Apple Watch SE vs Series 3 – Best Value  Watch in 2020?

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hey guys it's max today i'm comparing the brand new watch se against the . if you're looking for a budget watch it is quite a difficult choice choosing which one you should buy and if the se is worth the extra money so today we're gonna be comparing everything from the design of the watches the features the sensors the displays different capacities we're gonna cover everything and if you watch through the whole video by the end of it we're gonna make this decision very easy for you let's start out with colors i have a space gray series 3 right here you can also get it in a silver just like my se so those are the only options you have whereas with se there is also a gold option of course you can also customize your watch with the bands and the brand new se does have the ability to use any of the bands including the new ones like this braided solo loop which i absolutely love you can still attach it to the series 3 but it's not going to fit correctly you're going to have some silver sticking out on the sides because it's not designed for and that's because the actual cases are different now these watches here with the series 3 i have a 38 millimeter and the se is a 40.

So a couple things changed one of them is the exterior of the chassis so the se slightly larger with that said though the series three even though it's smaller it's actually thicker and it's heavier the crown has been redesigned it has a little bit more grip because the cutouts are larger it's actually at the same time slimmer as well and the biggest difference is it also has haptic feedback so as i'm scrolling here i'm getting a little uh pulse telling me that i'm scrolling it's not a huge deal but it definitely is a nice extra touch right below that we have the side button on the it sticks out over here and it's not flush with the body doesn't look as nice and clean as the se and newer watches where it is flush you probably notice that the microphone is right between the crown and the button on the new se whereas the series 3 it was on the other side next to the speakers now along with the difference in placement which helps the watch hear you better the quality of the microphone has been improved and it also enables you to have the noise app over here which in the background it will actually listen to noises it'll tell you if you're in a loud environment or you can use it by itself which we use all the time here at max tech because the mic was moved there is extra space for a larger speaker on the se and it's about 50 louder which is great if you're speaking to siri if you're getting notifications or a phone call i took off the watch draft so let's flip these over and take a look at the sensors the series 3 has a lot more aluminum and it's using a composite sensor this little circle here so basically plastic where on the se we have glass all around here it's actually ceramic and sapphire crystal now design looks different the series 3 has two lights and two sensors where the se has one more powerful light in the center a lot of sensors around the outside so those have been updated and we have the second generation heart rate sensors here along with that the accelerometer has been updated it could sense twice the g-forces now and you also get fall detection so if that's important to you you won't get that with the series 3.

The series 3 also misses out on the compass and the always-on altimeter which are great features for hikers now another difference is that the series 3 cannot be purchased with lte whereas the se can as you guys see right here i do have the lte version of the se now the series 3 was actually the first watch to have the lte option but then dropped it later when they had newer watches and the se also stands out because it is the first watch where it only costs you fifty dollars more to go for the lte option um instead of a hundred dollars like on all of the other apple watches now that is because apple really wants to push this to maybe teenagers kids older adults people that don't have phones with their new family setup option which we showed you guys how to use you guys can check out the link in the video description and i went for it just because this is gonna be for my kid so it's definitely a great choice if you want lte and now let's compare the displays where we have some massive differences in both how it looks and the capabilities so the first thing that will pop up to you is how much larger display is on the se it's technically about 35 larger now with that comes a difference in the glass here we have more squared off but rounded edges here this is a perfectly round bezel just like on the new ipads or iphones and the display on the inside has rounded corners as well instead of just a regular you know square or rectangular shape now with that large display you guys can see in the maps app how much more is visible here i have them both centered the same on the se i can see the hospital right here i see indiana i see these side streets so you get much more information at a glance and it's easier more pleasant to look at if you're using maps along with that if you want to do stuff such as photos let me go ahead and open up the photos app here this really shows off the difference in the displays where it's filling up the whole frame the se is definitely nicer here's what that difference looks like in the real world with an face this is the fire one with the se it's filling up the whole display it looks much nicer along with that the se has much more watch faces it actually has 15 more options and it has all of the watch faces from the series 6 and the latest updates whereas the series 3 is really limited because of its display so a lot of these nicer full screen watch faces like the california one that i like and these ones that just fill up give you a lot of info they're just simply not available on the series 3.

And now let's talk about performance the se is using the s5 chip and it has twice the performance of the s3 chip inside the series 3. now that's going to make everything smoother apps might launch a little bit faster and what i noticed is for the initial setup it is quite a bit quicker on the se that's probably because it also has a w3 wireless chip which supports bluetooth 5 as well so you have more performance maybe a little bit more energy efficiency with the newer chips and a smoother overall experience because of that w3 chip having bluetooth 5 if you're going to pair some bluetooth headphones to your apple watch and listen to podcasts or music you're going to get a lot larger range of signal or better reliability in general compared to the series three now if you do want to store things on your apple watch the se actually has four times more storage you have 32 gigabytes compared to eight gigabytes you also have to remember that you have to have the watchua software on here which leaves you with more around five five and a half gigs on the series three with that both of them have the same wi-fi they have the same water resistance and they're rated the same 18 hours of battery life just like apple rates all of their apple watches now if the se has the same battery from the series 4 which that we haven't seen the teardown yet but if so you should get a little bit better battery life in the real world when i upgraded from my series 3 to the series 4 i did notice an increase of battery life at the end of the day i would have about 30 35 remaining when i put on the charger compared to being close to dead so with all of that said let's wrap this up and answer the original question which apple watch should you get the se or the series three and i'll let you guys know that i'm gonna make it easy for you guys at 279 dollars with a 50 lte option the se is an amazing value and i believe that for almost everybody out there that's wanting to buy an apple watch you should go with the se not only because you get extra performance you get some better battery life a much much nicer display a lot more storage but because most people that buy an apple watch they keep it for two three even four years even myself if i wasn't making these videos um i would keep it for much longer not be upgrading all the time so this watch is gonna perform great and it's gonna get the latest updates it's to last you a long time now it gets a little bit more difficult when you look at the price on amazon right now and we'll leave a link down in the video description you can buy a series 3 for 169 that's 110 less than the s e it's a really big price difference so if you're somebody that literally just wants to do simple fitness tracking then you want to get notifications on your wrist from some apps some texts then the crc is going to do a perfectly fine job it still works great a lot of people are buying him but if you're somebody that wants to do anything more than that you should definitely spend the extra money on the se thank you guys for watching let me know which one you would buy down in the comment section below and if you enjoyed the video hit that like button and consider subscribing with that circle above also check out the family setup option if you're interested in that video or if you're considering getting possibly a series six and if you want to know if that's worth extra money we have that video right over there that's been max and i'll see you in the next video

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