Apple Watch Series 5 : Complete Beginners Guide

Apple Watch Series 5 : Complete Beginners Guide

Today I’m gonna be showing you a complete beginner’s guide to your brand new Apple watch series 5. We’re gonna start off with some of the first things that are unique to the series 5 itself. Then we’ll, be diving into an overall beginner’s guide for the Apple watch in general, so sit back.

Relax and we’re, going to show you how you can use your new Apple watch. Of course, one of the first things you’re gonna want to do with the new Apple watch. One of the big tips and tricks that we have to go in is to start looking at.

The variety of new watch faces that are exclusive to the brand new Apple watch series 5 and watch OS 6. That’s. What we’re gonna, be showing you now as some of these Apple watch watch faces and the complications that go into them.

The best customization that you can make, and I highly recommend going through and taking a look at what is possible with these new watch, faces right here in watch OS 6, your new Apple watch series 5 comes with a variety of new watch faces as well.

Of course, the first being this incredible Meridian face that has the multicolor obviously fades away when you’re, not looking at it as much you can see. It goes from that white to a darker color. Now what you can do is you can go ahead and customize.

You actually change the dial color itself right. You can also go in change from multicolor to red to orange. You can actually set up a certain type of color that you want all of your dials to be. I do like the multicolor, though I think it makes it pop.

It adds that extra edge. Then, of course you can go through and you can change the individual complications, obviously going through each of these and choosing which one you want. So you could choose the date.

You can absolutely choose view and UV index. You can even add voice memos, walkie talkie. Now another cool feature as well as you can go through, and you can actually add in not just on here for scroll through who we’re going through a lot of these.

But what we could do is we can actually add in the calculator and that way we can easily calculate tips like we showed you earlier right here from the watch face itself, so that’s. Another great way that you can add that to the complication.

Obviously, once you’re done just tap the digital crown, we can much more quickly access the calculator where we can calculate tips that’s. The first watch face you want to show you. Obviously the Meridian watch face right here on the Apple watch series: five brand-new to the Apple watch series five and watch OS six.

Is you now actually have the calculator app right here on your Apple watch? That wasn’t here before it. Now that’s, not necessarily a hidden feature, but the hidden feature is that you can now quickly calculate tips directly using your Apple watch in the calculator app so watch this let’s say you have a hundred and twenty five dollar Meal, you want to calculate a tip, just press that tip button right up here, and this is essentially the hidden feature and tip that you guys can use you see here.

It gives you the twenty percent tip. It tells you what the tip is. You can also change number of people to let’s say you wanted to decrease the tip a little bit. You can use the crown to do that or you can increase it.

If you had some good service, so you can see exactly how to tip people right here on the Apple watch and you can even divide the bill among multiple people. Let’s say you had three or four people there.

It’ll. Tell you how much each of you needs to pay. This is a great hidden feature right here in the Apple watch. It’s that tip icon just type in the number click tip, and then you can calculate a tip directly here from your Apple watch.

It’s that easy. We also have the new California watch face as well as you can see here. I really like this design. This is a nice blue design here with Roman numerals. So if you go in, obviously you can go ahead and customize it.

There’s. A variety of different ways you can set it up, you could set it up with numbers, you can obviously go through. You can set it up with different. You know types of alphabets that you can go through.

I do like kind of the classic style here. The California style we swipe through you can see that we can make it not just full screen, but also circular. Those are the two main options you have here and then from there.

You can of course, change the color there’s. A wide variety of different colors available a lot of them with a black background, but you also have a few of these with the navy blue the cream background.

I do like the navy, blue though so obviously can go through here and then you can change the specific complications like normal again. As you know, with the Apple watch, one of the best things is, you can change the variety of different complications.

You have right on here, so you can choose the ones that you want the most. You could really just customize it make it unique to you and that’s. What I recommend doing, obviously, when you first get this Apple watch right.

It’s going through and baking the complications exactly how you like them, because that’s, the most fun part. You can now view Safari websites directly from the Apple watch. This is really convenient when you’re, trying to ask Siri something so watch this salmon recipes and you can scroll through take a look at each of the recipes here.

