Top 20 Watches Under $200 (2020 Edition!)

Top 20 Watches Under $200 (2020 Edition!)

So let’s start this video off talking about a watch brand that’s been around for almost eighty years, yet most of you probably have never heard of it. That company is Vostok. Now, if you’re familiar with your history, you know that this is the official supplier of watches to the former Soviet Union.

So back in 1942, the Moscow watch Factory was destroyed and they relocated. They founded this company and these guys have been making watches for the Russians and Ukrainians and Belarusians and all the former Soviet republics for a long time now, this watch I’ve got right.

Here is probably one of the more famous ones, and I absolutely love it. It is the Vostok Commodore ski. I think I said that correctly. This one right here is the 24-hour watch. Why do you need a 24-hour watch because imagine if you’re on a submarine and you don’t surface for days for weeks at a time, guess what you don’t you lose track of time.

So is it two o’clock in the morning two o’clock in the afternoon? If you look at this watch, you don’t have to worry about it because instantly you can tell what time of the day it is it’s. Really, I think in the ingenious watch, something very unique.

Hence why? I think this is a great watch that any guy could easily buy under 200 bucks, add to his collection and stand out from the crowd, oh and by the way it’s automatic it’s, a rugged watch and if you are In the dive watches go check out, Vostok dive watches.

I think these are hidden gems, a lot of people loved it again. It is a little bit of a rougher watch. I’m, not going to say it’s as polished. There’s, a lot of the other ones out there, but if you want something that’s, gonna be different.

Something’s. Gon na stand out from the crowd definitely check out Vostok. Now, sticking with the Russian theme let’s, talk about Luke and the one-handed watch again I’m going for unique here and guess what the price well under a hundred bucks for this watch now one-handed watches these have been around for A long time, but I think that this one is affordable, it looks good and it’s, just a novelty fun watch to add to your collection.

Now. What is a one-hand watch? Look at it right here. Do you notice how they simply use one hand to tell you the time? Is it accurate down to the second? No, it’s not, but is it gonna be something that’s? A great conversation starter, something you could add to your collection and have a watch, unlike any already in your collection, the answer there is yes, next up on this list, we & # 39.

Ve got a watch that’s, pretty much on everybody’s list for one of the most affordable best deal high quality watches out there. That is the orient BAM you can find this one for anywhere from $ 100 to $ 150.

This is the generation 2 version. I think, although they’re already up to generation 4. What is the difference? So, as the generations go on, the watches have actually gotten a little bit larger. Not everyone likes that me included, because I & # 39.

Ve got a smaller wrist, but this one right here is about 40 to 40 and a half millimeters in size. It’s about 12 millimeters thick. It’s, a good-looking watch. The only thing I can see a lot of people don’t like – and I agree with – is that the glass on this will scratch easily.

But if you want a good-looking dress watch you want something that is affordable, that’s automatic that, basically again and again, people are giving great reviews, including myself, check out the Orient Bambino.

But let me know in the comments if you agree disagree, because I know a lot of you guys, probably own this watch and you could probably give you a bit of advice down there. Next up, I’ve got the Rey in the Mako, both by orient I’ve.

Had these watches for a while, I’ve talked about them before in my collection, video, absolutely love these watches. These are gonna be more rugged than the Bambino and their dive watches. Now, what’s, the difference? It’s really in the style here, and you’re, also going to find that the Mako 2 is slightly larger.

Although it & # 39, s almost insignificant the size difference, but both of these great looking dive, watches, as you can tell, I love both of them automatic, just yeah, great watches, to add to your collection and well under 200 bucks.

Next up, we’ve got the Timex ms1 maritime sport. This is a combination, deal with Todd Snyder and that’s. What I like about this because Timex by itself, not very stylish with Todd, Snider very stylish, I think they did a great job well under 200 bucks, and I think the style is what sold it to me and what really closed the deal the Indiglo now tommix Is known for this, but I’ve, never seen it on a watch like this again very affordable price.

So I grabbed this one and no reservations it’s got a nice bezel on it and just really cool look to it. The only only thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t have a hacking day, so you’ve, actually got to rotate the time to get to the accurate day and that’s.

Kind of a pain in the butt, but it’s, a quartz watch, so you only have to do it once every couple years. Next up, I’ve got another Timex Todd, Snider combination, as you can tell. I love this duo here.

