7 Reasons Why A Rolex Watch Is NOT Worth Your Money!

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thinking about buying a let me save you a little bit of time and a lot of money don't do it seriously even if you have the money buying a isn't the right decision for most men and in today's video I'm gonna talk about seven things that you should think about before you buy a now to start things off yes I've bought and owned four Rolexes the first one I purchased over two years ago was this beautiful yacht master right here I purchased this with my friend Aaron Marino to celebrate my first million-dollar year with the next roller cuz I picked up was my blue dial date just absolutely love this watch I wanted something a bit fancier something more of a dress watch then I could celebrate men flew inchul it was the first year that we sold out so again I wanted something to remember to celebrate that event I knew it wasn't gonna last forever and I wanted something to commemorate something I could look back on and remember those times the third Rolex I picked up is the rolex explorer absolutely love this design and the story behind it so after Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest with a Rolex they actually commissioned this to be built to celebrate that hence the Rolex Explorer and I bought this one because I wanted to celebrate me and my family traveling the world we've lived in Thailand we go live over in Ukraine multiple other countries I was just in Mauritius with my son we're looking to travel maybe to Sri Lanka I wanted a watch they could celebrate us just going out there and see in the world and the final watch on this list the date now on this one doesn't really have a great story I simply was speaking to a friend he had it in stock they're hard to get so I grabbed it because I've always wanted this watch and I thought it would be fun to own so to get things started let's address the elephant in the room why would a guy with four Rolexes tell you not to purchase a Rolex because I've also bought about 75 other watches and what I've noted is it I'm not wearing my Rolex is all that much actually two of them do make my normal rotation but two of them really just sit and aren't worn at all so it is something I want to make sure that if you're gonna buy a Rolex that it's the right decision for you oh and to have a little bit of fun let's see if you can guess the watch I'm wearing right here I'm just gonna reveal a bit of it let me just say that it is very closely related to Rolex it's not a Rolex though let me know down in the comments and we'll see who can guess it I'll reveal at the end of today's video so the first reason not to buy a Rolex is to buy it for status purposes and I know that that's why the sport still watches sell because everyone wants to own a Rolex at the entry-level price point hence why the price is driven up on them but here's the deal I've had maybe 50 conversations in over two years about my watches whenever I'm wearing a Rolex and of those 50 conversations probably 10 of them actually were with people that weren't you know we didn't bring it up or they weren't in the know they weren't in the industry so I've had 10 people in a total of two years and let's think I've probably walked by through New York City airports everything I know hundred thousand people and I've interacted has to be like but at least a couple thousand at least a couple thousand and almost nobody has noticed the watch so if you're buying it for status I don't think it's worth it based on my experience it seriously I read about a guy that bought a watch and he said you know I went to the airport I put my arms up there they saw my watch they upgraded me to first-class I've actually tried this I know it's so superficial but it has never happened and I've probably flown I don't know 20 times and actually tried this trick but no I mean I have people have noticed the watch but again these have been people that know a lot about watches and we've been talking style and it's usually at meetups or events like that now I'm not saying that wearing a nice watch doesn't level up your status but it doesn't necessarily need to be a Rolex and that's my point here the thing is a lot of people are just buying the Rolex for the SAS to be able to say that they have the Rolex but if you're out there announcing that you have a Rolex yeah you've got issues unless you're me at an airport again trying to get knocked knocked up the first class I swear it's all an experiment next time let's talk about how the watch makes you feel basically what I'm talking about using clothes cognition this is a whole field of science that talks about how we perform is affected by the clothing we wear and how it makes us feel now not everyone's susceptible to this some people really they're just super self-confident and they could be you know basically walking around naked and they're not gonna have an issue for most of us though we need to be wearing the right clothing and this can apply to accessories so if it's something you're really into watches and let's say that you've wanted to Rolex forever I would say in this case if you've got the money to spend it may actually be worth it because I know me I've wanted a Rolex for eight long time so when I reach the point that I could afford it whenever I wear one of my Rolexes it actually makes me feel a bit more confident I know it's there and it reminds me the story behind it now this isn't gonna be for everybody so in this case if you're that type of a person then yeah you don't go for it go for a lorry Oh looks just like a submariner and actually it's a great deal for about a hundred bucks or you know I guess you could go with the Invicta but I like the lorry Oh a bit more next up let's talk stories so I think having a great story with a watch and it reminding you of something are you buying it to commemorate something is a great reason to buy a watch now without a story you can do it if you just want it but I can hell you this watch doesn't really have the same meaning it's a beautiful watch I like it I got a great deal on it