But the new feature is you can actually click this open page button just like so and actually get to the web page itself right here on your Apple watch, so take a couple seconds just to load and as you can see, we now have the entire recipe From that web page of how to make salmon it’s that easy to go to a specific web page right here on your Apple watch.

Of course, we also have the numerals duo and, as you can see here, this is a nice kind of simplistic, blocky design very simplistic. Just with the dates you can obviously go in and customize this there’s, a few different ways that you can have it set up.

I like the main one in general and then you can obviously change the style. So you can see here there’s, a few different styles. I actually like this one where you have the top that’s actually filled in and the bottom isn’t, and then you can go through here.

You can also change the specific colors. Obviously customize make it unique to you and there you go. You can obviously customize this one as well. There’s, not as many customizations just because of what it is, but this is another great watch complication right here on your Apple watch.

I definitely recommend testing out the brand new voice recordings app right here on your Apple watch. You can actually now do voice memos directly from your Apple watch watch this all you have to do is tap the record button to record voice memos right here on your Apple watch and click stop and, as you can see, you can have all of the different Recordings that you do that you can playback you and send off two devices.

You can share it here and you can also delete as well, so that’s. The way that you can actually store voice, memos right here on your Apple watch. Of course, we also have the gradient Apple watch, face which I love, because, obviously, as the hands move, it changes where the gradient is.

I just love the simplicity of this. The way that it looks right. It’s, one of those things that is very simple yet elegant and obviously, if you click on it, you can go into the gradient itself. You can change.

The color obviously comes in a nice red by default, but there is a wide wide variety of different colors. Here I like some of these. Oh nice royal, blue color. You can go through. You can change the style right, so you can see that we have different ways that you can have the gradient, so you can either have the three gradients or less gradients like so then you can go through.

You can change it. You cannot just have it full screen, you could have it be circular right, so you can change how you want it designed and then obviously there’s, not complications in the full screen version.

But if you were to screw switch to the circular, you can actually add the complications around the watch face as well, so that’s. Important to remember, if you switch to the other version, you can add the extra complications.

I just love the way that this gradient one works. Let me know in the comments section below what your guys’s. Favorite watch face. Complications. Are I always love to hear from you guys and see what you guys like the best another new app for watch OS 6? Is the noise app, so this actually allows you to measure sound in your area and actually hear how loud the noise is.

That way, you can make sure that you’re, protecting your ears. You’re, staying away from dangerously loud noises that could damage your hearing. So this is a very unique extra app right here on your Apple watch.

Another great new watch face is the solar dial, where actually the center watch face moves around the watch face as the day goes on there’s a lot going on here, yet it still looks very elegant. You can obviously go through here and customize.

It your cell phone to wake it up there. There we go, you can go ahead and customize it yourself. You actually switch from an animal to a digital time as the part of the watch face of the complication that goes around.

So this is a good kind of middle-ground. I do like the analog better though so we’ll switch it back to analog here and then, of course, you can change all the various complications around the watch face as well.

I think this is a really great style. You can see here that this looks very fancy very complicated here yeah. It still has that elegant feel right. There’s a lot going on, but it also it looks great at the same time.

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Of course, we also have the modular compact just like this. As you can see it’s, got the day view down below with the weather what its gonna look like. You also have at the top. Obviously your watch face itself.

You have a few different complications in here as well. There’s, a lot of different things. You can change, you can change it, of course, to digital or analog, and then, if you scroll through, you can see that we can change the color.

Obviously I like the one that has the white background, because I think it pops right kind of adds that extra element, then, of course you can go through and you can change the different complications down here.

You have kind of the wider complication which is interesting because you can actually set this up, not just for the weather each day, but maybe for the UV index each day right where the wind each day.

So there’s, a few of these different ones that you can do there’s also, some other ones as well like stocks right, different reminders. These widescreen complications that work really well right here in this modular compact watch face one of the first things you may want to do when you get your Apple watch is make sure that the text size and brightness that all meets your standards.

