Orient Watch FTT11003W0 TT11003W Captain Men's Watches

Hey folks is Mark with Orient watch usa.com with the Orion captain. Skew for this watch is ft. T 1, 1. 0. 0. 3. W this modern sport design includes a one twentieth of a second chronograph which was added for functionality and for looks the captain uses an analog Ward’s, caliber kfb 0 0. […]

Top Tips for Buying a Quality Watch & How to Style Them

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today’s. Video is going to be all about my top tips for purchasing a quality work and also how to style them depending on the actual style of watch. You decide to pick up. I’ve teamed up with Linea for this video and I’m, going to be […]

Ladies watches - a thing of the past?

All right, I think it’s time. We talked about ladies watches [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Welcome back to the timeless watch channel guys I’m back on Lido. It’s supposed to be Thunder all week ahead of us, so I guess the season is properly changing, moving into the extreme hot weather and that’s, […]