Hey I’m Seth and Allan box pretty much anything, and today I’m unboxing, something which I’m, actually very excited for it, as you may be able to tell if you can read what’s On the box, this is an Apple watch and not just any Apple watch.

This is the Apple watch series 3. Now technically, this Apple watch is completely out of date. This Apple watch came out in 2017 and in 2019 we had the Apple watch series 5 and presumably in 2020, we’re gonna be getting the Apple watch series 6, but there is a reason why I picked up the series 3 over the Most recent series 5 or just waiting for the series 6 and that’s because the price on this was awesome.

I picked up a brand new Apple watch series 3 in a 42 millimeter size on Amazon for two hundred and forty dollars. After-Tax and actually you can. I’ve left an affiliate link to grab the Apple watch series 3 in the description below I’ve, been running a lot more and trying to get more in shape, and I realized that the more I did this, the more I Wanted to know more about my runs and how I was doing and how I was performing.

So, in order to do that, I wanted to grab something that would help me quantify what I’m doing and the Apple watch just seemed like such a great way to do it, because I’m already so deep in the Apple Ecosystem, I & # 39.

Ve, got an iPhone. I’ve got a MacBook. I’ve got an iPad. I & # 39. Ve got every Apple thing other than like an eye home that you can have. I home not an eye home Apple home pod, that’s. What it is – and I home is like that iPod thing from like 2007, I don’t, know what I’m talking about, but I have a lot of Apple stuff and because of that, I felt like the Apple watch was just A obvious choice, but rather than grabbing the newest version, the series 5.

I opted for the two-year-old version because it has a lot of the same features and it’s like half the price. In fact, Apple actually stopped selling the series 4 on their website, and now they only sell the series 3 and the series 5, because the series 3 is a much cheaper option with a lot of the same features.

So with all that being said, let’s, cut this guy open and see what it looks like that & # 39. Ll, be honest. I have had an Apple watch in the past. I had the actually the Apple watch series 1, the first generation when I bought it like right when it came out – and I had that for almost two years and then I got sick of it.

I was like I don’t need this, but to be fair, I wasn’t running at the time and I was working at a desk, so I had my phone next to me at all times. If you’re. Just gonna be using it as kinda, just a fun accessory to answer text messages and your phone’s.

Next to you, it’s, just not worth having. I got my fiancee one. I got her this series 4. I believe and a series one um and she uses it all the time she actually was a bag designer and she just couldn’t, have her phone on the workstation.

So what she did instead was had an Apple watch, and I thought that was a smart idea, so it made sense for her, but for me it just didn’t until now. Now that I started working out again, so let’s slide this box open this box actually looks a lot more simple than I remember it.

Looking at least for the series one it’s, just literally a white box, it says Apple watch series three and then you & # 39. Ve got some info on the back, but that’s. It that’s. Everything, of course, the first thing you see inside the box is this designed by Apple in California, and then most likely, some information like you & # 39.

Ve got what looks like the instruction manual, which is really long and thin. Look at that. You got some more literature and then you & # 39. Ve also got the oh, the extra strap and the charger makes sense very cool.

Let’s, pull out the charger. I don’t know how, but I’m. Going to there we go okay, you just pull it. It was easy. Come on out, come on out buddy there we go okay. Here we go so this is the Apple watch series, three charger and actually just general Apple watch charger.

It’s, literally just a magnetic wireless charger that the Apple watch just kind of sits on top of, and you can charge it overnight. Super useful. You can plug it into your normal. You know Apple wall warts or standard wall warts, whatever you want to do, works great.

This, unfortunately, does not come with the wall wart, so you will need to buy an extra one if you do not have an extra one, which you probably do. I have like an Amazon Brandon, one which I use. All the time is great.

You know you & # 39. Ve also got your slightly. Oh this just a small medium watchband I & # 39. Ll honestly, probably need this, because I & # 39. Ve got very thin wrists, so I might have to switch it out.

Okay, so next up we & # 39. Ve got the actual Apple watch itself. I haven’t. Seen one of these. That’s, not true. I see one on my fiance’s arm all the time. I haven’t worn one of these in years, and it looks almost exactly the same.