So you can see here you can actually change the brightness. The default brightness on your Apple watch to actually increase it even brighter right here in your settings. So you just open up your Apple watch app.

Then you’re gonna go to brightness and tech side. You can see here that you can actually increase the brightness, keep it at the normal rate or even decrease the brightness, and that might help save your battery life as well.

So this is up to you. One of the things that I like to do, though, is I did go ahead and increase that brightness just so, I can make sure I can always see my Apple watch, especially on a bright day. Now you can also increase or decrease the text size if you want so, as you can see, that’s, gonna actually increase the text size on your device.

You can even make it bold to make it a little bit easier to see as well that’s all right here in the brightness and text size settings of your Apple watch app on your iPhone one of the first things you’Re gonna want to try with the new Apple watch, is actually tapping the screen in order to get it to tell you the time so just tap with two fingers, and it will tell you the time 5:41 p.

m. just like so it’s. A really cool feature that they’ve, now added with the brand new Apple watch. You can have it to say the time whenever you want to hear it. Forty-One yeah just like that. So with your Apple watch and the screen always being on, that is a great thing, but what you can do is you can decide to hide.

Send of complications from your watch face right, and so, if we go here into your Apple watch and we go to brightness and text size, and then you can see here that we have always on the Apple watch face is always on that’s.

The watch itself and, of course you can obviously change. You know the brightness text size all of these settings right in here as well, that’s, something you’ll, probably want to customize. But what you could do is go in here and I’ll because you can see the watch face is always on, which is a good thing, but you might want to hide sensitive complications.

So if you choose hide sensitive complications, then data such as your calendar appointments your heart rate that could be hidden when you put your wrist down like that right, when you’re, not looking at it.

That way, other people can’t get catch a glimpse of your sensitive information. This is definitely a hidden feature. You’re gonna want to look into, especially if you’re concerned with somebody’s, seeing something that you don’t want them to see.

This next feature is a little more serious and I encourage everybody who is watching this right now to set this up just to be safe. This is emergency SOS, and hopefully none of you watching ever need to use this, but this could save you from a dangerous situation.

So I recommend everybody watching this right now to set up emergency SOS you’re gonna go into your Apple watch. App on your iPhone click on emergency SOS and, as you can see here, you want to make sure that you enable automatic dialing.

You want to turn this on. It might be off by default. You want to turn this on automatic dialing in order to call emergency services. If you press and hold the side button – and you also want to turn on fall detection so that Apple watch can automatically call emergency services if it detects that you fall now again, it will give you a slight warning beforehand, so it’ll, say Or do you really want to do that? Like you know, if you’re, if you’re conscious right, you can say: hey nope nope.

This is a false alarm, but if you’re unconscious, it will automatically call emergency services if you fall and you have the ability to hold the side button now. The reason that I recommend everybody watching this turn that on is think about that.

If you find yourself, hopefully you never do, but if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, all you have to do is press and hold on that side, button to call emergency services or if you take a fall and you can’t press and Hold that side button, the Apple watch will automatically detect that you fell and call emergency services on your behalf, so I really think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

That’s. Why? I recommend going here into your Apple watch settings going to emergency SOS and enabling both the automatic dialing by holding the side button and fall. Detection, hopefully never have to use this.

But I encourage all of you to set this up just in case just to be safe, its emergency, SOS right here for your Apple watch. Those are the first things you’re, going to want to do with your brand new Apple watch series.

5. Now we’re, going to transition into some footage. I shot on a previous Apple watch, showing you step-by-step, how every part of your Apple watch works from taking it out of the box to each individual component.

This is a comprehensive guide that I’m about to show you right now. First, we’re, going to show you how to connect your Apple watch to your iPhone. If you’ve already done this, you may skip on to the next chapter, all right.

So, first off you want to make sure that you have an iPhone running iOS 8.2 or later for these demonstration purposes. I’m using my old iPhone 5s. However, you can of course use your iPhone 6, 6 plus or even 5.

Now make sure that you have the Apple watch application installed on your phone. It should have Auto installed with the latest iOS update. Now, if you do not have the app go into the settings, go to general software update and make sure you’re up to date.