Todd Snider was able to bring a lot of style to a basic field, watch inspiration from the 1970s Timex made. Oh, it’s similar watch to this, but this one right here just absolutely love the only thing I don’t like about it only 50 meters water-resistant.

Everything else is really clean. When you look at the dial you look at how easy it is to read the numbers, it’s, a quartz watch. It’s, going to keep it relatively affordable, well under the $ 200 mark.

But one thing I really like about this: the color combination, so you see the steel it & # 39. S got, I think, a little bit of brass in there also with the the strap just a good-looking olive, green military-inspired.

Just clean look and watch absolutely love. It that’s, why? I’m, putting it on this list. Next up gents, we’ve got the Timex Fairfield. This is quartz watch a simple, clean good-looking watch has solid reviews, but I really bought it.

For this particular reason – and that is to say, hey, how does this compare to Vince Eric? So if you look at this watch right here and you compare it to a Vince er, you’re, like god, they’re, pretty darn close, but why would you pay 70 bucks more for Vince arrow and by the way they did Not sponsor this video guys, I wanted to see for myself and guess what Vince arrows are better.

In my opinion, when I look at the design, the thickness the overall build on the strap much better on the Vince arrow. When I look at the dial, when I look at the detail, they paid attention to right underneath the glass the Vince arrow blew this thing out of the water.

Is the Timex still a great deal? Yes, it’s, a hundred bucks, then Sarah one hundred and seventy dollars or you can get it cheaper if you use a discount code, which I will put down in the description by point being, is all you guys that bash fashion watches? Do you actually own the various watches that you’re talking about if you ever looked at them? I have, and I can tell you that a lot of these fashion watches especially if it’s arrow, are doing a solid job.

Yes, you may think you can get a better deal with a Seiko. Well, I & # 39. Ve got a lot of Seiko CEO and I’ll. Tell you that some of these psychos the quality I’m, just not impressed with give me hate down in the comments I I will listen and I’ll respond, but I’m still not gonna change.

My stance, because I go out there and I put my money where my mouth is, and I compared the two and yeah the Vince arrow blew the timex out of the water. Next time we’ve got the Timex Navajo Bert 38 in black.

It’s, got a black canvas, strap 38 millimeters across a little bit of a smaller watch. But I really like this: one just went down to a hundred meters: water resistance, it’s, going to be quartz as well, can easily find this one under $ 200, and I just like the all-black look.

They do make some good-looking watches, especially when they’re inspired from their past. Next, I’ve got the sago 5 SNK 793. If your max budget is a hundred bucks, this is a solid watch. It’s, something that if you’re, getting your first kind of dress watch and you want a metal band, then yeah.

This will suffice. But if you & # 39, ve got a bit more. If you could maybe save up three hundred dollars, I would highly recommend you go with the Tsar 0:33. Why this one just feels so much better. I think it’s.

Just you know from the band is: is where it’s at when you hold these right up next to each other. You do see the difference again. This one’s. Gon na be three to four times the cost of this one right here, so you got to make a determination what’s, your budget and where can you go with, but it’s, a nice watch em, and so I’ll recommend it and I’ll, keep it on this list, but I would recommend maybe looking to trade up now as a shaky band, always a bad thing.

I would say no and in fact it’s perfectly fine. For this Seiko 5, which is the sports dive watch – and I absolutely love this one – I’ve, had it now for closing in on 2 years. It is a solid watch. It looks good classic if you just want a simple dive watch type style and you’ve got about $ 200 to spend definitely check out this Seiko 5 sport next time.

Let’s. Talk about the watch. I’ve, been wearing throughout this video, and right now is my current favorite, and that is the S & amp, P, P 27, and this is their recraft series. I just like this watch its unique, so you notice this to the shape we & # 39.

Ve got that square. I love the green dial, just absolutely beautiful the way it plays with the light and the band. I think that they did a great job, paying attention to the details on the band now this watch normally sells for quite a bit more than 200 bucks, but you’ll, find it on sale.

It’s, not in high demand. I think it is an excellent watch, especially if you’ve got a little bit smaller or a medium sized wrist. This is gonna fit you perfectly fine. Next up what, if you want a cheap dive watch you’re, not gon.

Na cry, if you lose it, if you break it and at the same time you want the whole dive watch. Look you want that analog. Look! Well guess what right here Casio has you covered? I bought this watch a while back and have to say that initially I thought I was like.

Ah, this is overly cheap because I’m, comparing it to Rolex and stuff like that, but whenever I it’s, certainly wearing this thing. I’m, like this. Is a nice fun, simple watch and that’s. Why it’s on this list very affordable.