I mean it’s, a Series three. This is before the design update that came two years ago, so it’s. Basically, the same exact thing: let me pull off this plastic that they’ve got on it there we go perfect easy and there it is.

The Apple watch series 3. So let’s. Turn this guy on let’s, see charged-up doesn’t. Look like it’s changed um, okay, well, um! Let me try and put it on my wrist see if this strap is gonna be fine. If not, then I’m going to put on the smaller strap and then we’ll charge it there’s a much better way to do this.

There’s, got ta, be. How does this work? I don’t remember how to put it on. This is embarrassing. Okay, there’s a whole instruction manual at it. Okay, there we go so first things. First, you put this into the hole that you want to clipped into.

I’m gonna use the smallest hole and then slide it in like this. Okay, that works. Actually, the large medium wrist strap works. Fine, it is kind of all the way. Wrapped up looks fine. It looks like an Apple watch.

Why do we get this charged up and then sync it up to my phone and then hopefully get the Nike Run Club at synced up to it? Okay, so I’ve got it charged up a little bit, it still says low battery, but what you gonna do I’m gonna start pairing it to my phone and hopefully it all works out, even though it’s got low battery, so I got the 42 millimeter aluminum case and unfortunately, on the Apple watch series three: you can only now buy the aluminum case if you want to buy a more expensive case or like the ceramic case, or something like that.

I don’t even know if they still do the ceramic case, but if you want to buy the more expensive case options you have to go with the Apple watch series: five, unless you buy, you know secondhand or something like that.

The 42 millimeter. I believe was 220 or 229 and then, if you get the 38 millimeter it’s $ 1.99, so it’s actually even cheaper, but for men who have bigger wrists, 42 millimeters, probably the way to go.

I could have gotten away with 38 no problem, but you know it is what it is. I just wanted the bigger Apple watch, so I could see more information on the screen. So now it says it’s, signing it to my account, and it may take a few minutes so uh.

I guess we just sit and wait huh. So while my Apple watch is syncing all the apps over from my phone, a couple of the features I wanted to talk about were one. Obviously, this doesn’t have all the features that the Apple watch Series 5.

Has it doesn’t? Have that new EKG monitor, I believe, and it also doesn’t. Have those rounded edges around the screen. The screen itself is actually just a basic rectangle, just like the original Apple watch, but those are really the only two things other than processors that have been upgraded in the newer versions.

I think the series 3 is slightly thicker than the Apple watch series 5, but not noticeably, and surprisingly, one of the benefits of the Apple watch series 3 over the series is that the battery life is the same.

If not a little bit better. Now totally took me by surprise, but it makes a lot of sense because the Apple watch series 5 has an always-on display this one. You actually have to tap to wake up, which I think I prefer.

So you can save a lot of battery life. That way, there is, of course, the cellular version of the Apple watch series 3, that you can grab it’s a little bit more expensive. I believe it’s $ 2.99 for the 42 millimeter size, which is you know, like 70 bucks more, which is a little bit of money.

You also do have to pay for a cellular plan for that Apple watch, and that varies based on what service provider you have that’s great. If you don & # 39, t want to carry your phone around with you everywhere, like.

If you’re going on runs you don’t want to bring your phone. I don’t honestly run that far from my house. So I’m, not too worried about leaving my phone at home. I’ll. Just keep the Apple watch with me to track my movements and also all download songs onto it.

So I can listen to them on my air pods, but that’s. Really all I’m gonna use it for so I didn’t need the cellular. I didn’t want to spend the extra like $ 8 a month with Verizon or $ 10 a month or however much it is it just wasn’t worth it, but that option is available to you.

If you want it, there’s. Also a nike version of this Apple watch, which I believe is the same price, but you have to buy it through Apple. You can’t, buy it on Amazon. Unfortunately, at the time of me buying this watch, it was sold out.

I kind of liked the watchband a little bit better on the Nike version. It apparently also has a new watch face, but um that’s about it. It’s. Essentially, the same exact watch and that’s, why it’s, the same price.