If not, you can download it install the latest iOS software right from this screen by clicking, download and install it will take a little while, so we recommend plugging it into your charger, while that happens alright.

So the next step is to go into your Apple watch and press and hold the side barton right here. So this is the side button, just press and hold and as you can see, you will see the Apple logo pop up while it’s.

Turning on once done, you’ll, be greeted by a screen that asks you to select your language, choose your language and then to start pairing, pick up your iPhone and swipe up to access the control center.

Once you’re in the control center, make sure you turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after you’ve done that go into the Apple watch, app and click on start pairing. Now you want to click on start pairing on your Apple watch.

You’re, going to use the camera to locate your Apple watch to instantly and easily pair your Apple watch to your iPhone click setup as Apple watch. Now you’re going to choose on which wrist do you wear? The Apple watch? Choose left or right, depending on what your personal preference is, and it will calibrate and setup the Apple watch.

According to that preference, you’re, going to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking agree. Then you are going to enter your Apple ID password will come right back once I’ve done that now you’re, going to select whether or not you want to turn on location services.

Now this is very important. Just click! Ok! Siri click. Okay, Diagnostics. Do you want to send automatically diagnosis from your Apple watch? You can choose ok or no. So I’m. Going to choose automatically send and I’m going to click.

Ok now you can actually add an apple watch passcode from this screen to create a passcode click create passcode, but that will require a passcode on your Apple watch for the video purposes. I’m, not going to use a passcode, but you can of course, always go back and change the settings which we’ll, show you later on in the video now install available applications.

You’re, going to want to hit install all if you have a lot of applications that are functional with the Apple watch. I’m going to use choose later for now, because I’ll. Show you how to download the apps later on in the tutorial and the Apple watch is currently sinking and it’ll notify you once you are ready.

We’re gonna skip past this part once it completes your Apple watch is ready to go. Alright, let’s continue on to the next chapter, so you can learn the basics of the Apple watch when the Apple watch is completely powered off to turn the Apple watch on.

You need only press and hold the side button to see the Apple logo, which will inform you. The Apple watch is turning on to completely power off your Apple watch. You need only press and hold the side button, followed by sliding the power off toggle to turn on your Apple watch.

When it’s asleep, all you need to do is bring it up close to your face, or if that doesn’t work, say it’s in a different position. You can just tap to also wake up. The Apple watch then, to put the Apple watch to sleep.

You need only drop your wrist down and you can’t see it really well, but as you can see, the Apple watch is turned off. Now we’re, going to talk about some of the different components of the Apple watch.

Of course we have the display in the front, but we also have something very unique on the side here. This is the Apple watch, digital crown. Now this allows you to scroll and zoom in using the little slider on the side it acts kind of similarly to a regular watch knob.

Now, in addition to that, there is a home button that you can press this acts as the normal home button that you might have used on your iPhone. So here’s. How this works the home button, just by pressing the front, will allow you to go all the way back to your main area, where you’ll, see all of the different app icons.

You can also press it again to enter back into the clock face now. A single tap will enter you in and out of your application view and your clock face. A double tap will send you to the previous application that was open in my case.

Settings double tap again, go back to the app prior to that now you can actually press and hold to activate Siri like so. The side button also does some very important things on your Apple watch. One press of the side button will bring up your favorites, so you can scroll through them in order to contact them individually.

So say you have one favorite, you wanted to contact just on them and you can actually give them a call message or you can actually send your heartbeat or other pictures if they have an Apple watch as well.

You exit out of there using our home button. Now, if we double tap, we can access Apple pay. I don’t, have any card setup right now, but we & # 39. Ll. Show you how to do that later on in the tutorial and then, of course, pressing and holding will bring up the menu that allow you to power off your device.

You can hit cancel to cancel that action. One more thing to note: the Apple watch, doesn’t just respond to regular touches and taps. It also responds to something called force touch, which is when you press and hold more firmly on the screen.

This allows you to access a whole different settings. Menu, so just something to look out for when we talk about it later on in the tutorial, you have a speaker, microphone and, of course, the heart rate sensor, which will monitor your heart rate.

