Apple Watch Series 6 – Long Term Honest Review

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i've been using apple watches since the series zero and i've upgraded basically every year but this year i'm returning mine in this honest long-term review i'll not only tell you exactly why but also why the series 6 is by far the best apple watch yet and why if you can afford it you should absolutely buy one over the se or a discounted series 5. the apple watch has been shockingly successful and i see them everywhere when i ask people about them they always say that they love their apple watch the series 3 is still being sold and bought like crazy so how can apple get people to spend more money on a series 6 instead of one of the less expensive ones basically it's incremental new features and little exclusives that force people to spend more and by the looks of it it's working this year we have a few new colors which are really cool mine is the product red and we have the new blood oxygen sensor and the always on altimeter of course we still have the ecg support and probably the biggest one is the always on display if you need those sensors for health reasons the series 6 is absolutely worth it but i feel like most people don't and they buy the top model for just one or two reasons after using the s6 for a while now i think that most people should buy one not because of the few incremental improvements like the maybe brighter display but for the real world differences the apple didn't advertise the series 6 has killer battery life way better than before and i don't know why apple is not making a big deal about it on top of that after two generations we have an actually new processor that not only allows for this battery life improvement but super smooth perfect performance now most people don't care about an occasional stutter with a cheaper watch but as i was brainstorming and going over comments and contemplating returning mine something became really clear to me most people make buying decisions based on today and not how they will use the product a few years from now and with apple watches people are keeping them much longer than their phones i'm seeing tons of people keeping them for three four and even five years we start looking at it from that perspective the extra 50 to 100 dollars more from a discounted series 5 or even 120 dollars more over an se starts to make a lot more sense forget the extra sensors or the cooler colors or even the always on display the series 6 is going to be a supported and smooth running watch 5 years from now and that's something that i can't say for my series 5 or the se which already have some occasional slowdowns on top of that we have some features that almost nobody is talking about and that apple didn't really mention that make it a nicer device first off that u1 chip that only the s6 has we still know very little about it but based on leaks it will allow the apple watch to not only be very accurately found and maybe find other devices but support for authentication and for accurate secure unlocking right now you can unlock your mac with your watch but the u1 will be much more secure allowing you to unlock your house or even your car quicker and way more securely every new apple device is now getting this u1 chip so having this in your watch means that you'll be good even years from now this might seem minor but notifications are so much nicer and more pronounced than with the older apple watches it's still silent but their vibrations feel twice as strong and i've definitely appreciated that especially when using it as a silent alarm to wake up in the morning the brighter display in the always-on mode when it is dimmed and when you're outside can be nice as well i'm saying it this way so you won't get confused now when apple said the display can be two and a half times brighter many people didn't understand completely what they meant even we didn't when we first tested it the display brightness is identical to the series 5 in most scenarios my biggest complaint with the series 5 is how much that screen dims and it's always on mode and i wish apple would let us choose to keep it brighter but sacrifice battery life at the same time i do understand why they don't because with the s5 i end most of my days with about 10 percent of battery life remaining now despite the larger battery in the series 6 apple still doesn't let you customize it and in normal lighting it's exactly the same now let's talk about the most impressive part that apple won't even admit to and that's the battery life it's still rated at 18 hours like my series 5 was but there is a world of a difference instead of ending with 10 at the end of the night i now get 35 to 40 percent and other people have commented that at the end of the day they have 50 remaining now let me tell you why having that extra 30 to 40 of battery life can make a world of a difference to many of you and how some of you guys could get double the battery life compared to an se even though i end my day with 10 battery other than having the display at its brightest settings i'm not somebody that pushes my apple watch very hard i do exercise but it's usually not long and it's usually indoors the times that i have for example when hiking my apple watch ends up dying before the end of the day and a few times before i was even done with my workout if i don't take my charger i'm without notifications or tracking for the rest of the day with the series 6 this will be much less of an issue and not only that it charges 20 faster as well another benefit is for sleep tracking which just came out with watch os 7.

With my series 5 i have to place it on a charger about an hour before bed and then once again in the morning or else it will die a few hours into the night with the series 6 you could charge it once in the evening or maybe instead in the morning when you get up and you're ready for the day and that's with the always on display mode enabled now if you're somebody considering between buying an se that doesn't have always on or spending more money on a series 6 if you turn off the power draining always on display mode on the s6 your battery life will skyrocket i've seen people get over two days of use and that's with sleep tracking and with workouts which no other apple watch can do now that is thanks to the faster more power efficient processor the larger battery and the lack of 3d touch hardware if you don't need fantastic battery life keep in mind that as time goes on the battery will degrade and i saw one guy who upgraded to a series 6 just because his 2 year old series 4's battery no longer lasts throughout the day now with the 6 the extra battery life will really come in handy 3 years from now now let's get into the disappointments and why even though the series 6 is so nice why i'm returning it i already told you guys about the always-on display that still dims way too much for my liking and even though the battery life is so good they still don't allow you to set it brighter to me this was the biggest excitement with the series 6 and if it was two and a half times brighter in normal lighting conditions and that's where i use my watch ninety percent of time i would still be keeping it right now i still have to raise my wrist to clearly see my complications the second disappointment is that the oxygen sensor is super sensitive half the time it doesn't end up working so i have to redo it and typically my levels are fine anyways so i'm not ever using it now i do hope that this could be improvement software for those that do need it consistently the last thing is pretty minor but it's that the product red sport band doesn't actually match the watch at all and some people were actually commenting and thinking that apple sent me the wrong watch band and they didn't this is the right one last year i solely upgraded for the always on display and this year even though the upgrade is much more substantial for my use case charging every night it works fine and i'm no longer using a sleep tracking feature if i use that or if i was a lot more active outdoors or if i knew that i was going to keep the watch for three to five years and that extra battery life would be really helpful then it would be worth upgrading but because of this channel i'm almost certain i'm gonna be upgrading next year so i'm not too worried about battery degradation and even though i love the better vibrations that alone isn't worth spending more money with all of that said if you're considering buying a series 6 and you can afford the extra price over an se or a discounted series 5 i would absolutely advise you to buy the series six it's an excellent watch and you're gonna be happy with it for many many years make sure to check out the links in the description below for discounted apple watches and also the merch shelf where you guys can find super comfy premium shirts like this one hoodies and even masks which support our efforts here on youtube if you want to see my direct detailed comparison against the series 5 or vadim's excellent review of the apple watch se with apple's master plan those videos are right over there and go ahead and click above to subscribe if you guys want to see more videos like this one this been max and i will see you in the next video

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