You look around 20 bucks and it’s, just a good watch. It tell us accurate time now. You know it doesn’t. I wouldn’t, go diving with this thing, but it definitely is something you can go swimming with no problem and it’s.

A good-looking watch next up. We’ve got a couple G shots. We’ve got the G 7900 and the G 9000. What I like about this one right here is just it’s a great stopwatch. I’m practicing sprinting with my son Ashley.

He’s, doing the sprinting. I’m timing him. So I wear this. Whenever we go to the track, we’re in the YMCA running laps, and I can just time him accurately and I like it, it’s, a larger watch next up the G 9000.

This one I wear whenever I’m, going to the pool with my daughters. We play this game where I set the timer. You know start the stopwatch, throw the watch and they go grab it and bring it back to me. So I’m.

Just got good memories. It’s, a good it’s. Just like the look to the Reds right here on the outside with the black it’s, just smaller than a lot of my other G Shox and is a good looking watch that gets the job done now.

If those are too small. For you look at the master of G mud master, and this one right here has a lot more features than the other watches. I just showed you again: it’s, a g-shock, a larger one. We’re talking with, like 52 millimeter across what’s cool about this, though, is it doesn’t feel that large.

But if you look around, you definitely can find this for under 200 bucks and it’s, just a fun cool watch. Maybe this would probably be the watch I would go to if yeah the it hits the fan and I need you know.

I mean I’m a little bit of a prepper, so yeah. Maybe I take this watch with me. I take that back. I’d, probably go with this watch. If it was the end of the world because it’s got the Eco Drive. This is the citizen pro master pro diver and it is a solid watch.

Very functional. Also, very affordable comes in a nice package again. What I love about this is: unless we do something we block out the Sun. This thing’s, just gonna keep on going, and it really does a great job of very quickly being able to take a charge, just a solid watch.

Yes, you could go diving with a lot of people. Talk about this watch and if you wanted to even step up the style part of it change out this, you know the silicone band and actually get something that’s made out of metal.

You’re good to go next up. We & # 39, ve got the Phoebus px 0 0 to be – and I love this one just because of the color and the overall look the oh that Phoebus chose, I think, is awesome, especially for a dive watch, and I just found that this thing is Accurate it’s beautiful.

I love that little stone right there at the top on the bezel, just a good-looking, solid watch again, I’m. A huge dive watch fan. So let’s. Keep going next up. We & # 39, ve got the Invictus pro diver this one’s, got the two-tone with the gold and steel a good-looking watch, except for the logos I mean functionally.

This is fine and I think overall you know it’s. Just a cool look and watch, except for that logo, that’s in your face over on the side. That is my issue with it and that’s. Why? I do recommend another company Laurie? Oh, so I & # 39.

Ve talked about these guys before not many people have heard of Laurie. Oh, I need to give a hat tip to Jodi over it. Just one more watch for turning me on to Laurie. Oh and yeah, they & # 39, ve got sapphire glass and I just love the overall design.

Now, of course, it looks just like a Rolex Submariner, but what’s interesting? Is that most people, if you were to show them the Rolex and the Laurie? Oh they wouldn’t, be able to tell the difference if it wasn’t for the logo.

That yeah clearly says Laurie. Oh now, if you were to show them a sterling, they would easily be able to tell the difference between this and a Rolex. These guys, don’t, try to be Rolex and I think it’s, really those big numerals right there.

What sets this apart? It’s, a little bit more of a clunkier watch, a little bit larger at 42 millimeters. I have to admit I don’t wear this very often, but it has been a solid watch that I would recommend you add, maybe to your collection.

Now let’s. Talk about some brands that I don’t own, but I’m still gonna recommend them, because, again and again I see them on the top list of watches that are a great deal under $ 200. I looked at all the reviews online, so if you want an aviator watch, if you want something, looks a little bit more complicated check out the Nighthawk, this is made by citizen.

Again and again I see this popping up on list after list of the best watches out there, or maybe just a flight cronograph check out this steel, black dial made by Seiko beautiful watch right here. Yes, you’re gonna find it sometimes just over 200, but look around.

You can probably find some really good deals out there. Now, if you can & # 39, t find that for under 200 bucks and you & # 39, ve got a stick under that budget check out the Casio edifice. Chronograph a great-looking watch very similar in style to the last watches just talked about.

So what video? To watch next jets, my entire watch collection right here –