Black-on-Black Watches for Men

Black-on-Black Watches for Men

Hi, my name is Eugene Tong. I’m, the style director at details magazine and today on new classics. We’ll, be talking about watches, one of the biggest trends of the last few years for men’s. Watches is the all-black trend, and today I’m going to show you some of the latest and greatest.

The all-black trend has been applied to watches across the board, so you’ll, see some that are more dressy and some that are more sporty. There is a sporty-er watch from the brand Tudor this one is a chronograph as well as this rubber strap, which makes it perfect for any type of casual occasion.

I wouldn’t, recommend wearing this under suit, necessarily but then again watches your personality and you can kind of do what you want. But I don’t. Think you should we’re, seeing a lot of guys switch out their traditional bracelet straps with a new NATO strap that has become so popular.

For example, this one from Alpena has a great canvas strap, but is back on leather, so you know that it’s going to last as well. Here’s, another great option from Yubel the mesh bracelet was a huge trend back in the day and it’s coming back in a big way.

This year, however, the newly designed ones are much more comfortable on the wrist and won’t catch. Your hair or your skin, like the old ones used to another great option. Is this tag? Watch it’s a coronagraph, but this one has a bit of a textured sporty band, and that makes it a little bit more casual and kind of adds a little bit of masculinity.

Another one on the higher-end scale. Is this Panerai? Probably one of the first to come out with oversized is a great option for the guy who has like a more athletic or larger wrist. The oversize trend is still huge within the men’s watch market.

For me, I think it’s about complementing your wrist. So if you have a smaller wrist, I think you should go with the smaller watch. If you have a larger wrist and I think over size really works within the all-black trend, you see some companies doing more shiny and some doing more matte.

For example, this one from rato is a really great matte finish on the watch, so you can get into your matte black car and have your matte black watch to match a lot of watch. Companies have started to apply this all black trends.

They’re, classic watches, for example this one from Lovato. This is their classic day, tron front of Graf, with the application of the all-black trend, which i think makes it really modern chic as well as super masks.

Even the lower pricepoint companies have started embracing this trend, for example, this one from Nick cents, one hundred and fifty dollars, and you can’t, get anything better for this value while still staying on trend.

I think all black watches are timeless and a great addition to any man’s. Watch collection,