I just liked it because I like Nike stuff, as you can tell, if you haven’t seen my main channel. All I talk about is sneakers over there. So definitely check that out. If you like, sneakers and you just didn’t know about that channel.

But I’m, really excited to test it out once it’s, inked, which it’s lying about it says your Apple watch is almost ready, but that’s. A bold-faced lie because I’m looking at the status bar and it’s like three four little dots out of probably a hundred, so it’s gonna take forever.

Okay, now that we’re done syncing, let’s, throw this guy on and see how it looks so. I accidentally zoomed it and I’m, not sure exactly how to undo okay. So the main reason I wanted to get this wash was for the Nike run app.

Oh man. I realize that’s kind of crazy to get you know a two hundred dollar watch just for one app, but that’s. Really the main thing I’m gonna use it for so let’s, see if that is fully installed. Yet the run app is still installing no way I can actually connect to my Nike Adept beb├ęs, the Auto lacing sneakers hold on.

I’m gonna. Do that really quick? So I had these Auto lacing nike tap shoes and if you & # 39, ve watched my other channel at all my sneaker channel. You know that um we know what these are all about. I did a whole review on them a whole video on them and apparently you can actually tighten your shoes from your Apple watch.

Okay, so here’s. What the app looks like, I’m gonna try and tighten the right shoe a little bit. Okay took a second, but it happened. Can I tell you a lot there? We go it’s so crazy. Now it’s, definitely slower than using the app on my phone, but it works that’s.

Awesome see I’ll. Show you the difference. Actually so here’s, the phone app I’m gonna slide up on the right shoe, tighten it a little bit instant but on the watch app, it might take a couple seconds so Siri popped up.

Give me a second there. We go it took like five seconds for it to register, but it still works. Nike app, hasn’t fully installed. Yet that’s, so annoying got an email from New Balance. I might actually turn off my emails and notifications on this, because I just don’t want text, messages and emails coming through on this watch.

It would just get so annoying and I know for a lot of people that’s like the main feature and the main reason they want this. But for me I just I just don’t need it. It’s. Just too much info hitting me in the face all the time they’ve added, so many new apps to this Apple watch that they’ve just never had when I had in series one.

So it’s, nice. It’s like almost like a whole brand new thing. You know, at least for me, I’m gonna download some music onto my Apple watch, just to have it running playlists. That freaks me out a little bit: okay, okay, so I’m downloading the running playlist, just so that when I actually run I don’t need my phone and I should be good to go once the running playlist is downloaded and The Nike run app is downloaded now, if FedEx, why is everything else installing, except for the one app that I want? I’ve done a lot of research on the Nike run app.

I use it on my phone. I know exactly what it does it’s, an awesome app to use for running, especially if you have Nike sneakers, because then you can track how many miles you’ve done in each pair of sneakers.

It’s. Super cool but um I’m stoked to have it on my Apple watch and I’m stoked to be able to track my my calorie burning percentage. Yes, I don’t know what’s going, but that and then also my steps things like that.

Overall, I’m, really excited about the Apple watch Series. Three I just I don’t need the series. Five I don’t need all those new features and to be fair, there aren’t too many of them and for double the price.

I just don’t think it’s worth it. If your budget conscious and you want an Apple watch, the series three is a great way to go. It saves you a bunch of money. You get almost all the same features. The battery life is great.

I just think it’s, the way to go unless you want that brand new thing like you always need the newest tech, which used to be me, but saving up for a wedding and a house can’t. Be me anymore through that guy, I totally understand, get the newest Apple watch.

You probably already have it. It is what it is, but if you’re, just a normal person and you want an Apple watch for notifications or exercising or whatever it is. This is a great way to go, but with that we pretty much wrap up the video for today now I would love to know your thoughts on the Apple watch and which version you would pick up or which version you did pick up.

So let me know in the comment section down below and as always thank you so much for watching make sure to check out the Apple watch Series 3 through the affiliate link in the description below make sure to subscribe to this channel.

If you haven’t yet, and I & # 39, ll see you all on the next one.