18-Karat Gold Apple Watch Edition Unboxing!


What is up guys here, so I’ve been made an in quite a long time, and I thought what is a better way to bring that back then, with an Apple watch Edition model, as you guys can see here. is the 38 millimeter case: 18 karat, yellow , sapphire crystal Retina display ceramic back sport band black, and is the original guys.

is the real deal.

Let’s go ahead and see what’s inside? Is it different than any of those other models, so I’m sorry guys if I’m talking really weird, I’d say it’s.

Actually I have those invisible braces.

I got ta wear my three hours a day so start with me here.

If we open this thing up, this is so .

Alright go ahead and check this out.

Alright! Alright, we got some nice looking box here and actually let’s set this aside here.

Let’s take a look here first.

So what do we have here designed by Apple in California? Okay, so we looks like we have some instruction manual activity, friends apps faces. We have an extra band here, and this looks like some nice.

Oh it’s like a cleaning cloth like a limited edition.

Apple edition cleaning cloth, so I don’t know if you guys can see that it does say watch edition, but I can feel it feels really nice so and then over here.

This is a very nice material feels really good.

This really shows how the was made, so you could see very detailed page by page looks really nice and I’m, assuming here yes, gon na um, actually close part of it off.

But it says you,’re, unique Apple watch serial number and I believe that’s also in Fortune karat gold.

I’m not sure, though, that just specifically that little area alright let’s put that aside, looks like we got the lightning to USB careful here.

Alright and of course, your wall charger, pretty basic, let’s set that aside and take a look at this, so this is a really I think I know what this is.

I’ve seen a few pictures.

This is the magnetic charging case and you can actually charger right over here. So just to show you guys let’s see how this opens up.

Yep it’s magnetic so here,’s, the says: watch edition, really really nice material and let’s see what does this say here? It’s like it, says: anti tarnish shipping filter discard after , okay, so oh and then we’ve got this thing.

The charging thing, so I’m going to go ahead again.

This is the 38 millimeter one, not the 42.

Okay, let’s go ahead and my hands are like shaking: I can barely handle this feel like it.’s such a delicacy.

Okay, it opens okay, okay, this looks good.

It’s, our anything else.

Here, let’s just take a look here.

What does it say? It?’s really hard to see.

The font is like super tiny, but it says 18 karat, gold, sapphire crystal ceramic back cereal. Oh, that shows you the several information I guess watch.

So let me go ahead and see what happens here.

If I just power it on so here’s just a closer look at the back again, you can see all the beautiful gold – and here it is guys you can actually see that that’s pretty much the startup process.

It’s actually showing you 38 millimeter case 18 karat gold, just confirming everything so now, just to show you guys how the magnetic case works as far as charging I’m going to go ahead and place this right in here, and there we go.

You can see you can hear that noise and adjust a charging okay guys so that’s pretty much it for the setup process and, as you can see, it actually feels really good on the wrist and everything works pretty well.

There’s the weather app.

It takes it quite a bit a long time to wait, though I’m just what else is there hello, okay and then, if you want to change the watch faces, you can do that too, and that’s pretty much it guys.

So thanks for watching stay tuned for more videos and peace out, .

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