An Overview of Seagull Automatic Watches – Affordable Dress Watches for Men

Hi, this is mark from Long Island watch calm and today we’re, going to be talking about seagull watches. This is a brand that I did see in Basel and I did intend to meet with them and I did, and after a couple of months or so, I was finally able to get some product now.

These are real seagull watches from China. Tianjin seagull, they’ve gone through several name changes over the last bunch of years, but you know they offer these really nice-looking. I would say almost all of them are dress.

Watches I see go has been around since 1955. It’s. Emblazoned on their literature, they are pretty much known for manufacturing movements. It’s, estimated that they produce one-fifth to one-quarter of the world’s, mechanical wristwatch movements.

They did do quartz a while ago, but I believe that venture was totally stopped and everything they do now is mechanical. So really they’re known for their movements and then they brand their own watches.

But the branded watches a does, especially in the Western Hemisphere, are not popular at all. You know, obviously, in China it’s. It’s, a little more popular, but still compared to the size of the seagull watch and the seagull movement.

You know part of the house, you know this is just a drop in the bucket. They all go for somewhere between that. I’m, going to show you 200 250 up to around 500, but flipping through their catalog. They have tour bullion’s, they have multi access to RB owns that go for astronomical amounts in you, know gold cases and all that stuff.

So they really. They really do know what they’re doing, and they have the mechanical capabilities to make things that you really only expect out of these smallest houses in Switzerland. Like I said, I’m, going to show you five of them up close as usual, and you can check them out my own wrist check.

I’m, doing the Seiko prospects world time solar and it’s warm out today, so it’s a squall a summer day. I just also a quick note. Next week is the week of June. I don’t, know student fifth or something is the jck jewelry show out in Las Vegas, so I will be attending.

So there are probably no videos for like another week or we can have four. So I so just you know, bear with me anyway, how let’s, get over to the table and check out Seagal watches so in front of you here I’ve got five different Seagal watches they are all made in China and Very proudly so and as you can tell they all really exhibit I’d, say a dressy vibe.

They really don’t. Do anything else that I’ve, seen in the diving or sports area. You know, like I said: Seagal is a movement, you know a movement maker first I would say, and then they happen to brand their own watches.

I’ll. Do my usual. I’ll, pick up each one in turn and go through the specs briefly, so the one we’re going to do. First is the only non round. Watch it’s, this tonneau style. This is model number eight.

Forty nine dot four zero two and you can see it is a curved case to hug your wrist. It’s, thirty nine millimeters! It is the dials about thirty, nine. It’s. Thirty three wide the tip to tip from here to here is going to be forty, six millimeters.

It’s around nine millimeters thick. It’s, obvious, obviously, as a solid case back it’s water-resistant to about 50 meters, and if you just look at the detail and – and this is exhibited everywhere, look at the detail on the dial I’ll zoom In on it, and you look at the patterning look at the applied numbers, the blue hands blue numbers, just it’s, a sapphire crystal blue turn out this crystal of sapphire is curved crystal, which is why just this one’s, a Little bit pricey.

I think this might be the most expensive. What I’m, going to show you. It comes in at five hundred and twenty eight dollars, but let’s just check out that dial. Let me look at that. That does not pop it’s beautiful.

They do an awesome awesome job on it. It has a 20 millimeter lug. It comes on this leather strap. This black black leather, strap Siegel branded deploying buckle so, which is a nice touch. I believe almost all the ones I’m, going to show you do have a deployment buckle so that’s, something that again just a little add-on.

That just makes the watch fancy you know have to fight with the tail of the strap to get it through the buckle and in poet and then make the strap already. So this runs on a seagull St 1812 movement. It is a automatic movement, as you can see, hacks and hand.

Wind winds extremely smooth, extremely smooth, like this is the only to no one I’m going to show you to know, I believe means French and I believe, means barrel in French. That’s, where the term to know comes from, so we’ll move on to the next one so from the most expensive, to, I think, probably the least expenses.

I’m, going to show you this one comes in at 249. This is model number eight 19.3. 68. It’s, another automatic. Obviously they’re. All automatics, you’d, see the movement through the see-through case. Back runs on Siegel’s, St 2130 movement.

It is 39 millimeters in diameter, 11 millimeters thick, and it is also 46 millimeters tip to tip 20 millimeter strap. So you know you have plenty of options. If you don’t like the strap it’s on and like I said before, deploying clasp like they’re all going to come on exhibition screw down case back.

You can see the movement it’s. Also a hand winder and you can also hack it so the seconds hand stop. So you can set the time precisely and just like the first one sapphire crystal and this awesome dial detail again.

You’re, not applied numbers this time, but just a lot of detail in the dial will get really close up on that dial and you can really see it. Obviously me I love blue. The blue pops beautifully against the silver white dial this guilloche a pattern as it were beautiful.

Looking next, one up is a model number 816 dot 519. This goes around $ 399. Christel, again is beautiful white dial a little bit off white silver, applied indices, silver hands. Just a little bit of loom, nothing really to to write home about that’s, an automatic china made proudly emblazoned at the bottom of the dial date.

Sapphire crystal individual screw case back exhibition, so you can see the movement in action. This one is thirty: nine and a half millimeters in diameter. It’s, ten millimeters thick and it’s, going to be forty four millimeters from here to here from lug tip to lug tip it’s.

