Apple Watch Series 6 – FINALLY Something NEW?

, the Apple watch, has been one of my favorite pieces of tech ever like really. I recently switched you a Samsung Galaxy fold. This thing, which has been just incredible by the way. This thing is amazing: video on the Galaxy fold coming soon and by tsunami in a few weeks.

So let me stay tuned for that and realistically, the only thing that I miss about my iPhone is the Apple watch synchronization. Luckily, I still have my iPhone around, but my point here is that while I can easily switch away from iOS, there is not really an overall, better alternative as a SmartWatch to the Apple watch.

So without any further ado here is everything we know so far. In terms of the Apple watch series 6, one of the biggest changes ever to come to the Apple watch. Well, maybe not, but you’ll, see okay, so I’ve, always been a massive fan of the Apple watch.

I remember even making videos on it way before it was even launched, link summers, episodes talking about every piece of information. We knew about Apple’s super secret project years before it was launched, and then we finally got it.

The original Apple watch, but unfortunately the first generation which came out in 2015 and was announced back in 2014 wasn’t great at all. It was pretty slow, pretty laggy the battery life wasn’t anything amazing.

It was extremely expensive, with Apple, even selling, that $ 17,000 18 karat gold model. When a series 2 in 2016, they dropped the gold model. They added 50 meter water resistance up from the 1 meter up to 30 minutes that we had before it also increased the screen brightness to 1000 nits up from 500.

They significantly improve the processor. The battery life lasted for two days. Now we got GPS, so yeah. Series 2 was such a big upgrade. Then series 3 in 2017 added seller support so that it can get a network connection without the need for you to have your iPhone nearby.

It also added an even faster processor. Would es3 chip being 70 % faster than ES 2, which was already twice as fast as the s1 inside the original Apple watch a doubled internal storage to 16 gigabytes? It increased the amount of RAM to 768 mega bytes from 512 megabytes.

Then we add the series 4 in 2018, which was the biggest upgrade to come to yappa watch. Ever since the original one was introduced, we got a new design, kinda, essentially the same one, just with a more rounded frame, as well as a much larger display and what was essentially the exact same body.

Just a tiny, tiny bit larger and the screen bezels got significantly thinner. We got another new processor in the s4, which doubled the performance again of the s3. We got an ECG meter and improved heartrate monitor as well as haptic feedback on the digital crown itself.

So yeah the cerise 4 was such a big upgrade and then finally, last year in 2:19 we got the Apple watch series 5, which was essentially just a series for buds with an always-on display, something that I’ve, been requesting ever since the original Apple launch, so, having said all of this, the series sake should be a fairly big upgrade, considering that we haven & # 39.

T really had one since 2018. Well, when it comes in a design, we’ve, yet to see reports that say that Apple is working on a major redesign like we’ve. Seen around the same time, two years ago, ahead of the Apple watch series for his release.

This means that it is extremely likely that we would see the exact same design that we’ve, seen when a series four and the series 5, just with possibly some more finishes. The series 5 introduced titanium as a brand-new finish and also brought back ceramic, which we haven’t, seen it since the series 3.

So I wouldn’t, be surprised if Apple ends up introducing one more material option, or at least different color options for the materials that we have now I don’t know about you, but I think a ceramic forest-green or a ceramic Midnight blue with just look incredible: regardless there’s, a small possibility that Apple will indeed tweak the design every sin the original Apple watch came out.

I always wanted Apple to release a circle or Apple watch, so they haven’t, but we modeled our very own, but our Apple does this with a series 6 or in a series 7 or even later, we don’t know just Yet, but this is how we designed it: we based this design off of the car in series 4 and the series 5, so we kept the same design language while at the same time making the body circular.

This means that we still have the same style of the digital crown with that red ring and haptic engine. We still have the same heart rate monitor but with additional functionality, which I’ll, be covering shortly, and we still have the same.

Iconic circular Apple watch faces, which now look even better than ever on a circular display. Also, we based all the colors on the current Apple watch Series 5s offering. So we have stainless steel, black plus a black Milanese loop, and this would be my personal favorite.

We then have stainless steel, silver plus a silver Milanese loop and then stainless steel gold, which actually looks very similar to the original Apple watch Gold Edition from 2015, just obviously at a much lower price point, plus a gold Milanese loop.

