DM98 Android Smart Watch 3G – Large 2.2″ Screen – Is it any Good?

DM98 Android Smart Watch 3G – Large 2.2″ Screen – Is it any Good?

Hey what’s up guys? I’m chicks and you are watching chicks tech reviews. Today, I’m, going to be reviewing another brand new Android SmartWatch, and this watch has a unique large 2.2 inch screen. So this is the DM 98 smart watch.

This SmartWatch is jam-packed with features and specs. You can insert a nano SIM card and make and receive phone calls. This is effectively a standalone, smartphone watch. So let’s begin with the specs I’ll put the specs on the screen, so you guys can have a quick read.

So this has a 2.2 inch IPS HD LED screen. The resolution is 320 by 240. The CPU is an mtk 65 70 quad core running at 1.2. Gigahertz, you’ve, got five one: two megabytes of RAM four gigs of internal storage; 2 megapixel camera Bluetooth version for GPS and Wi-Fi b/g/n.

This supports 3G nano SIM cards. You & # 39, ve got Android version 4.4, and this is the amazing part. You & # 39. Ve got a 900 milliamp battery, so this is everything you get in the box. A very smart box by the way you’ve, got a very attractive jewellery style box.

Here it & # 39. S got a great finish. If it & # 39, s got like a leathery texture and it looks really nice very well presented. It comes with a cleaning cloth, a charger cable, and this is a USB charger and that looks magnetic and we’ll check that out later and the watch itself presented on this cushioned pillow.

So this is the DM 98 you’ve got silicon leather straps. On the back. You’ve, got the charger pin and a SIM card slot. I’m already impressed that you, don’t need a screwdriver to open the sim card slot.

So there you go. You put your nano SIM card in there. You don’t have to take the battery out or anything. You & # 39; ve, got easy access to the SIM card slot. So on the right you’ve got like a speaker grille and on the other side you & # 39.

Ve got one button. There is a camera on here which is 2 megapixels and it’s great for video chatting. So I just want to quickly show you the charger, so basically it just clips on it just clips on with no effort whatsoever.

So let’s, go ahead and switch this on. So this is the default watch face it’s, a totally different look, but let’s. Try changing it! So you keep the center press for a few seconds and you’ll, have a choice of different watch faces so here’s another one and three, so you only have a choice of three different watch faces are in this watch.

So this is the second one. Now let’s, try the last one. So I haven’t set the time or anything I haven’t set the date, so just turned it on. So you & # 39. Ve got three different watch faces. You can choose if you scroll to the left.

You have your notifications and is saying that there’s. No sim card detected because I haven’t, put a sim card in. If you scroll down from the top you & # 39. Ll have quick settings like you have in smartphones.

It says 999 % battery. If you scroll upwards, you & # 39, ve got more quick settings and modes, and there’s. Your brightness there silent mode as your ringing mode. That’s on loud and there’s, your brightness 1 2 3 4, and that is the maximum brightness.

If you scroll to the right, it will tell you how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burnt. Then you & # 39. Ve got a dialer and the weather information. So if we just click on dialer, this is how it looks and you & # 39.

Ve got a vibration touch for every button. You press so yeah. You can make phone calls on this. If you put a sim card in on the back, as I showed you earlier, this becomes a standalone phone so to go into the main menu.

You just tap the middle of the screen once and you get all your apps, so you & # 39. Ve got sports clock settings, fun, fit dialer, SOS sleep, audio center, camera health reminders tools, weather Bluetooth, file manager, media center web browser, styler WeChat.

You got whatsapp Facebook and the Google Play Store. So these are all the apps already installed for you. So let’s, go to settings and connect to Wi-Fi, so you got here, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi location I cop about I quickly go to about, can go to storage space, and you can see that you had you & # 39.

Ve got four gigs of space system has taken up 2.7 3 gigs, which leaves you with one point two seven gigs available to use. So I’ve now connected to the Internet. We go back into the system menu. You will see that you have all of these options.

Let’s. Try opening up the web browser, let’s, just open Google, so the Wi-Fi is quite fast on this, which is quite interesting. Let’s, go to YouTube. So I just connected to the Google Play Store and I installed YouTube and a game.

And yes, you have the full version of the Google Play Store. Let’s go so there you have it guys. That was the DM 98. A disappointing laggy device with a poor screen quality and also the touch screen was not very sensitive.

Yes, the battery life is great, but compared to the Thor and the LEM 4 le s 1. This is miles behind in technology, the build quality, the OS everything felt underwhelming. You only have a choice from 3 different clock faces and you cannot download any more.

If you’re looking for a powerful SmartWatch, then I highly recommend you consider any of these. Instead, here I have the lympho le s1 and the z blaze Thor. These are real, powerful, smartwatches, packed with features and the most beautiful screens.

I’ll leave the links in the description for all of these products, including the full reviews for the lympho and the Z blaze do check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful.

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day. [ Music, ]