Best men’s watches for graduation: Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Ralph Lauren, Nomos

Our sons have worked so hard, so here’s my selection of six watches between two and six thousand pounds to reward them for all those years of studying. A proper mechanical watch is the traditional graduation gift to mark this major milestone because it will last a lifetime.

Invest wisely and your son will have a watch to be proud of for many years to come. The sporty Submariner Date is one of ’s most popular designs and in fact the first watch to be worn by James Bond and it’s still going strong.

First in 1953 the Oyster Perpetual Explorer was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary up and down Everest, yet it’s still appeals with its edgy blue glow-in-the-dark details. The Omega Moonwatch is another diehard classic with a story to tell.

It was the first and only watch to land on the moon. Faithful to the original 1957 model, it is powered by a reliable hand wound movement, like the one that kept ticking even when those brave astronauts were very far from home.

The Heritage Black Bay dive watch has a cool vintage look, and because it’s made of bronze, it will mellow gracefully with age. Ralph Lauren Safari chronometer is a stylish option, with a black and steel case and a khaki coloured dial, synonymous with the Ralph Lauren lifestyle.

Those who appreciate design will immediately clock the Bauhaus aesthetics of the German brand Nomos, whose minimalist designs, excellent mechanics and compelling price points have won many admirers. I like the contemporary feel of this watch with its quirky flash of orange.

Elegant, sporty or rugged, the choice is yours but please take this one recommendation, choose a mechanical watch that will last for years and only get better with age. You can buy all these products by clicking on the link below.