelet watch.

Now this one has a logo etched bar that slices straight across a texture style of a smart bracelet watch. It’s, cast in a dual finish: stainless steel for the trifold buckle and stainless steel, mineral crystals.

Now what I like about this one for my guys, they’re, like a big watch style. This one is 46 millimeters beautiful black on black watch. It was only gonna set you back. 97. 99. My next pick is another one for my guys who, like their watches with a large black space, this one is from Timberland that’s right Timberland with this Timberland Blake bracelet watch.

Now this one has bold numbers and markers that make time selling easy on a striking stainless steel white. It’s distinguished with a logo. Embossed blue die cool blue silver, color combo, really love it as buckle closure in three hand: chords movement.

I really love the understated look of the stainless steel with the blue dial and this one resets you back 89 bucks. My next pick is for my guys out there who, like their watches, but a little bit more of a rugged, look as we have fossils.

The commuter leather strap watch now this one is a nice minimalist mix of numbers and slim indices, that mark a sunray dial on a stately time telling and it’s set on a rugged. Leather strap – and I think this brown, black and silver color combination pretty good-looking on top of that, this one he runs you around 55 bucks.

My next pick is for those guys out there, like myself, who, like a nice NATO, strap watch as we have this Ted Baker. London’s, NATO strap. Now I really love this combination, orange gray and gold. This one has a date window with polish, thick indexes and colorful hands that mark a gleaming sunray dial of a dapper round watch with the dark plated stainless steel case and a woven, 2-tone strap beautiful.

If you’re like me and you love a NATO strap, but you want one of it a little bit of a different color, this Ted Baker, London, one easy to find on sale, but 77 bucks. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, my next pick is for you that’s.

This Casio vintage digital clasp metal watch. Now this is a nice loves metal watch from Casio featuring an easy to read digital face it’s, water-resistant designed it’s finished with a metal link bracelet and a locking clasp closure to keep it secure and on top of its Nice vintage 80s feel I like this bronze color makes it seem a little more expensive than actually it is only gonna run.

You 65 bucks. Now my next pick, I got another watch that comes in at only 65 bucks for my rugged watch enthusiast. This is a Timex, easy reader leather strap watch. Now this one has a natural leather, strap that enhances the rugged aesthetic of a gun, metal plated wristwatch featuring a sunray dial illuminated with indigo lighting for easy nighttime reading.

This was simple rugged and sleep and, like I said, but 65 bucks can’t go wrong with this time now for our next pick, I got one that’s far from rugged it’s, a beautiful black and rose Gold watch that’s sleek and smooth.

I’m talking about this Breda Brewer leather strap watch. Now this one has slender markers in the center date window a clean, balanced, aesthetic. This watch design was inspired by a conic, modern designer Marcel Breuer.

Now this watch to me smooth, sleek and sophisticated and hit you right on the hundred dollar mark. Next up. We have the least expensive watch on the whole list. Only gonna run you 40 bucks. I’ll talk about this Urban Outfitters marbled watch Medus one has a nice modern, minimalist design, sleek matte black metal case with a marble print dial in three hand: quartz Mundi.

I really loved this simple sleekness in a nice little detailing of the marble inside the face down and, like I said for 40 bucks, you can’t go wrong with this one. The next pick. I have a watch that’s.

A great color combination of gunmetal brown and blue – I’m talking about this time, max Fairfield chronograph leather watch. Now this one has a great minimalist design with a clean palette. It’s, water-resistant down to 30 meters, and I really love the Indiglo light-up watch that’s.

Easy to read at night comes with a great genuine leather strap with this beautiful color combination. Not only is this watch look good, it’s accurate to one twentieth of a second, you get a combination of good, looks and function with this time Max and is only gonna run.

You ninety-nine bucks and last but not least, on my list of the most stylish watches under 100 bucks. I have a clean, unpretentious sleep watch. I’m talking about this gunmetal and brass mixing time selling.

Now, like I said this, one has clean lines and unpretentious versatile style has a classic three hand: movement and comfortable custom, five length, stainless steel bracelet with a sliding buckle for a secure fit.

I really love the color combination on this one with the gunmetal brass and the stainless steel, smooth, sleek and sophisticated, and hit you right at the $ 100 bar okay. So there you had my piece for the most stylish watches under hundred bucks.

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