Apple Watch Display & Akku Wechseln Tauschen Reparieren [Deutsch/German]


welcome to tv today i will show you how to watch an apple the display and the battery change spare parts and tools you can find links in the video below, just read through so take your tools let's get started let's go so let's start first turn off the apple watch then we would have with a hair dryer the display to about 80 degrees so that it can be removed more easily lets next take a very shallow one best to use tools at hand like a razor blade to do this and very carefully try to pry the display open to one side attention you must not insert the razor blades so deep otherwise damage the display as soon as the gap is so big that you come with a plastic or between can please continue to work with the plastic waste around the glue to solve after you have freed the display from the glue you have to loosen the flex cables for this you have to remove a small metal plate that the flex cable from slipping contactor best put your thumb on it and then pull he with a pair of tweezers forcefully up the bed from then simply loosen and set aside with the same plastic tool from above let's solve the flex cable connections when you are ready then put that just put the display aside and start at the middle frame in front of the rest to free glass splinters who would like to use the old theme be careful not to destroy too much so then just take the new display and connect again and attach attention it can take a while to manage the flex Cable connection and to be re-attached as a metal plate remains very important patiently so as not to damage the people who now want to change the battery, it is advisable not to use the display to do completely to save yourself a lot of work to do this, simply open the display and use a plastic chair Lifting the battery slightly from the right does not pay attention to the whole thing so tightly do so as not to damage the connection then simply carefully separate the connection and attach it It was a bit more difficult if you don't know the right technology for me the easiest way to do this is to press the flex cable up with your thumb and then the battery Connect the side and glue it to ensure that you connect the cables like one Put the accordion back in and that was it, you already know how you change the display and the battery so people i hope i could you guys continue if so let me down to there on this to further gates all devices on one side you can find more babies on the main channel on the left and on the right you can find all the social media that occurred right here subscribe for free so you don't miss any more videos then people knowingly wrong

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