Best Rolex Watches Under $10,000 You Can Buy in 2020


What’s up guys? My name is George, and today we’re going to be talking about our favorite picks for under 10 000 for a Rolex So guys you have 10 000 in the bank and you want to buy a watch a Rolex. So my first pick personally is this I in platinum.

Now this watch for me, is one of those Rolex watches that’s very underrated, So it’s a platinum, bezel and platinum dial.

It has the old school kind of flip, lock clasp on it, So it doesn’t have the newer clasps you see on the ceramic models, But guys this is platinum.

Bezel that looks fantastic in the light when it plays off the dial.

It looks amazing, And then you have a bezel that’s made out of platinum, So you have precious metal for under 10 000 and on a , And this watch goes for around 7500 dollars in the used market when you do get them for a Good condition and they’re a nice size.

They’re 40 millimeters.

They don’t have the new kind of lug case design of the modern Rolexes, But still it’s modern enough that if someone sees you wearing it on the street, it doesn’t look like a vintage watch.

So for that price you get precious metal, a modern, looking Rolex, a sporty Rolex and you get a .

I It’s not like a that everyone else has So this would be my first pick for under 10 000.

My second pick in the Rolex line for under 10 000 is the GMT. Now you’re probably wondering Why this watch Well right off the bat.

If you want to spend under 10 000, this is the only complicated Rolex.

You can really pick up The next GMT in the line is the GMT Master II and that watch right now, if you want a Batman on the Jubilee or even the basic, all black version, you’re going to be spending over 10 000.

This watch for under 10 grand is a complicated Rolex and it has that cool kind of signature orange hand for the GMT function.

It’s a little bit bigger this new one is 42 mm, So it fits on most people,’s wrists and has a nice modern look.

It has the new bracelet and the new clasp system, unlike the , that we just showed you, which is more of any old school kind of flip, lock bracelet.

So it has modern Rolex features, a new movement, all the good stuff you expect from modern Rolex, but it’s under 10 000, And I think this is a watch in the black dial format.

That kind of doesn’t get enough love And I think in the future, the demand for it will increase And it’s definitely a decent pick for under 10 000.

My third pick for Rolex under 10 000 is the Rolex , the icon.

Of course. Now this particular version, if you want to stay under 10 000, is not going to have a date, But to me there’s a pro to that.

The dial is very symmetrical When you add that Cyclops it kind of clutters the dial a little bit.

Some people, like the Cyclops, some people, don’t – I personally am pretty neutral, but I do kind of like the symmetrical look.

So for me this is not a problem to not have a date.

Now, if you do want to get the date version, they are upwards of 10 000, maybe 10 000 flat, So doesn’t really fit our budget, but this watch is a great piece to pick up.

If you want one of Rolex’s, most legendary pieces and most iconic ones, So this is definitely a watch.

You should definitely pick up under 10K.

My fourth pick for under 10 000 for Rolex is a , nicknamed the Wimbledon.

Now, if you know me, I’m a big tennis fan It’s, one of my favorite sports and this watch is absolutely gorgeous.

I got to add one of these to my collection. One day, The dial is inspired by the famous tennis tournament.

They’ve had a partnership for many years And it’s a unique Rolex man.

I mean it has these green Roman numerals on the dial.

It has a Jubilee band And it’s kind of on the upper echelon of our budget.

It’s around 10K retail, So we’re kind of pushing it just a little bit.

But man when you wear this watch it’s, definitely more unique than a lot of other watches in the line.

So this is definitely a pick for under 10.

000 or around that price Guys, these are my picks personally for under 10 000 for Rolex.

Let me know what you guys think.

Today we talked about some of the coolest watches under 10K. For Rolex I mean the Explorer II, the Yacht Master in platinum, this beautiful Wimbledon, Jubilee, Datejust and, of course, the Rolex with no date and that kind of watch.

So let me know guys, What would you do? Would you buy Rolex under 10K? Go for another brand, or maybe I missed a model you guys really like.

Let us know in the comments below Like comment subscribe Hit that bell notification, and I’ll see you guys on the next video .

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