Does It Suck? – $15 Smart Watch


Does It Suck? – $15 Smart Watch

What is up guys? It is Lew here back with another video and I’m very excited. Yah Woo, Because it is a fresh episode of. Does it Suck One of my favorite things to do here on unbox therapy. I look at an unusual product generally, an inexpensive product that proclaims to do something and may or may not do that thing this.

My friends is a $ 15 smartwatch, 15, not 50. 15. I’m. Having a feeling. This is gonna, be a fun one. Its got bluetooth built in kind of important for a smart watch. We’re back to having fun. Shall we? What’s up guys Lew here back with another video, and I’m – very excited yeah whoa, because it is a fresh episode of.

Does it suck one of my favorite things to do here on unbox therapy? I look at an unusual product generally, an inexpensive product that proclaims to do something and may or may not do that thing this.

My friends is a $ 15.00 SmartWatch 15, not fifty fifteen. I’m having a feeling. This is gonna, be a fun one. It’s, got Bluetooth, built in kind of important for a SmartWatch, hands-free notifications, micro USB, as well as a music player.

To be honest, this thing goes by a number of different names on Amazon. This one is called hop century, at least that’s. What the sticker says a lot of Chinese writing on the Box gonna take a wild guess that at one point in time this device was in China.

I have to admit my expectations are pretty low, you never know. Maybe a $ 15.00 SmartWatch is the best bang for your buck in the entire gadget industry. Ah, the user guide, which appears to open right-to-left.

Thank you for choosing our u8 devices with a taste of the function and simple method of operation. A taste of the functions active, the taste the device is used as long as the brand of intelligent machines are adapted to use intelligent machines.

That sounds amazing whatever. That means, I believe this is my intelligent machine right here. So let’s, get to it. Whoo very well, protected for $ 15. You know what not too shabby so far a microUSB cable and then what the some kind of tool let’s, see if this tells meaning about it – the whole machine institutions to introduce okay.

I’m on my own here to remove the strap, maybe in here anyway. I don’t. Think it’s, important for the purpose of what we’re doing right here, but you got. It appears to be protected here by some stickers.

Some kind of screen protector on the display looks like there’s, a speaker, followed by the USB port to charge it up this next one beside might be a microphone. This is probably your power there’s like some goo left on here.

Look at this from the ah, this strap just maybe I can use my tool now not off to a good start. Folks, fingernail works better. To be honest, with you screw you tool to debacle already, we are still not booting, so that means oh, my strap came off.

I can’t even hold the thing. Without the strap coming off come on here, okay, so um, I charged it for a little bit and now it’s. The moment of truth welcome. That is some high resolution right there. I am so worried.

Oh, that was a sick tune, not super-bright. I can scroll on it. You cannot see the screen. You had power saving. Now it’s, much brighter isn’t. It settings language, clock, okay, cool ringtone! Well, it’s, a pretty strong vibration, mmm different icon time date.

Fine phone, that’s, of course, since it’ll, be connected to your phone on Bluetooth. It’s, weird, like the touchscreen. Should we put lights back on, I mean I’m in the complete dark right now. The way you interact with it, you have to be sort of swiping right away.

I need to connect this to my to my device. Real quick Samsung connected now connected okay function and call log. Now what else temperature 86 Fahrenheit doesn’t seem idea. Is it my body heat? It’s? Your number Oh dialing jack right on here? Yes, you are on the watch now.

Wow I mean this is just a cool little toy for $ 15. It has a microphone and speaker in it any and they work we’re. Having a phone call right now, analog check out that classy style right there can. I send him a text.

Oh I have to install an app for that. Okay, trying to stay away from the janky apps little sketch. I’m gonna watch a podcast this one against me, Tony Ferguson, Edson, was the one to replace you. I mean this is basic: Smart Watch stuff.

I suppose the reason I’m a little bit shocked is the fact that this is $ 15. Are you surprised a little bit you’re, not impressed. Oh, how about this feature and he lost hang on – I’m just gonna walk away to see what happens yeah.

Okay, so look it’s notifying me right now, Jesse that Bluetooth connection lost remind again question mark. No, I’m. Good, probably try it on it.’s, a watch. I mean it’s, not terrible. Really. I mean I like all the regular Smart Watch features that are included in here.

I would still say, buy a real, not real, but maybe a more reputable watch. I think it’s, pretty surprising. I didn’t expect it to even do what it did in this particular case. I would say it: doesn’t suck it doesn’t suck for 15 bucks.

Some places in the world you can’t even get a milkshake for $ 15. I expected greater suckage than what was delivered so therefore, I am confident I’m. Going back to my statement. Doesn’t suck 15 bucks.

There you have it another episode of. Does it suck if you’re new to this series there’s a whole playlist leave a comment down below. Let me know what you want to see next right here on. Does it suck? Thank you very much for watching.

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