Apple Watch Series 3 – 5 LTE/GPS Pool Test (Watch Before Getting In The Water)

It’s about hi everybody. Welcome back to the channel. Today I’m gonna do for you a pool test with the Apple watch Series 3. Taking it into the pool is actually one of the things you can do with it. It tracks your swim.

It actually helps keep track of all your fitness activities, but before you go into the pool there’s, one thing you have to do to it before you just jump in and start swimming with it. So let’s, go ahead and check out how this performs in the pool.

This is the Apple R series, 3 pool test. So the first thing you need to do before you get into the pool and start swimming. If you actually get your hand in the water, it’s not going to get damaged, but if you’re going to go for a swim, you do need to do this swipe up scroll all the way to the bottom.

Where you see that little water option that will actually start or seal everything within the actual watch to make sure that it’s, the water resistance with the swimming that doesn’t actually get in. So if you click it, you’ll notice.

It’s. Gon na basically stop working. Does that little that at the time you can’t actually initiate it? You can turn on the screen, but you can’t really use it. The only really actually stop it once you’re done swimming because you get out of the water, and then you start spinning the digital crown and when you click it once start spinning and spinning it’s big.

It does this little beep and it says it’s all locked and then at that point you’re able to use it that little resonance that you heard is generated by the speaker and what it’s. Doing it’s emitting a sound to spit out all the water out of the watch.

So now I put the watch on and go for a little swim in and I’ll show you guys, how does the sound show actually expel? All that water out of it start your swim tracking. Once you start this, you’ll, be able to go click.

Ok, I’m. Also a girl notice. It’s. Beeping it’s. Telling me it’s, ready to go and it’s started. I clicked the digital crown and spin it, as you guys, could see it’s responsive back again, I can go back here.

I can go home just using the digital crown, it looks perfectly. They again just make sure if you’re gonna be using it in the water. I do a activated by using the actual water option here under your toggles or make sure you turn on swim tracking, because it turns that on by itself and then to unlock it.

You click it once and then just do the conditional crown. So you get into the actual system, so overall verdicts of the Apple watch, your series – 3, very nice little water tracker. It’s, actually not bad.

The one thing you want to keep in mind a is to turn on the water, the water of sealing, which, basically disables all functionality, be make sure you’re, actually using it for the right purpose. If you’re, just gonna be exercising playing in the pool nice you may not need to, but again it’s nice, to turn it on to make sure that the actual watch seals itself.

Other than that, let me know what you guys think in the comments below it’s. Still, a very nice watch still a couple of days now that I’ve. Had it, I’m, looking forward to checking it out for just tracking and doing other fitness tracking with it.

So it’ll, come up with a review in the final review, but I wanted to do a quick testing in the pool with the Apple series 3 watch like and subscribe as usual. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and I’ll see you guys in the next video