Then we have a more classic stainless steel, silver plus a black leather strap, and then we have the aluminum models. So black aluminum, with a black sport band silver aluminum with a blue sport band, occurs the green sport bands, the yellow, which looks absolutely stunning on the black aluminum model, then the red sport band, plus the black aluminum, which is definitely Marcus’s favorites And then, finally, we have silver aluminum with a white sport band yeah, mrs.

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So yes, unfortunately, the Serie 6 is likely to look extremely similar or pretty much even identical. Taylor series 5 and the series 4 now when it comes to the actual display economic Daily News reported back in july 2019, that Apple is actually working on implementing a micro LED display in 2020 on the Apple watch, and this is also something that digit times also Reported back in 2018, unfortunately, we haven & # 39.

T really had any more recent leaks on this. So do you take all of this with a grain of salt? Essentially, micro LED displays are the biggest display innovation since oullette not to be confused with mini LED, which is something different, and this is something that the November 20/20 I pad pros are set to feature, as well as the upcoming 16 inch MacBook Pros long story, short Lcd panels are the most inferior display technology that we have now and LCD panels.

The pixels only provide the color and not the backlight. Therefore, you need to have a separate backlight layer. This means that a display will be quite thick. It will consume a lot of power and you cannot really have perfect black levels as if you want to have a white text on top of a black surface.

The backlight will still have to be fully on in order for that text to be visible, which means that blacks will always look gray, ish or blueish. Then we have ola displays which, unlike LCD, displays, the pixels can’t provide both the color and the backlight, which means that only displays can be very thin.

They consume significantly less power than LCD displays and they also have perfect black levels because you can individually turn the pixels on and off. As you wish. The only problem with OLED is that they can easily burn, so their lifespan is very limited.

Then we have mini LED, which is a fairly new technology, and this is one Apple, is using in their Apple Pro display XDR. Essentially, it is still an LCD panel, but a backlight is now split into multiple, smaller zones – 576 tones in the case of the Apple Pro display XDR, which can be individually turned on and off.

So it still has downsides of an LCD panel, but the black levels are significantly improved and finally, we have micro LED, which is essentially OLED with extremely tiny, inorganic LEDs or than organic LEDs.

What it means is that it has all the advantages of OLED, but without the burning issues of oullette, not only that, but micro LED displays can be even thinner than all LEDs with even lower part consumptions, while also being much brighter micro LED displays are really the Future and the Apple watch is a very good candidate for this technology, because at the moment, micro LED is very expensive, as a technology, even more so than ├Âland, so Apple cannot really implement this on devices that have a large display, at least not yet, if you Take a look at a very first Apple watch.

It was also Apple’s very first device to come with an OLED display. So, whenever Apple’s, implementing micro LED it will very likely come to the Apple watch first and then move along all the other devices.

The iPhone the iPad and eventually the Mac – and it looks like there is a small possibility of this being introduced. Even this year to the Apple watch, moving on to the specs, the series 6 will finally feature a bump in performance and the reason why I’m saying finally, is because the series 5 that actually come with apples s5 processor, but it was essentially Just an s4 with the built-in compass and a new display driver for that always-on display, so we haven’t actually had a performance boost ever since the Apple watch series for from 2018, and here’s, the fun fact my series 4 Was perfectly smooth, I had zero issues in terms of its performance.

However, my series 5 actually lags on me quite a bit that might be because of that always-on display. The processor has to keep updating all that all the time, albeit I just one Hertz at one time, every second compared to 60, Hertz or 60 times every second, but still the CPU is running more intensively than on the series 4, and the RAM is also more In use because of that always-on display now makes you code the report that the 3-6 will need to be getting some bumps in performance.

This not only includes the CP getting faster, but apparently Wi-Fi and the seller speeds will also be improved. Qu also stated that a circuit board will now be made out of LCP or liquid crystal polymer, as opposed to polymide or pie with dongsaeng precision, avery holding and flex him interconnect being the primary suppliers moving on through special features.

This is where we & # 39. Ll see the biggest changes with the first one being a blood oxygen level meter so based on leaked iOS 14 code, that 95 Mac Medici finds. We now know that oxygen level, saturation is something that Apple plans to include in the Apple s every six.

Essentially, if the oxygen year, blood has allowable under 95 %, you’ll, get a notification alert similar to how you’re now getting one or when your heart rate is abnormally high. In fact, even the original Apple watch from 2015 did indeed have hardware capable of measuring the amount of oxygen in your blood I fix.