While you’re doing exercises, you can also take off the band’s using these little buttons at the top and bottom. So all you have to do is press in on the little button and just pull the fan out from side to side like so and as you can see, the band comes right out and you can of course slide it back in.

You can do the same thing with the other band and it locks right into place, so just press the button and slide right out. The Apple watch is a very unique charging port. What this allows you to do is take this Apple watch charging terminal and just stick it on the back of the Apple watch.

Now the other end is going to allow you to connect it to your regular wall. Mount right like so and as you can see, you can plug this right into the wall to charge your Apple watch easily. You can, of course, just take off the magnetic strip or put it back on with ease if that easy to charge your Apple watch.

Now we’re, going to show you some important features and settings for the Apple watch. As you can see, you can access the Apple watch home screen just by pressing once on the digital crown now to move around the home screen.

You need only press and hold your finger to swipe around just move your finger around and you can see the different applications that are available to open it up an app just tap on the application. For instance, this is the email app and I can quickly read some of my emails to go back press the digital crown to enter the previously entered app, just double-click the digital crown, to go right back to that app before now to rearrange your app icons.

All you need to do is press and hold on one of the app icons, at which point you can pick up the app icon and move it around. So if you want to have your mail application a little bit closer to your clock, you just need only to pick up the mail application and bring it over to a spot right next to the clock.

So, as you can see, I’m able to easily and more quickly access mail like. I would normally want to right there. You can also more easily adjust your home screen on your watch by going into the my watch, application clicking on app layout, pressing and holding and then moving around the different icons.

This will instantly affect your Apple watch and is that easy and simple to do from either your watch itself or your phone? In order to adjust the brightness and settings you’re going to want to go into the settings application and then you’re, going to scroll down to brightness and text size.

This allows you to increase the brightness. There are three different notches or decrease the brightness I like to keep mine on the medium setting in general. You can also change the text size here. If you’d, like it a little bit bigger, that might make it easier to read or you can have it smaller, so you can add more text on each page.

You can also add bold text, which is a cool feature. If you want something a little bit easier to read, also in the settings, you can adjust the sound haptics now the sound you can adjust whether you would like it to be loud or softer.

You can also mute the device so that it only taps you when it receives a notification. You can scroll down to see the haptics to see how hard it will actually tap on you. You can adjust that to see what kind of tap you like on your wrist to access do not disturb airplane mode, mute and ping.

Your iPhone, all you have to do, is swipe up and then scroll to the left. Until you see the connected tab, this is going to allow you to turn on and off. Your do, not disturb which make sure you receive, or don’t receive notifications on your Apple watch.

You can also turn on airplane mode if necessary, but give it a little bit of time to connect once you turn it back off. You can also turn off sound, but that will keep your haptic on the haptic. Is what taps you so to completely turn both sound and haptic off? You can select the do not disturb now say you lose your iPhone or you don’t know where it is.

You’re in a rush, just push this button and it’s gonna instantly ping. Your iPhone really simple. To find your iPhone. You could do it as many times as you need [ Music ] from the same glances menu, which is the list of different quick view applications.

You can swipe over to see your current battery life. As you can see, we have 66 % remaining. Now there’s, something really cool called power reserve. Now power reserve is great for reserving your battery when the battery is low.

Now it’s, going to continue to display the time, but all of the other apps will not be available to use. Now it acts as this mode, which is very convenient if you’re starting to go low on battery, but you still want to have your watch face.

All you have to do is press and hold on the side button like so then you’re, going to swipe to enter power reserve from power Reserve is only going to show you the time, and that is it that will reserve a lot of Battery, but it also means you can’t access anything else even from here.

The only way to get back everything is to completely restart your Apple watch, because, as you can see, if you turn it on or tap it all it’s. Going to do is show that now to get back to all of your other settings, you have to completely restart the Apple watch.

Unfortunately, you cannot access anything else, other than just restarting the watch, as you can see once that restarts it brings you right back to your normal Apple watch functionality. Now we’re, going to show you how to customize your watch face on your Apple watch to customize.