Got this nice bracelet with double deployment, push-button release this button side double butterfly – and this is just a beautiful, simple understated. Dress watch easily goes under a shirt cuff velvet, velvety, smooth bracelet for sure and just again the detail and check out the dial.

Even the dial is simple: it’s still beautiful and that nice sapphire crystal it all really just works together. So perfectly this is seagulls st 21:30 movement again hacks hand whines. Obviously, as a date aperture i mean this is just such a simple, simple dress watch, so the next one up is probably the sportiest of the bunch.

You want to call it sporty it’s got like a real cloth to it. This is model number eight 19.3 eighty-one. It lists for $ 299. It’s like a multi-function watch. If you look at the dial on the right, you have a power reserve meter.

So as you as you wind it or as you wear it that needle will go up, you can see you’re. Going has a forty hour. Power reserve on the left is a date. Function is a retrograde date function so after the date goes to 31, it will snap back down to zero, obviously running minutes hours seconds and an exposed balance wheel.

Maybe if I move the there we go. If I move the rotor out of the way you can see my finger in the back nice exposed balance wheel see-through case back. This is seagulls 25 85 automatic movement. Onion crown again no loom to speak of really.

This one does not have for some reason. I’m, not surprised it. Doesn’t had a feeling it was not going to a, but you can hand wind it, which is a nice. You know a nice plus to it to decent-sized watch this.

One now is going to be 40 and a half millimeters from here to here. It’s, 14 millimeters thick and it’s, a fairly complicated movement. It’s got you know: a power reserve module, you know and its retrograde gate module.

So it’s, going to be a little bit. Thicker tip to tip is going to come in to 48 millimeters. This is probably one of the largest of the bunch. This button you see right here is to advance the date four months that don’t have 31 days that will you depress that with a pen or a watch changing a strap changing tool and the date will advance for you automatically.

There is no quick sate, quick set date change via the crown it’s, a one pull and that’s. It. You know there’s. No two clicks again as I’ve, echoed any other watches so check out the dial. Look at the work.

Look at the detail. It really is amazing. Obviously it’s, not you know, Rose engine-turned haha, but whatever process they’re using they do an awesome job. It really looks great that that silver white dial reflects beautifully it & # 39.

S got to go a great great. Look to it comes on this black leather strap again that signed buckle. You know, deploy and buckle just a great package. All in all the last one will do is certainly what I consider the dressiest of the bunch.

This is model number 219. 388. It’s, a $ 319. This rose, gold-tone, bezel watch and rest of the cases stainless deal. I shouldn’t mention that, obviously, all the watches I showed you so far are 316l stainless steel matching crown.

This has an ST 17 movement, which is a hand winding movement since his hand winding there’s no rotor, and that’s, how to get away with the watch being just eight millimeters thin, so super thin. You know thinner than some quartz watches out there.

It is 44 millimeters tipped and the diameter is 39 millimeters. You know so you’ve, seen all these so far have been anywhere between, say 38 and 40 41 millimeters. These are not big watches at all, still retain scratch.

Resistant sapphire crystal comes on a brown leather strap with a matching rose. Gold deploying buckle that’s, really nice that they carried the rose gold through the buckle. It’s, a small detail and it’s, not unnoticed by me for sure I don’t like it when they don’t match it, like maybe you saw in some of the pilots, will actually did Recently, in the buckle, didn’t match the case.

That was, you know it’s, pretty annoying the 20 millimeter lugs. So if you want to swap out the strap, you know you certainly can, but just simple stick: stick hands! Stick indices! Offset seconds, and as I did before, I look at that dial me a little pearlescent ooh it just gorgeous just gorgeous.

I usually don’t, show you the packaging of the watches, but I thought this eagle was nicely done. So this is an example of the gift box. It comes in C. It is nice, cardboard box, you know great whatever, but it’s got great detail on it.

Usually don’t, see companies spending this much. You know detail on the box, you show you a cool automatic image and then you open it up and you & # 39. Ve got another little pull tab to watch it’s in here and then you & # 39.

Ve got a booklet which covers everything. If your English is your language, you go to this side of the booklet. If it’s, a Chinese Cantonese or Mandarin, I don’t, know which one this is it’s, this side of the book, so it’s really nice.

They explain every caliber in here how to use the clasp kind of wine set change. The time I mean it’s really good. They did a great job with the literature for sure I don’t. Think there’s. Any data that these will fit almost anyone’s wrist.

You know I’m 6 and 3/4, so all these watches between 39 and 41 are going to fit. You know almost everybody’s wrist, except for the super super small they do. They do fit quite well and obviously they look quite striking.

I’ll. Just try on this one and one more and then we’ll. Go up to the biggest one that I showed you, what it is 40 and a half millimeter, or so obviously it fits fine. It looks it’s. A beautiful watch has great risk present, especially this one’s.

A little bit thicker at 14. Millimeters has awesome risk presents, though it really looks, sharp super sharp, but not cheap, sharp, like some other watches out there. I think this one really really nails it on the styling.

This has been mark from Long Island watch comm, showing you some Seagal watches proudly made in China. Please, like this video, if you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our channel if you have not done so yet, if you have any questions or comments, please put them down below and I’ll be sure to address them as soon as I can.

Thanks for watching bye, bye,