but I can tell you I'm going to give it away to a friend now I know would never buy something like this form the point being is a great story can make the watch and for me every time I think about this watch I was with Aaron we purchased it I just had my best year ever with men flew intial and I'm gonna keep this watch I'm gonna celebrate those moments every time I wear it thinking about those moments now the next reason not to buy a Rolex is as an investment piece this one has white gold and you could argue okay it's got precious metals and it actually is selling for about the price I paid for it but you know this one is now used it probably has a few scratches on it the warranty we've used a couple years on it so I would say I wouldn't be able to get definitely I would lose a bit of money on this the only what Rolex I actually probably can make money on and sell is this one right here I haven't even tried it that all the work that goes into it actually setting up an account cuz I'll have no trust on one of these brokerage sites that allow you to sell used watches so it really would be a hassle again if you're not in the business if you're not gonna do this in bulk if you don't know what you're doing definitely don't get into this as an investment next up let's talk accuracy maybe you want to buy a Rolex because they're incredibly accurate plus or minus two seconds a day another cool thing about all is they're tested over at the official Swiss chronometer Testing Institute basically what happens is over a period of 15 days they test the inside movement in five different positions at three different temperatures so it's pretty extensive and then they give it a certification if it actually passed which all relics is sold do and then beyond that Rolex actually tests their watches once the movement is inside the watch to insure again it's incredibly accurate now all that sounds great but if you're really in the accuracy why don't you just go grab a grant Seiko they're actually twice is accurate so to one second add a plus or minus and for most people that own a grand Seiko the spring drive they actually say it's even better than that we're talking maybe a couple seconds a month off and if you're really in accuracy how about you just grab a simple digital watch which is going to be incredibly accurate or the most accurate I guess watch what amount they're less than a thousand bucks and this is gonna connect to multiple towers around the world so wherever you're at in the world you can get the accurate time in your time zone which is pressing a button and it's gonna link up to I don't not satellites but yeah you get the drift the point being Rolex is accurate but it's not the most accurate option out there if that's what you're after next up let's talk security when you've got an expensive watch understand net thieves that people that will steal from you are watching this I had a friend he's over in Rome and he's just walking around wearing a very nice expensive watch and he had it ripped right off his arm he never really talked much about it but it was something that shocked him and he wasn't ready for all of my watches I keep secured in a safe and it's something that you start thinking about security thing about getting robbed so if I'm gonna be traveling and I want to watch that's relatively inexpensive one that I think looks fine and one that if it was stolen from me if I lost it I'm not gonna be crying then I'm gonna get a fashion watch but be careful when you get those expensive watches if you are not gonna be ready for everything that comes with you know that a little bit of a headache then yeah it's not worth the purchase and let's talk about the maintenance so there is maintenance that comes with these really nice mechanical watches what am I talking about so every five years you need to get this thing opened up you need to get the oil yes checked on your watch because it actually starts to break down now a lot of people aren't going to do anything until the watch starts functioning poorly but usually you know and I actually kind of prescribe to that side don't mess with it if it's not broken point being though is eventually the mechanics we'll break down there will be an issue there may be something that you know you have to send it off to get a warranty the point expensive watches have expensive maintenance all right so what was the watch I was wearing in today's video and one of my absolute favorite watches right here you've probably seen this in one of my other videos right here we've got a Tudor black bait 58 absolutely love the size and the look very similar to the Submariner but I actually like this one better so hence why I'm probably gonna give that Submariner away and another watch I'll probably be giving away yes I will be probably giving away my date just I've got a certain person who I've been thinking about for a long time and I want to give this watch too but curious like what are the other watches I'm rotating through that I absolutely love I love the dial of this watch right here check out this monta absolutely beautiful field watch very different from my Explorer and I love and the two Rolexes that I wear that are in my rotation all the time my Explorer in my yacht-master love both of these watches absolutely and yeah they just I like it it's just I don't wear it enough another watch I've been wearing a lot lately right here we've got this Yama Superman absolutely beautiful watch I picked up over in Mauritius notice the nice patina that's forming we were diving in the Indian Ocean and I showed you this watch earlier but I absolutely love this Casio g-shock MTG beautiful watch so after all are you ready to buy your first Rolex okay then check out this video right here I go into a lot of detail about all the different types of Rolexes and what you should think about when buying your first Rolex oh and watch from the blooper I mispronounced a certain watch it's embarrassing and the internet has let me know that I made this mistake but yeah go check out the video right here

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