Apple Watch Series 3 Restoration

Apple Watch Series 3 Restoration

Hi guys welcome back to the Hugh Jeffries video and in this video I’m going to be restoring. This Apple watch series 3. This is a 38 millimeter model which are picked up for $ 70 off of Facebook by swap sell.

When I met up with the person, they told me that the Apple watch had fallen off of their wrist on Christmas Day when they were trying to put the watch on the screen, is severely shattered and is falling away from the housing of the watch.

And in this video I will be restoring this back into fully functional condition. The watch itself is complete with its matching box and instruction booklets, although it is missing two parts of the Bands, with only one half of the large band left.

The watch did, however, come with the magnetic charging cable, which in itself cost $ 45. Here in Australia, I was able to set up the Apple watch to an iPhone, but for the most part, the touch doesn’t work and the screen is pretty unusable, with only the very top part of the LCD actually responding to touch.

Now, like I said before, it also included the magnetic charging cable, but not a power brick to repair. This watch I’ll, need a replacement LCD, which wasn’t cheap coming in at 227 dollars, as well as a replacement for stuch sensor, which costs me $ 7 from China.

The first thing I’ll need to do is power off the watch and, as you can see there, the touch isn’t responding, which means I & # 39. Ll need to hold down the side button and digital crown until the display turns black and is at this point that the watch is fully powered off.

I can lift up the display, which is very easy to do, considering that it was so shattered that it wasn’t even held down to the frame. I then peeled away at this tape covering up the three display connectors.

They are locked in at the top, so you’ll need to use something to pry those away. I just used a spudger at the beginning, but that was a little bit too thick, so I used a thin metal pry tool which worked much better with the screen.

Now disconnected you can see the old display right there. Next, I have to use a triple zero trying bit to remove the one screw holding in this plate, underneath that plate is the battery connector and for starch connector.

I should mention here that you should do this first and disconnect the battery. Although I didn’t actually know, this is where the battery was connected. So that was my fault there. But now, with the forced touch sensor disconnected, I can begin by prying up the sensor itself by inserting a metal pry tool in between it and the frame of the Apple watch and then begin to pry up once you get a big enough bit, you can just Grab onto it and rip it out of a watch the best part about doing it this way, is you actually take up the glass with it, so there’s less work when you need to clean up those surrounding bezels now, as you can see Here I did have a large chunk of glass, which was stopping me from actually removing the last portion.

With that big bit of glass gone, you can see that it just peels away from the watch. It’s, vital to replace this part, as it is the adhesive, as well as the actual force touch mechanism for the Apple watch.

With that removed. I can give the bezels a clean and prep it for installation of the new display and force touch sensor. I did at this point disconnect the battery, which will make sense later on when I’m, connecting up the display.

Firstly, I’ll need to remove the back of the force type sensor, revealing the sticky adhesive. I can then press down on it and seal it into the watch, making sure to run a spudger or something similar all along the edges, to make sure that it’s, adhering correctly to the frame of the Apple watch.

After that, I can remove the plastic piece in the middle, which actually just helps it keep shape and then connect up the display. So I can test out the watch to do that. All you need to do is line up the connectors, pressing them into place and then using a spudger to make sure that they’re, properly connected and just pressing lightly on either side, and they will lock into the socket just like that.

With that now done, I can reconnect the battery and press and hold the power button to make sure the watch is still functioning with the new screen on the touch is now working there’s, no more cracks and the watch seems to be fully Functioning, I also did test out the force touch sensor as well, by pressing harder on the display, and that was working correctly as well.

With the now working properly. I can power it off and continue to seal up the device I reinstalled the little bracket and tri-ring screw that holds down the and force touch sensor, cables and removed the top portion of the adhesive for the force touch sensor.

After checking, there was nothing left out. I could press down on the display sealing it into place. This is a very important step, as you want to make sure that it & # 39. S got a good seal, so you don’t, get any water or dust into the watch.

Now that it’s, sealed back up, I gave it another test to make sure everything was working once I could confirm that I reinstalled two bands which I purchased from eBay and we’re done and this is it the fully restored Apple watch series 338 millimeter, which I picked up for $ 70 sunk, some money into it and it cost me a total of three hundred and four dollars now Apple does still sell.

This Apple watch for a total cost of three hundred and ninety nine dollars here. In Australia, so it’s, not significantly cheaper, but it is a fair bit cheaper than buying one brand new. The housing itself seen really good shape and condition.

So there’s. No need to worry about that. I’m. Unsure whether I will be keeping this Apple watch as it is only a 38 millimeter version, I am looking for the larger size as that’s. What my current Apple watch is, but it is only a series zero.

So I am looking for an upgrade over that model, so this is a good watch for the meantime, but I will most likely be purchasing another one with the larger screen size. The Apple watch itself is running a version 5.

1.1 of watch OS, which requires iOS 12 or later, and on that note this has been a huge Aries video if you liked what you saw hit that subscribe button and consider checking out the restoration playlist to see more Videos just like this one also make sure to follow me on my social media link, for that will be down in the description that’s.

All for this video and I’ll catch. You guys next time,