It has found this from their turndown, but for some reason this functionality was never enabled. So reports are saying that this is because Apple never got the FDA approval produce. So it could be that the series six will now get an improved horror version of that or watch where seven will actually enable oxygen level, saturation detection and measurements on all the previous apples that support it as well.

Speaking of watch West 7 95 Mac managed to find some more code that points toward some upcoming features. These include the ability to share your watch face with other users, a brand new infographic or watch face that will include a tachymeter which will tell you the speed at which you’re traveling, so that’s, pretty cool.

So from this we would also be getting a new country’s, flag watch face which will allow you to pick from a flag and have a watch face on top of it. Now this can already be done easily via the photos, watch face fun fact and speaking of this, therefore, the watch face.

It is indeed set to be getting an improvement by allowing you to select the photo from a shared album garden just from your own albums. Parental controls will also be added, as well as cool time for restricting some Apple watch apps, for when a child is in school, an improve control center with new toggles and a brand new architecture for apps, which will remove extensions completely.

Any good apps will now fully run on the Apple watch, art and being extensions to iPhone apps. This was basically introduced in watch my six last year and according to the verifier who claims that they have some high-level sources inside Apple watch.

My 7 will only work on the iPad series 3 and you were, which means that support for the series, 1 and series 2 will finally be dropped. Now, the third big new feature of the series 6 is set to be sleep tracking.

According to some more code found by 9, if I Mac sleep tracking will finally be included and as reported by Bloomberg, this will indeed be a feature implemented at a hardware level, for as just being a software update that will work on older models.

Apple will need to heavily improve the battery life which, according to these reports, they wouldn’t, be doing at least not to you the same amount that will make the battery lasts for like a week. So we don’t fully know how Apple will address this, but it is likely that they will use a new low-power chip that will monitor the sounds and the movement alongside your heart rates, when you sleep chances, are that you will have to charge It in the morning before you go to work as you will need to wear the Apple watch, while you’re sleeping at art for the sleep truck into work and a very strange report coming from the verifier once again claims that iPods, re6 could, In the beginning, touch AV either integrated into the crown or even integrated into the display panel itself.

This would be amazing, and this could also be a 2021 feature, at least according to the verifier, so this might just be something that would be coming with a series. 7 or even later on so definitely not confirmed for the Suri 6 + 95.

Mac also found references in this leaked iOS 14 code on a brand new kids mode, which will replace the current activity rings, with something more suitable for kids burden tracking the Amato calories burns.

These will track just the amount of movements and they will be tweaked with a child’s, activity pattern and mind now. This is a watch West 7 feature. After all, so it will very likely come to all the models from the series 3 upwards and finally makes you cool, reported that the three six will be getting an improved water resistance.

At a moment, when you get up to a 50 meter water resistance, which is pretty notes, however, Apple themselves, a new state on their own website that he shouldn’t use it for scuba, diving or any other activities that involve high velocity water or Submersion below shallow death, so this could be fixed with a series 6.

Now, when it comes to the battery life, this is said to be improved with a 36. Now that we are getting sleep tracking weather, this is done by just increasing the battery size or by the new micro LED display, or even both we do not know, but Apple will have to be something as the battery life on a series.

5 was mostly worse than a my series 4 before it and finally, when it comes to the release date, pretty much the same as always September 2020. However, this year we might actually see a slight delay because of the currents odd break situation, so it could be pushed to November or in the worst scenario, two March or so 2021.

Although I don’t think it will be delayed that heavily okay. So, in the end, what are my thoughts on the Apple wife Series? Six? Well, it looks like the biggest new feature that we will be getting at least the one that most of you will care about, will be sleep tracking aside from that things such as you watch faces the oxygen level meter, the kids mode.

All of these are likely to be added to some of the previous app watch models as a software update. So if you are hoping for a major redesign, you might have to wait until the series, seven or even later, until will finally get something that hopefully looks similar to our render here.

But what do you guys think about the series six so far? Also, what do you guys think about our render you guys, like a circular Apple watch, or they prefer the more squared-off shape that we currently have now, if you wan na, see more concepts such as these ones definitely follow on instagram on the main account that’s enough tech and also on our secondary account as out of concepts on which we only post concepts hit the joint button to become a member and support a channel and yeah definitely subscribe and enable notifications for more videos such as this one so yeah.

I think you’re watching I’m Daniel. It I’ll, see you guys in the next one: zero tech,