All you have to do is press and hold using the force touch. Now there are a few presets which you can either customize use as they are, or you can even create your own. So, as you can see, we have utility modular, simple motion skipped over one astronomy, color, solar, cronograph, Mickey and extra-large.

You can also create your own watch face in here as well. Now, for this purpose, we’re, going to show you how to create your own, but of course you can choose one of these watch faces or even customize it.

However, you like so we’re, going to click on new and we’re going to choose what type of watch face we want. We can use the digital crown to select the watch face. Now I like the utility, so I’m going to click utility from that I can hit customize.

As you can see, I’m first able to customize the detail. So how much detail do we have do we have no numbers? Do we have a lot of numbers? Do we have even the different seconds listed as well in minutes, or we can take down all the detail away? It’s that easy with the simple digital crown.

So I like all the numbers, but no minutes so that’s good! I’m going to swipe over to the next. Now we can change the color, so you can choose what type of color you would like for the minute hand. So, as you can see, we do have our standard red.

We have a gray, we have an orange, I like the orange color, so we’re gonna do that swipe over now we can choose what we would like to display for the date. So, as you can see, I’m gonna have Friday the 15th, and then that is what you need to do for that and you can choose over here up at the top what you want at the top left, so you can actually swipe Through so let’s start it off.

We have off there’d, be nothing there. You could have the date there. We already have the date. You have a calendar, you could have. The moon phase is sunrise/sunset the weather activity. You can have an alarm that you have a timer that you have a stopwatch.

You could even have the battery. If you want to have the battery listed there, you can also show a world clock in different locations, and those are all of the different options that you have. I’m gonna have the battery, because I like to be able to see what the battery is we go over here.

You have the same options, so I definitely think the weather looks pretty good at this side at the bottom. Instead of the calendar – and actually this is really cool because you can have even more spelled out word so the larger words at the bottom.

So let’s scroll through here, let’s, see the weather actually has a lot more. So I think I’m gonna keep the partly cloudy weather up at the top here, and for this one I’m gonna change it to my activity.

Now, when I start using the health applications, I’ll, be able to quickly see what my current activity is from there. So once you’re done, all you have to do is press the home button and then your watch face is completely customized.

When you click on it, as you can see, I now have a custom watch face the way I want it. This is what the standard utility watch looks like. Next, we have the modular watch as you can see, that’s. What it’s gonna look like I just want to give you guys a little view, so you can decide what you want.

The simple watch is gonna. Look like that now, of course, you can customize some of the different areas on it, but this is just a base. What Apple comes with motion is gonna have a pretty cool butterfly.

In the background we have astronomy, which I definitely like this one. It’s, pretty cool color and in the customization. You can of course, change the color of this watch, solar, which shows where the Sun is at at that current point in time, chronograph, which has a lot of different features all built into one Mickey.

So you can have Mickey Mouse show up as well. If you want and extra-large, if you are somebody who is a minimalist, you just want the extra-large to show up here. This is good for you as well, and, of course, like we showed you before, you can create your own, like the utility that I created it’s completely up to you, and there are so many possibilities with the Apple wash when you have a Red dot at the top of your Apple watch screen.

That means that you have unread notifications. Now, if you had instantly gotten those notifications, you’d, be able to see them right on the screen within about a minute of receiving them. However, if you wait a certain period of time, Phillip here is a red dot.

All you have to do is swipe downwards, like so so that you can read all of the different messages that you just received. As you can see, Tristan just sent me a message. Want to grab a bite later now to deal with this message: just click on it, so you can read the message and you can either dismiss or reply to reply.

Just click on reply and it’ll, actually come up with quick and easy responses. Based on what it thinks, the text is saying, so I can just click. Yes, I can send a smiley face or I can even dictate text for Siri to send.

For me. It’s that simple and easy. Let’s. Go back in here sure I’ll drop by later hit done and you can actually either send it as audio or text. I like what the text says. So I’ll, just click on the text right there and off it goes.

