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you know back in the days you know just me and my team we always would say we the best and I feel like everybody should look in the mirror and say you're the best but you know I'm screaming Wiener bass you know to inspire and motivate everyone I'm saying it's a state of mind is important and and we for real about it and you're blessed up mrs. DJ Khaled father Mossad and this is on the rocks another one I'm gonna show you on my favorite watch but I first got to put my sky dwell on cuz of this matching my outfit and my chain playing James you're saying clean I mean I think the scholars with like 15 15 thousand right I guess like a fifty clip it's important key but this is my favorite watch this one platinum Rolex I got this for my jaw Christine you know I told me I was like one of my favorite watches so he went found it for me it's Arabic numbers with a baby blue face it's more than 50 I think it's like in the 60 70 you know maybe 80 I don't know it's all applying them and a special special edition I just like to get what I like we call this the famous chandelier I call a chandelier you're saying this is baguette in the face bezel wrist protect belief but just an anniversary edition big faiths they have one with the factory baguettes but it's a smaller face yeah I'm saying I wanted the big face anniversary what we did was we put baguettes all in it and it turned into a chandelier this cost this cost you sure we like to talk about this they try to tell me insight help I'm saying but I to tell me we gotta work something out now it's a chandelier I'm saying like if you ever need lighting when I'm doing a show or some idoit be needing lighting you're saying Sal I'm bright like a diamond you solely so you know we got the classic Rolex with the factory bezel this is a classic you know just super classic clean another classic Rolex with the factory bezel big ass but he busts down the wrist piece and the side piece with diamonds and baguettes I'm saying you know some days I want to go bust down some days I want to go straight no bus down it just depends at the move I'm saying it's just a vibe you're saying I love this Scylla true it's some simple clean you know I wear like almost every day you know my basketball shorts white teeth just chilling I love a sky girl with like a blue face it was a gift actually from David Lee David Lee gave me this and as I'm not mistaken I think he's a limited I'm not mistaken I don't you say I'm just I'm being told where they told me but it was a gift and I like it that's all that matters that I like it I can show you this one this is the rose gold tech this you're saying is something beautiful I'ma be honest with you I love this bus down one but I'd rather have it not bus down like I said but I always have the option just a case I feel like busing it down he was saying I love this Hublot right here this is a do a collaboration with Hublot you know I love putting these on with Miami Heat shorts like team you're saying I've had this for a wild man Unitas dad's home team you got Dwyane Wade salute what I love about watches is the reminds me it's always my time that should be your time always many as in you know it's that time it's always time to hustle always time to grind I feel like you know sometimes we have different ways to glorify our success I'm saying some people like to buy new shoes about sneakers i buy watches whatever you like you know work hard and get it you know I said sometimes I feel like wearing change sometimes I just don't and this chain right here is special jay-z gave me this it's a Rockefeller piece with a Cuban and this is you know I'm just being honest this is like was personally his this wasn't like y'all me give you a chain and the right piece no no this is his mic his off his neck like his I'm saying so this is like very special to me and I'm honored and I'm grateful to have this gift and I remember the day I got it was special day and you know it was just beautiful who says she shot out of jay-z this right here was a gift from Drake Drake bought me this when my son was born he got me with beautiful two keys father a son I have one key says Khalid and the other key says aside I didn't expect no gift from no one I'm saying it and I got a gift from Drake you know first of all I said my brother's family and I just appreciate everything he's done for me and my career and then for him to buy me a beautiful gift for me and my son I mean it's a lot I'm saying so that's a special oh absolutely everything's for him you know I wear this a lot this is um so broke chain with my son's name into the side we got the classic line key my Jordanian says a gift if I'm not mistaken like red ruby eyes you know this might be nothing to anybody this means a lot to me I'm saying like the smallest ones mean the most to me not because it's smaller nothing just it says the lie and the key but each key leads to the next key you're saying and this is line order you know lying key and that's key you know I got the keys I'm saying my son has one too all praise you changed the Most High God you're saying this is a prayer beads my Queen bought me this it's just beautiful it said always protect the blessings you saying well then you got your classic rope chains you know you never know you might put different changeup the rock pieces that wrote one day to the Cuban [Music] of course it's also one of my favorite simple clean we the best logo small chain every day where every time I have one end up giving somebody like it's like my 100th one cuz I just give it to somebody every time there's a fan or a friend yo Sal just giving it all the time and you know we make these consistently and I'm it's important to me it's my logo is what I represent it's my brand sweeter past this is a clean pinky ring little rose gold go with the Patek right we call this pinky these are all baguettes I got this with pristine shine bright like a diamond with a bracelet a match it just feel good with the chandelier it's just a vibe you're saying I coming fresh out the shower boom jumping your whip and you start you just like it's special you know Sarah it's always greatness to have straight-up diamonds you know sometimes I wear on the same listen or watch sometimes I wear it like that sometimes I wear with this you know just something clean it just be a five you're saying all my gold watches always wanting to go bracelet just in case I want to wear a gold diamond bracelet you were saying just in case I want to just hit him with a a blame here I'm saying bling-bling I always loved jay-z's watching green gang I've always loved puffs cuz it's like just enough you know you hit them with a serious watch and maybe with a serious pinkie that's how I rock but also a big fan of the meego right it don't stop like the me go there's no way to catch up it's impossible they they don't have a designer new chain or a ring by the second I just love seeing my brothers just iced out they go all out it'd be 100 bracelets hundred changed I love it when I see them do that that's one thing GQ and I want to thank everybody all my fans for you know getting that father beside Billy Kylie Kylie DJ Khaled thank you [Music]

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