Whatsapp on Apple Watch

What’s happening everyone, and in this video I want to show you what you can do and what options you have in case. You want to use whatsapp on your Apple watch, so let’s get started with this video right now.

You probably know that in case you go to your iPhone and you will try to search for the what app application on the Apple watch. You’re, not going to find it, because it is simply not there. Of course you can get the notification in case you receive a text message or the whatsapp message.

You also get it as a notification on the Apple watch, but nothing else just like when you receive an Instagram notification. I mean you don’t. Have the dedicated Instagram app running on the Apple watch and the same thing is happening with the whatsapp? So even if you get the notification you don’t have the option or ability to reply.

You are not able to view the chats and browse through it, but you, don’t, have pretty much anything besides the notification that appears on your wrist. So, like I say, you’re, not having the official app from whatsapp, but what you can use instead is a client application which will do pretty much the very same thing, with the difference that it’s, not official, but it will Try to replicate that trying to search through the app store to find out the client application you’re gonna find out that there are hundreds of them.

I mean not really hundreds, but there are a few. So I’m gonna show you which one you should download right now, because there are some paid and some free options. Of course, I will show you the free one, and this one is called chat.

If I, this is exactly what I’m talking about it has the whatsapp client, which of course, can be found down below in a description I mean the length this app can be found there. Just like all the time.

If you watch my videos, you probably know – or you are already used to it – that you don’t have to search for anything and in case you also don’t want to miss some future content like this, and also some best Tips and apps for your Apple watch, iPad and everything related then definitely click the subscribe button right now, but since this app is only a client for your Apple watch, you’re, not able to use it in here, but what you have to do, Instead is to basically follow the instructions so get inside your watch and open up the that you have just downloaded.

I mean the chat. If I app, which looks sort of like the whatsapp icon, I mean they tried to replicate it so make sure to wait until the QR code is happening right here. So now what you have to do is to get your official whatsapp application.

Of course, click on the settings and click on the option which says whatsapp web slash desktop and now, if you click right here, you can scan the QR code, which is appearing on the Apple watch. It’s, just as simple as that, and now you should be able to start using the Apple watch.

I mean the whatsapp on the Apple watch. You can of course, search for more messages. You can also open up photos and everything related to it. So I think that this is definitely a great way how you can use whatsapp on your Apple watch.

It’s completely free you, don’t have to worry about anything in it and it still tries to mimic the look of the whatsapp application and since we don & # 39, t have the original version. At least this one is something that we have to go for, but just like, I said that there are also some paid versions which I don’t really see the reason why you should go and download the paid one when this is completely free And it works pretty much really good, of course, for some other functions and for some added features you have to go and get just like you can see in the app you can also get the pro or the upgraded version, so you can upgrade to premium, which Of course is not free, so you can see one single payment and you get all of the possibilities and all of the advantages I wouldn’t go for it because you can use it normally without that as well, but this would be everything I Hope you found this video useful.

Of course, I’m, not gonna go through the functions. You of course know that you can scribble reply and everything you’re gonna find out, but it means you have the app that you can use for your whatsapp conversations.

So thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoy this one and for more content like this for more similar videos like this in the future, don’t forget to smash the subscribe button and also click the thumbs up to.

Let me know that you liked it and see you in the next video as well peace out guys