Emails also show up in the notification section as well. As you can see, you can just click on it to read it instantly now. This notification is that Ebates sent me. Fifty dollars via PayPal, now, if you aren’t familiar with Ebates, it’s, a great service that lets you earn instant cash back and rebates on all of your online purchases.

Now we’re, going to take a quick break to look at We’ll, be right back after the break to start go to bit dot Li, slash, app, find Ebates, make sure you use that exact URL. You can see it on the screen or look in the link in the description since you used my you, you’ll, get access to an exclusive gift card bonus either $ 10 Macy’s; Walmart Target Kohl’s or $ 5 and PayPal cash or a check now you can join using your email or you can conveniently sign up through Facebook.

Now, what does Ebates? Let you do well. Ebates gives you instant cash back on purchases. You would make online anyways, as you can see here. You get 16 percent cashback on over a hundred and fifty different stores.

Yes, that includes Amazon and eBay. So, as you can see here’s, our example American Eagle, you get 16 percent cashback and you even have access to exclusive coupon codes as well. Now 16 percent cashback means, if you spent $ 100, you get 16 dollars back.

That’s. Amazing, as you can see it’ll. Bring you right to the website where you can make your purchases as you normally would. Once you’re done, you’ll instantly, get your cash back in your Ebates account for 16 percent cashback.

Now to get the referral award at the beginning that you saw the $ 10 gift card or five dollars in cash. All you need to do is spend at least twenty five dollars on one of your regular sites. You would have purchased from anyways it’s that easy and that’s simple with Ebates.

If you’re, not using Ebates, you’re. Leaving money on the table. Ebay can help, save you money and find you great coupons and discounts. You wouldn’t, otherwise have access to, and it’s that easy to sign up at bit.

Dot Lee slash app, find Ebates for a free $ 10 gift card or five dollars in instant cash. Once you just purchased $ 25 through Ebates, it’s, a great service. I highly recommend it all right back to the Apple watch, complete beginner’s guide.

All right, we’re back, be sure to check out eBay, — tz — is a great service and I use it to earn money every month. Alright. So now we’re, going to talk a little bit more about all of the different glances you can access.

So the first glance that we have is the one we explained earlier, which will let you turn on your airplane. Do not disturb or even sound settings we’re in a turn, do not disturb on right now, because we don’t want anybody disturbing us.

While we’re making this video, you can swipe over and access the music settings here, you can play pause, go forward or backward on your music and even increase or decrease the volume you can play music, that’s on your iPhone Or even music saved locally to your Apple watch swipe over again, and you can see your heart rate now, you can see what our battery life is.

You can also instantly go into power reserve from this screen as well. The next glance is your activity. App will show you how to set that up a little bit later on in the video. Next, we have our events, so I don’t have anything tomorrow or today.

Then we have our weather, which is going to show you what the current weather is like in your town or city swipe over again, you have access to the stocks swipe over again and you have access to maps.

We’re, not going to load that, because we don’t want to show you exactly where we are swipe again. You can actually see world time. You can choose different world times to show using your Apple watch, app application on your iPhone, and those are all of the different glances that we have.

You can, of course, swipe back up to access your main lockscreen. Now we’re, going to talk about our alarms, timer world clock and stopwatch let’s. Go over to our alarms. As you can see, I don’t currently have any alarms.

I can tap and hold firmly to bring up the new menu click new, and I can draft a brand new alarm now. This works very similarly to your alarms on your iPhone. You get to select the time whether or not it repeats whether or not your what your label is and whether or not you allow yourself to snooze.

You can turn this off. So you don’t even have the ability to snooze, which is a good feature. If you know that you’re one of those people that just hits the snooze button instantly, whenever you wake up once you’ve done that you can add the alarm and you’re good to go.

It’ll, set the alarm off right here on your Apple watch, lexan exit out for now. Next, we’re, going to show you your timer application, let’s, go over and click on timer. Now what this is going to allow us to do is set a timer for, however long we’d like we can choose the minutes say we want five minutes just hit start and the timer will start now.

Note the time I’ll actually keep counting down when you exit out and go back to your main clock view. Another cool feature is that you can actually include the timer at the top right. If you press and hold click customize and say we wanted to change the battery settings instead of having the battery, we can just use the the digital crown to go all the way back to our current timer make sure that’s, all set exit Back out go back in and now we can see our timer at the top left.

Next, we’re, going to turn off that timer and then show you how you can use your world clock feature now. The world clocks, all the way over here with the world clock icon right now. It currently has Cupertino and New York set.

You can choose different world clocks to show on your iPhone, well show you how to do that later on and finally, we have our stopwatch functionality. Now there are a lot of great stop watches in here.

If you press and hold you can choose an analog digital graph or hybrid, we’re, going to keep it on analogue. For now start stop. You can even add laps. It’s that easy and simple. It is a great stopwatch application.

Now let’s, talk about how to use messages on the Apple watch, tap on the messages icon. As you can see here, you can see your most recent messages and you can tap on that to see the conversate conversation.

Now, if you want to reply to scroll down click reply and send another message, you can even send some different emojis that you would like. Now we actually have cool animated emojis as well, so you want to send an animated emoji.

Just click send and there you go. You’re ready to go it’s that easy and simple to send either animated emojis or text. Using the Apple watch. You can send text, you can even add using Siri, so that’s.

Actually it done on that. It cancel on that one. Let’s redo it reply. Yeah! Let’s. Definitely hang out later. You can actually send it either as audio or as text like. So if you want to send a new message, just press and hold using force touch then click new message.

You can choose your contact, create the message and then send it very easily that’s. How to use messages on your Apple watch. Email on the Apple watch is a breeze, just click on the mail application, and you can go right into your emails now.

You can click on an email to read it and read a brief blurb of your email. Now, unfortunately, you do need to reply to the emails using your phone. However, there’s, a really cool feature available here.

If you have an email open on your SmartWatch, your Apple watch, that is, you’re gonna go over to your phone and, in the left hand corner of the bottom left-hand corner swipe up, and once you input your passcode, you’Ll be brought directly to that email.

This is called hands-off and it is a great feature available on the Apple watch. So let’s, bring back up the Apple watch over here we’re still in the email. We can go back now. You can scroll through all of your different emails and, if you want to you, can actually swipe left to archive now I’m, not going to do that right now.

Now you can also open up other emails. You can press and hold to flag as important mark as unread or even archive. Of course you can press outside of it. If you don’t want to, as you can see it’s very easy and simple, to use your email on your Apple watch.

Handling calls in the Apple watch is very easy to do. We’re gonna wait for a call to come in then we’ll. Show you what to do when you get a call that comes into your Apple watch. As you can see, you can see.

Who is calling you can either deny the call accept the call or scroll down. You can send a message or even answer on your iPhone click answer on your iPhone. It’ll hit hold, and you can answer it directly on your iPhone now over.

Here we’re, going to be able to answer it. Hello. I’m, actually filming a video right now. Can I call you back later and that’s? All you got to do as you can see. The Apple watch is great at allowing you to quickly answer phone calls, especially when you’re out and about on a run or in an area where it’s a little bit difficult to whip out your phone.

The Apple watch makes keeping track of your events a breeze. If you go into the main home screen, you can scroll over to the calendar section now. This is going to show you all of the different events that you have for any given day now.

I actually have a site that I like to get some stock images from no, it’s, not a promotion pond5, and I have that set up for. I think it’s every week, or so whenever they come out with their new free stock stock files.

So whatever you happen to have on your calendar, it & # 39. Ll, show you what you currently have for that day now. Another cool feature is you can actually include your calendar directly on your watch itself by pressing and holding customizing and then choosing the calendar option.

So if you use the digital crown, you can go to the calendar and see what is next now that actually already occurred. So there’s. Nothing left on my calendar, however, is really cool to see if you do have a different appointment or something that’s very important now.

Another thing to note is there are no reminders currently on the Apple watch. However, you will still get the notification in the Notification Center. If you have a reminder that needs to come on, but there is no.

No, there is no reminders application directly on the watch itself.